Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira and Kartik patch up

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna asking Naira to cry out or try to stay happy, she can’t see Naira like this. Surekha come and says Lav and Kush want craft material, can you get it from mall, I have work, else I would have gone, Kartik didn’t say anything, school has sent the crafts list, will you believe now. Naira agrees to go. Naksh says we can go for movie now. Kirti says its okay, I was happy going there. He says Bhabhimaa is very happy, did you think about boutique work. She says no. HE says then think, I want it to be best. She says thanks for returning my dreams. He says I will not let you forget it, creative work is yours and legal work is mine.

Naira comes to the mall. A guy gives her balloon. Another one gets a soft toy. Kartik surprises her. Kartik and others dance

on O meri jana….. Naira turns to go. Kartik stops her. He sings his apology. She cries. He gives her a rose. He gets on knees and says I m really sorry, I understood my mistake, I forget everything in anger, you always forgive me, we love each other a lot, I can’t live without you, I realy love you. She cries.

He asks are you fine, don’t forgive me if you want, I can’t see you like this, I love you. He gets away. She shouts I love you Kartik. Kartik smiles. She runs to him and they hug. Everyone claps for them. Naksh asks Kirti not to take stress, and do everything by love, not fear. She sees Naksh and smiles. Kartik says I thought I m smart, but I m not, the man who couldn’t trust you, what can he do in life, Naira don’t know what happened to me, my love and concern for Kirti was right, but I did wrong with you, I m a big donkey. She says no, you are a frog. He says I knew you are special, we have to fight else life will get boring, we should make fights serious, promise we won’t fight. She says we will trust each other. He says we will love each other a lot. They hug.

Naksh gets Kartik and Naira’s pic and happily cries. Kirti calls him. He says I was going to call you, everything got fine between Kartik and Naira. She says yes, Naira messaged me. He says I would have been in guilt if this didn’t happen. She says one whose intentions are good, right happens with them. Kartik and Naira come home. Dadi and Manish feed them sweets. Manish says Kartik this sweets is to celebarte the project sanctioning which you signed. Akhilesh says its fruit of mother’s prayers. Manish asks Kartik not to make any mistake. Kartik says I will give my best. Aryan asks will I just do job all life, why am I not born in rich house. Kartik asks Naira to get his file.

He says I will work hard, but from day after tomorrow, because tomorrow is a special day, don’t you all remember. Suwarna smiles. Naitik messages Naira asking about birthday preparations. Naira says its my birthday and I forgot. He writes celebrate birthday like in childhood. She says yes, its happy birthday, everything got fine. She dances. Kartik comes and says I m going for work in guest room, make sure no one comes. She gives hint of her birthday. He says we will see if there is any special occasion. She stops him and says I know you know its my birthday party, I know you are planning surprise as you love me, tell me what is it. He says I won’t say, don’t blackmail me, I planned something, I m thinking to become joker and dance, and then romance in shower. She asks him to say and runs after him. He holds her and says have some patience. He goes. She sees the time and says just 6 hours left, I have to plan.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani say its good Naira and Kartik got together. Kartik says I thought something, we will celebrate Naira’s birthday here. Baisa asks did Dadi agree. Kartik says she asked me to do anything, we will surprise Naira, here is the list. They all laugh seeing a long list.

Naira checks clothes and says nothing is perfect, I miss mumma and Papa, I m at home after 10 years and they are not here. Dadi comes. Naira says I m confused and doesn’t know what to wear. Dadi says you are not a kid to get excited on birthday. Naira asks why, everyone has right to stay happy, then they can keep others happy. Dadi says none can explain you. Naira says its fine, I will not feel bad today, I will stay happy. Kartik gets worried. Naksh asks him to sit and have a soft drink. Kartik and Naksh recall a similar old moment. Kartik says life is strange, life got you in same place now, we are still together. Naksh says then we will make a promise, we will add a third relation in this dual relation, we have a relation of friendship. Kartik agrees. They shake hands. Kirti smiles seeing them. Kartik asks him to help. They discuss. Kartik thinks this birthday will be most special Naira.

Kartik says you have to come on time. Kartik gets Naira. She gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone.
    Awwww such a lovely and Positive episode.Shitti maar episode.Cute Magical episode and moments.Yeh oldie ko mardo yaar jab bhi bolti hain kadwa hi bolti hain…kyun bhul gayi Karthik ki birthday pe yeh oldie khud kitni excited thi isse sirf iske manish and Kittu ki padi hain…ab phirse Naira ke piche pad gayi.

  2. Is keesh going to greece?i have seen only kaira going

    1. Kaina1

      ont know but they havent left with kaira there is news that they will leave tommorow with kaira

      1. Yes kaina

    2. Fenil

      Yaaa Anjana they are also going.
      Actually these track is for Keesh Honymoon but KaIra is also joing as they are lead.
      I m watching all Sony TV’S shows except KBC.
      Yrkkh and Naamkaran….Mr.Panchal on Star Bharat …sometime Ishq mein marjawan

      1. Wow great.i watched beyhad and kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi.

      2. Just a few words

        Hi five on mr.panchal! Haasil is also good! I stopped watching yrkkh! Waise bi I don’t contribute to TRP as I watch it on website not on tv! Bored of kaira tagging along keesh! More keesh scenes are reqd if they want keesh fans also to watch! I am bored of the fight-patch up-romance of kaira! I am good with reading the WU on TU!

    3. Zak001

      they r leaving in an hour..

      1. That’s great

  3. Hi everyone,
    Joined instagram to watch keesh scenes alone as I am not interested in kaira and don’t want to watch the whole of yrkkh just to see a glimpse of Keesh that they deliberately add to hold keesh fans to the show. I feel happy and relieved to just watch keesh alone…..

    1. Kaina1

      exactly my case mitra i too follow that routine watch on insta keesh scene as i am not intrested in watching this kaira drama all over again

  4. Dear kaina sissy ???,
    Sharing is caring. Hahahaha. I was not talking about sharing with mil or sil. Was talking about sharing with shrilatha ji ???. Your future husband will be so lucky ???.
    And now please don’t kill me sister.
    . ????

    Dear Ayesha sister,
    So sorry if you are hurted.
    Even if you are hurted to tum kya kar sakti ho. ???.My comments on previous tellyupdate to both you and Kaina was just for fun. And i know that it was just a coincidence ( that Me and Naksh both are Lalla at home ??) no need to be sorry sister. So i was also in fun mood.
    My name is also Lalla. And you are my sister just like naira ( i know you don’t like her. ???).

    Kaina, Ayesha , shrilatha sisters no need to find girl for me. Thank you very much. If in future ( definitely after job ) if i get a girl i will definitely invite all of you and will send her qualities to you three girls) .

    Dear kaina sister please inform me before shooting me because i will send invitation to all members of YRKKH family for my after death rituals ( chautha ) ??? and have to make arrangements for grand party for celebrating my death.
    And Since kaina you are going to shoot me then you have to make sure that after my death my grand death party should become huge success and everyone should enjoy it. ??????

    1. Kaina1

      kya bhai aap bhi na aap hazar saal jio ge lekin wada kariye aap apni future gf urf wife se mujhe shri aur ayesha ko jarur mil wayenge i am by no chance leaving ur marriage
      @ayesha u naira hey bhagwan ayesha is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 better then naira usse accha toh aap usse cartoon bol dete iss jewellary ki ukam aur makeup ka makan se toh accha hota koi bat nahi ayesha bhai aap address dedo me aur ayesha wahan aakar pitenge aap ko agar aapne hume se kisi ko bhi naira bola bhai itne bure din nahi aaye humare

    2. Shrilatha

      Shrilatha ji bola…such mein kisi ne itni respect nahi di aaj tak…..Areh bhai thanks for inviting vaise I have some condition for being invited fenil bhai jaante ..if I am invited to any wedding all gifts should be transferred to me .so soch samaj ke invite karo. Aur rahi baat ladki ki I have suggestions aapko kaisi Ladki chahiye? Naira jaisi mahaan,kirti jaisi simple and understanding,suwarna jaisi one pe one offer wali biwi ke saath beta free yaah I have best girl aap na dadi geonka jaisi dil wali ko choose karlo best hogi…

      Haina mere pass ideas best wale.I Know..

      Aur @ ayesha kya rahul bhai agar aap naksh jaise Ho then please ayesha ko gayu ke saath compare karte.what u think ayesha?

    3. Shrilatha

      Why r u stopping us from searching a girl for u .dekho baadme mat pachtana …phir bolenge 3 log hai ek ladki achhi nahi dhoond paye.abhi kehti hu phirse sap and na dadi geonka jaisi ladki de karlo shaadi bahut hit pair banegi aapki

  5. Guys why not laughing emojis are not getting published in comments of TU??

  6. Lo karlo bat…ap ko esa kyuun lagta hai rahul ke men hurt hongi?first of all u are not alone to be in a fun mood like i said am never serious on TU so hurt ka to sawal hi nahi peda hota dont u worry am a fun-loving girl…
    or daat deni paregi apki soch ki matlab puri death planing ufff…
    kyun bhai hamari pasand par trust nahi he kya jo larki dhondne se mana kardia?ab naira ko bhi to sister mante ho dekha nshi he kitni mahaan he wo….elders ko bhi usne peeche chor diya to apke lye larki dhondna to seedhe hath ka khel he right
    if u dont want then dekha jayega…

  7. yes I also tried Bhai but emojis are not getting published maybe moderation Babu nahi chahte huhh..

  8. well said mitra same here even am going to download it from Instagram…
    it seems like keesh scenes are a burden on them so they r trying to make it shorter as possible ab keesh ke honeymoon pe kaira nahi ayenge ye to sapne men bhi expect karna namumkin he…on honeymoon,about naksh they will show like he don’t know what to do and kartik they will show unlimited uff…anyways what can I expect now but like fenu said let’s keep hope…

  9. thanks Rahul in Advance for inviting us..

  10. Today episode waste of time waste for money for convince very worst

  11. exactly kaina when I was reading his comment where he wrote ur like my sister and then he said just like naira and I was like seriously ye naira yahan bhi chipak gyi uff sahi bola hamare itne bure din bhi nahi Aye hen bhaiya!!

  12. Hello guys !!!! Greaaat episode:):):)
    Kaira!!!???Keesh!!! ???
    Love u sooooo much yaar!!;););)
    Waiting eagerly for the Greece honeymoon!!!;)

    Kaira is going bcoz they didn’t go b4….. I suppose…

    Hahahaha…. fenil bhai kaina and ayesha sissy….
    Where is ponkuri sissy???
    Where are u aku??
    Do comment guys:(
    Am missing u:((

  13. Sejsmiles

    Keesh honeymoon me kaira.. Someone kill me already. So these m idiots won’t leave keesh alone on honeymoon also. Kal se sharp 9.30 to 10 TV band.

    1. Kaina1

      arre abhi kaise abhi aur bheja fry karo naira ki memory loss fir pure time kaira greece me bhi kaira sab jaga kaira bas

  14. CVs plz plz give some screen space to keesh, just watching whole episode to get 2 mins of Keesh scene is not fare. Agree kaira help u in time when u needed if, but ur repeating same mistake keep parallel lead so if audience is bored with one story can look forward for something else. Before marriage that teenage love of kaira was good but now make them little mature and balance kartik role between extreme of angry young man mode and despo lover. U definitely need to focus more on KEESH.

  15. han Shri compare karna hi tha to gayu se hi karlete(I don’t like to be compared)but naira not even in my dreams…
    kyun Bhai gayu ko sister nahi mante kya?

  16. Hahhhaha Dadi goenka jesi ladki wahh kya dimaag hai apka Shri
    not bad…??

  17. Kaina1

    guys no keesh scene no need to watch let the trp come down

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