Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara arguing over AC and having annoyance between them. She asks him to switch off AC for his health and he does not agree saying he can manage his health and his work in the marriage. Rajshri asks Vishwamber about Sanju’s call. She cries missing her. He says Sanju will need time to be with her parents. She says she will ask Sanju to come back for meeting her. He says I will take you to Cape town to meet Sanju. He makes her smile and asks her to be happy. He says I know Sanju can be far but close to your heart, and hugs her.

Naitik catches cold. Devyaani asks did he run AC at night. Akshara looks on. She asks Naksh about his mood. Yash and Rukmani come there and greet the family. Yash says Nandini went out. Akshara welcomes them. Yash asks

Naksh what happened, as he has left message. Naksh asks Yash to come along. He tells Akshara they have to discuss about college work. Naksh and Yash go to Naksh’s room. Yash asks Naksh about Sanju.

Yash says I love Sanju, I know we are fighting, its normal, our relation will become strong like your mom and dad, we will marry next year. Naksh says she has gone. Yash asks is he joking and calls Sanju. Naksh says she really went, she did not meet anyone. Yash says she can’t go without meeting you, you did not tell me, you could have stopped her. Naksh says she informed me when she was on the way to airport. Yash says you did not tell me, I would have convinced her, you did not do this right, you cheated me. Naksh says I did not do anything, you troubled her by talking about marriage, I told you she is different, you could not understand her, she was right, you both are made for each other. Yash says you told this to her, you got jealous seeing us. They have an argument and family hears them.

The elders come there and asks them to say whats going on. Naksh says Yash is annoyed, as Sanju went back to Cape town without telling him. Naitik asks why. Naksh says Yash and Sanju can answer this, Yash feels I did not tell him intentionally, Sanju did not tell anyone, its not my mistake, ask Nani. Rukmani asks Naksh to stop Yash, he went in anger. Rukmani says I knew this would happen, I did not like Sanju, Akshara and her family supported Sanju and blames her. Naitik defends Akshara. Rukmani scolds them.

Naksh asks Yash to stop. Yash says I can’t believe she did not tell you and scolds Naksh. Naksh says forget her, you can get anyone else. Yash says I m not like you, my love is not like your timepass affairs, you will not understand love, I wish you fall in true love and that girl leaves you. Naksh asks him to listen. Yash leaves in the car and Naksh runs after him. Naksh comes infront of the car to stop Yash. Yash tries calling Sanju and does not see infront. Naksh apologizes and asks him to stop. Yash applies break seeing him and hits Naksh lightly.

Rukmani says Nandini will come and talk to you all. Akshara says Naks will bring Yash. Rukmani says I know Yash, he has tender heart, if he does anything. Girja says Yash called from hospital. Akshara takes the call and gets shocked. They all come to hospital to see Naksh, as he met with an accident. They ask Yash is Naksh fine. Yash shows Naksh. They all see Naksh hurt.

Akshara cries and Naitik consoles her. They ask nurse and they meet their son. The nurse asks them to wait till patient gets fine. The family worries. Devyaani asks Rukmani to say now. Rukmani says Naksh should have not run after Yash’s car and argues again. Bhabhimaa asks them to stop arguing and pray for Naksh. They all worry for Naksh.

Mohit scolds Yash for punishing Naksh for Sanju’s leaving. Naitik says it was an accident. Mohit says I will not forgive you. Yash says I did not do this intentionally. Akshara says don’t scold him, we know Naksh and Yash love each other a lot. Mohit apologizes from Rukmani’s side. She says its fine. Mohit asks her about favoring Yash. She says they both are our children and prays for Naksh.

Yash hugs Naksh and apologizes to him. Akshara smiles seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How do you stop this seriel. Thing ur fresh mind. Telecast new seriel. Understand audience mind. That the fact is seriel going so boring. U know change is only does not change. Audience have a change. So stop the seriel.

    1. @ K.praveena: Hey if u don’t like #YRKKH then u r absolutely free not to watch it. Its ur choice. But y da hell on earth u r against this serial?! U hv no right to say something ill about it especially in telly update. Just leave from here. :[email protected]

    2. its simple if u don’t like it don’t watch it.there are plenty of new ones watch them instead of complaining and see the trps are much higher for yrkkh than new shows….

  2. Yash u react too much! How can u break ur brother\very close friend’s relation for a girl to whom u know for some months. U should understand Naksh didn’t know about sanju’s leaving b4 or else he would have stopped sanju at any cost. How can u accuse him like that. This is very bad. U r just like ur dadi(rukmili)

  3. Somehow this roop doesn’t suits on Akshara. She looks pretty in her mahaan devi avtar only.. And Yash is so irritated. He is not at all good for Sanju.

  4. mistake naksh love yash each other alot?????

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