Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha telling everything about Nannu to Akshara. Akshara says I will meet you in evening and look for Nannu. Naksh comes and asks what happened. She says nothing, we will leave, we have to meet Rajshri and others. They leave. Nannu thinks I got saved, and takes drugs. Akshara feels restless and says whats Nannu hiding from me.

Rajshri asks where did Nannu go. Varsha says I m worried. Kaki says he would have gone to chill, he will come back, he is not needed in puja. Rajshri says he has to be with family in festival, everyone is coming here. Dadi says yes, we all get together in festivals, else everyone is busy always. Rajshri says we celebrate well always. Singhanias come there. Kaki meets them happily and they all sit to have a talk. Naira says this

time we will celebrate well. Kartik smiles thinking of her. Naira says I have prepared a surprise and does not tell anything. Kartik asks Mishti about it. Mishti says Akshara and Naira planned it, it will be good.

Akshara tells Varsha that she has seen Nannu in market with a strange man. Varsha says I have kept an eye on him always, don’t know where he went. Akshara says we will talk to him together. Nannu comes back and says I had some work. They ask him to get ready as Kanha. Akshara asks him what was he doing in market, I have seen you and called you, you did not stop. Nannu lies and says I was not there. She says don’t lie, I have seen you, tell me whats happening. Varsha says we are mothers and understand. Akshara says tell us before we find it out way. Kaki asks Nannu to go and change. Nannu says I won’t become Krishna, I feel weak and sleepy. Varsha asks how can you refuse now. Akshara says you just have to sit. He refuses and goes. Kaki says everyone get after Nannu. Varsha says there is something fishy, we have to do something. Akshara says yes, I m thinking the same.

Kartik sees Gayu decorating the cradle and says I m really proud of you, I m happy you heard your heart, I think heart decisions can never be wrong, all the best. She thinks you are the destination of my way and smiles. Rajshri asks who will become Kanha now. Naksh says not me, I have grown up, I m not kid, I will leave. Dadi asks who will become Kanha. Akshara says we will think, I have imp work, and reminds Shaurya. She says I have come prepared. She ties rakhi to Shaurya’s hand. She asks for gift. Mishti says you did not grow up. Shaurya says brother sister relation never changes and gives her gift.

Gayu says my best friend has come and shows Vivaan. Vivaan comes and greets them. She thanks him for coming. He says friendship will never end. Rama thanks him. He says thanks to you all to give me chance to spend time with you all. Kuhu says there is time for puja, we arranged cultural program. Rajshri says we don’t have Kanha ji. Naksh comes as Kanha ji. They all get surprised.

They all compliment him. Naira asks Akshara to come, they have to get ready. Kartik says when it will start. Mishti calls him impatient. He says I m Naira’s patient. Gayu tells them that Naitik and Akshara’s Jodi is like Radha and Krishna, but Naitik is not here, so Akshara had to get other Kanha, don’t worry, Naira has become Kanha. Everyone clap. Kartik and Mishti joke. Akshara and Naira dance as Kanha and Radha on raat suhani mast chandni…… Nannu feels unwell. Kartik claps and says amazing, once more….. Everyone laugh. Kartik says Akshara danced so well. Naira asks how did I dance, say about me. Kartik says I told you, your dance was so so. He laughs. Naira makes a face and goes. Kartik holds his heart.

Rajshri reminds Naksh that he once helped a girl when he came Kanha and everyone assumed him to be true Kanha. Everyone smile. Nannu says I want to go and see dahi handi with my friends. Naira says I will also see. Kartik says it will be fun. Bau ji says there is much crowd there, see at home. Devyaani says there is puja at home. Naira says we will come back soon, please permit us to go, we are not kids. Naksh says yes, we are also there. Elders don’t permit them. Varsha asks Akshara to see how Nannu is getting restless. Akshara says yes, I m seeing, I have to find whats the matter. Kartik goes to Naira and asks are you still annoyed, your dance is world famous, you look very pretty, I was just joking as I m a friend, and now I m praising as…. She asks by which right……He looks at her.

Kartik imagines dancing with Naira. Krishna ras radha ke sang…..plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. awesome epi n eagerly waiting for next episode!!!! kaira ka romance

  2. Can anyone tell me whether naira has real hairs or wigs ?

    1. real hair

  3. Finally ,now Kartik will expose his feelings for Naira. Can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes. ???❤

  4. Anika

    Wow ! What an episode ! And precap is so romantic.
    Can’t wait for 24 hours

    1. Seriously anika KAIRA have taken romance level to a new high with their dance tommrow …recap is making everyone impatient ,.loved how they r making new age Radha Krishna as KAIRA ,previously it was ak nk …so they r slowly making KAIRA also as parallel leads.
      KAIRA and their acting superb .did u guys see the colour complementing of KAIRA evry time and today Vivaan n gayu also .

  5. Wow naira-ak they r just soo adorable as Krishna-radha…..shivi is just fabulous and hina looking soo beautiful… And precap kaira set fire on the screen… Just loving them to core….

  6. Nitin

    Did Nannu secret will come out without any tregdy

  7. Naira dances like a dream and today’s episode is going to set stage on fire

  8. uffo waiting for tomarow ‘s episode

  9. Yesss…Anika …kaira scene was so the Precab was say awwwwww….

  10. Guys isn’t it funny that Nannu looks older than Mishti. Couldn’t the cvs find a teen aged actress for Mishti, they just continued to have same actress for Mishti, who is play the role of 14 year old teenaged girl, the character she is potraying is twice the age of the child actress, Nannu and Mishti doesn’t even look the same age. Ha ha.

  11. lovely

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