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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani’s Mausi and her family coming to meet her and calling Rano. Devyaani says Mausi ji, you, here, at this time. Mausi ji says we found you out after so many years. She says you did not tell us about your second marriage. Devyaani is speechless. Rajshri wakes up Vishwamber. He asks is she fine. She says she saw a dream that Akshara gave birth to a daughter. He says so many dreams every hour and son-daughter-son=-daughter, let me sleep. She says she is dreaming for the baby. He says he wants to sleep as he will play with the baby once he is born. She says let the baby come, I won’t let you touch the baby. She smiles.

Mausi ji says we came here by asking the neighbors. The kids Paras and Mani touch her feet. She says Mani was ringing the bell.

Devyaani asks how did they come suddenly. Mausi ji says we came to get Paras clear his exams, can we stay here, as I don’t know anyone else here. Bhabhimaa says yes, you can stay here. Bau ji says you are like Mausi ji too. Mausi ji asks is Bhabhimaa your mum in law, but she looks young. Devyaani says no, she is my Jethani, but she is like my mum. Everyone cmile. Mausi ji apologizes.

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Devyaani introduces everyone. Naman calls her aunty, Mausi ji says I m your Nani, not aunty. Akshara asks them to have rest and they will talk in morning. Devyaani says yes, go and take rest. Mausi ji likes the family and house. Naman says weird people. Bau ji says don’t say this, they are Devyaani’s relatives. Akshara says we have to treat them well, Devyaani should not feel bad. Varsha asks Chanda to do her work. Chanda asks her Nanand to be here all day and get food. She says ask them to hire me, its palace, we can have good time here.

Chitti says he has to go home, but its ok I will go tomorrow. Akshara says no, we will manage you go. Devyaani says yes, go, but come on time in evening. Naksh asks who came. Akshara says Mausi ji and family, Devyaani’s relatives. She asks him to get ready for school. Akshara says we will make breakfast. Devyaani says she will manage and asks her to take rest. Akshara says I will get bored. Bhabhimaa says you serve food when its made. Naksh goes and sees Paras playing with remote car.

He says I m Naksh, you are our new guest, this is my fav car, you will play, but don’t break it. Paras says I m elder to you, don’t teach me what to do. Naksh gets scared. Rajshri says Akshara is asking me not to come as Devyaani’s relatives have come, I m worried as Chitti is going and Akshara will do all work. Dadi says they won’t let her do work. Rajshri says yes, but Akshara will do work. Rajshri gets upset as she is not going to meet Akshara.

Muskaan helps Naksh in making his bag ready. Naksh greets Mani and asks will she become his friend. He says she is cool, Paras was dangerous. He asks her to take something else, as he has art class. She starts crying. Muskaan asks what happened. Everyone come there. Mausi ji blames Naksh and Akshara scolds Naksh. Muskaan says Naksh did not do anything. Naksh says I did not do anything, this brother and sister are mad, when will they go back. Everyone is shocked. Mausi ji says such a little boy is saying this, does city school teach this, and asks Devyaani about this.

Bhabhimaa says Naksh will not get angry without reason, maybe he felt bad by something so he told this. Rajshri calls Devyaani and asks is there any problem. Devyaani says no. Rajshri asks about guests and can she help them. Devyaani says no, we will manage. She asks Akshara to take glasses.Rajshri hears this and asks Devyaani to be careful as its initial three months, ask Akshara to take rest, I can send Chanda. Devyaani says we have Girja here and I know how to take work and when to not, trust me. Devyaani asks Akshara not to work, and she will ask help when she needs. Akshara says let me do anything. Mausi ji sees Akshara sitting and Devyaani working. She says my Shobha never do such thing and taunts Akshara.

Mausi ji gets angry. Bua ji asks Devyaani to serve good dishes to Mausi ji. They does not eat properly. Naksh looks on. Naitik tells Akshara that client liked your designs a lot. She says say thanks from my side. Naitik says I told him. Mausi ji says see elders are sitting here, and they are talking so shamelessly smiling. Paras is unable to eat by fork. Naksh laughs. Mausi ji scolds him. Naitik asks Naksh to say sorry. Naksh says sorry, but I did not make fun of him. Mausi ji says she taught her grandchildren to respect elders, I will even beat Naksh if needed. Bhabhimaa says no, Naksh is very smart, he does not do anything that anyone scolds or beats him. Jasmeet and Varsha have annoyance again, because of their work. Varsha gives her magazine which is imp for Jasmeet.

They argue again. Muskaan and Naman talk to Akshara and Naitik, about the relatives being odd and scolding Naksh. Naitik says its matter of few months, we will manage. Akshara says yes, we can’t teach them, so we have to be quiet for Devyaani’s happiness. Naman thanks her for thinking so much for them. Muskaan says if we could, we would have made them run. They joke and smile. Naitik asks Akshara to promise that she will rest all day and she agrees. He says now you will get prize and goes to kiss her. She teases saying Mausi ji and laughs. They romance and have a sweet talk. They kiss and smile.

Akshara goes to see Naksh. She sees the guest room door open.

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