Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik worried. He waits for confirmation message. Akshara comes and says I got that message, you are going hongkong and did not tell me, did you think I will get upset. He says yes, its urgent work, I have to go. She asks what is the work, tell me atleast. He says I also have to say. Mishti comes and takes Akshara. Naitik thinks how to tell Akshara, and gets worried.

Naitik goes out and sees the family. Naksh asks Naitik is he taking Akshara out, she should not know our surprise. Naira says we have superb idea to lock you both in room and do arrangements. Akshara thinks Naitik would have some work. Bhabhimaa and Bau ji ask Naitik to take Akshara out. Naitik says no, I have to go hongkong. Bau ji asks why, is everything fine. Naitik says I m trying to work

with a big food chain, and now they fixed meeting suddenly, I did not say as it was not sure, Naksh was busy with his engagement. Mishti says Akshara’s birthday is coming, go later. Akshara says my birthday comes every year, we will celebrate it next year, right Naitik….

Shaurya gets sad seeing Ananya. He tells Rajshri that I m not a good father. Rajshri says you cancelled ticket, don’t say this. He says I feel helpless. She says I understand, daughters need father in few things, that need mothers can’t fulfill. Shaurya says even father can’t fulfill mother’s need. Rajshri says that’s why Lord made mother and father. He cries and says sometimes one can’t fulfill duty and children have to pay for it. She asks him to support Ananya, work can go on always, once Ananya goes to inlaws, parents get eager to get such chance.

Naitik packs his bag. Naira asks him not to go. Naitik says sorry, I have to go. She says my fear did not go completely, I m trying to be strong. He says don’t make me weak, I have to go, I promise I will come back soon. Akshara tells Naitik that she did all the packing. She goes to drop Naitik at airport and says your GF called you there right. He gets tensed and asks what are you saying. She says I m saying right, I checked your phone. He says no, I don’t have any GF. She starts laughing. He says that was a bad joke. She says I was making you irritated to know things. He asks why don’t you believe me. She says sorry, I can’t see you worried. He says I m upset as I won’t be there in your birthday. She says you are saying as if you are going to be there with your GF. She hugs him and asks him to come soon. They say I love you to each other. He goes. She wishes his problems end.

Akshara comes home and sees a box kept for her. She checks papers. She sees flight tickets. Everyone clap. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani say its your and kids tickets to go to Naitik. Bau ji says we decided this, its your birthday and Naitik is not here, so we thought to send you there. Akshara says but Naitik went for work. Bau ji says I heard him talking to Shaurya. Naksh says maybe Naitik planned some surprise. She says maybe. Bau ji says we have no relatives there, just Anshu and Shaurya were there, they are here now. Mishti says I can’t come along and asks them to go.

Naira happily does packing. Naksh asks her not to get many things, as he won’t lift the bags. Akshara says Naira will manage on her own. Naira says yes, you lift Tara’s bag. She asks can we take Tara there. Akshara says yes, we can. Naksh says no need. Akshara and Naira smile. Akshara says yes, no need for Tara, its our family trip. He agrees. She laughs and says we will take Tara along. He says love you mumma and hugs her.

Tara does drawing. Dada ji jokes on her drawing. He says if your Baisa asks you to make rangoli, you do this drawing. Aditya takes Tara’s side. Dada ji says you are her free lawyer. Tara gets Naksh’s call. Sangram teases Dada ji asking him to call Baby Maasi. Dada ji scolds him and leaves laughing. Tara tells Naksh that I will talk later. Naksh says I have good news, we are going hong kong. She asks who we. He says I mean, my fiancée and me. She gets glad and says I will tell everyone. She tells her brothers that she is going hong kong. Sangram says I will come along. Tara says how, I m going with my new family. Sangram jokes and hugs her. He wishes her all the best. She asks will Dada ji agree. Sangram says don’t worry, we will talk to him and convince him.

Baisa tells Akshara not to take Tara along, as Tara is not her bahu yet, if anything happens then. Akshara says I will be there. Naksh says world changed, you are getting hyper Baisa. Baisa says let world go to hell, I m saying whats right for my family. Akshara says Tara will become part of our family soon. Baisa says I don’t feel this right, how much will you stop the children, today you are taking Tara, then invite everyone here for Godhbharai function without marriage. They all get shocked.

Dada ji asks what did you say. Sangram says Naksh and his family is going hongkong, Naksh informed Tara, she was very happy, I said I will talk to Dada ji. Vikram says yes, she is lucky. Akshara calls Dada ji. Dada ji says before you say anything, listen to me, Tara did not become your bahu, let marriage happen, then take her anywhere, I can’t send Tara now, my heart is not agreeing, you tell this to her, she agrees to you a lot.

Naksh and Tara talk and they blame Baisa and Dada ji. She says your mum did not try well. He says I think she did not wish to hurt your Dada ji, lets trust mumma, she did good. Tara says its okay, I understand. She ends call and gets sad. She says I know they all are your family, but I m not an outsider….

Akshara sees Naitik’s pic and smiles. She says just one day and we will be together Naitik, I m coming to meet you. Naitik says I reached Delhi, but I don’t know how will I go hongkong, its good I did not say Akshara anything, I wish that tomorrow does not come, when truth comes out, all relations will break.

Naitik tells the lady that he came after difficulty. The lady asks for money. Naitik gives money and says keep her fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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