Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira helps Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying things always get to him. Kartik says I will make explanations for students who are weak, like Naira. Naira says he gives me tough topics, so that I don’t answer. Kirti calls Master ji and asks him can he manage urgent order. Master ji says there are no workers right now. Naksh comes and says film shooting crew has come to Krishna today, what happened, is there any problem. Devyaani says Bhabhimaa heard it wrong and now we got the extra order. Kirti says its our mistake, business and personal ethics tell us to complete the order. Naira hears someone tapping on the table. She sees Kartik under the table.

He asks what happened, why are you tensed, you have all the answers, you just have to see. He holds her face. Kartik picks the pen. He sees

Naira under the table. She pulls him and says you always trouble me, you forgot my Nairagiri. He smiles. Kartik kisses her and says all the best. Naira kisses him and says one who creates problem will find the solution, you are not professor here. Their imagination breaks….they carry on their work. Kirti signs no. They hear a sound and see Bhabhimaa stitching something. Kirti asks what are you doing. Bhabhimaa says I m helping you by rectifying my mistake, I just can’t say sorry. Kirti hugs her. Bhabhimaa says I can do this for my bahu.

Devyaani says me too. Bhabhimaa says just cut the clothes and give us to stitch, we used to do this before. Naksh says I will get another sewing machine. Bau ji says I will fix it. Naksh says I will make tea for everyone. Devyaani says its Naira’s call. Naksh goes. Naitik asks what are you doing. They tell about the order. Naira says Papa takes all my tension, where is Naksh. Devyaani says he went to make tea for us. Kirti asks how is the college, are the teachers not good. Naira says its all good, you carry on, I will talk later. Kirti thinks there is something she is hiding. Naksh gets tea and says I will talk to Naira later. Devyaani says Naira looked happy. Bau ji says they should stay there till Naira gets composed. Kirti asks Bhabhimaa to take rest. Bhabhimaa says let me work. Naksh feeds them sweets. He kisses Kirti. She smiles. Music plays……

Its morning, Naksh gets Naira’s call. She asks how are you. He says I m fine, how are you. She says I m good, I have joined the college, its good. She says you were busy in kitchen yesterday, are you busy now. He says I stay busy as there is no one to see business and Krishna. She says I miss you and wish to come back, but you know its tough for me to come there, you understand me right. He says everyone understands you, we will talk later. She says I love you. He asks why did you go away then, I will talk later. Kartik hears Naira’s voice and gets up. She asks will you get late today, you gave lecture yesterday. He sees the time. He says I can’t get later. Naira says I m getting late. She asks Sudhir to help Kritika in project.

He says sure. Naitik asks what’s the hurry, who will scold you if you get late. Naira says you don’t know my college professor. Suwarna says why was Kartik rushing to college, why will anyone tell him anything, he is trustee there. Manish smiles. Naitik asks shall I go college and see what’s there in college, I m worried for her. Chitti says don’t spy on me, she will tell us if she wants. Naitik says there is something in college troubling Naira. Kartik is stuck in traffic. He says I will get late. Naira pays the taxi fare. Kartik asks driver to drive fast, they are waiting at this point since 30 mins. The driver asks him to take a local, nothing is faster than that. Naira runs and boards the train. Kartik rushes to the station. He gets inside the ladies compartment. The train leaves. The ladies shout and scold him. The girls find him cute.

Kartik says I have come in local train for the first time, I m a professor, let me go, I m getting late for the class. They call for police. Naira turns and sees him. He also sees her. She removes the headphones and hears the ladies shouting. She says hello, let him go, he is with me. Morey saiyyan….plays…. The ladies say oh, really, so its about a girl, a love affair, go to her. Aahatein….plays…. The ladies push them towards. They hold the belt together. Lady asks who is this girl. The girl says if he said us that he came to meet her, it would have hurt other girls’ feelings. The lady says he has taken risk to meet you, you are lucky to get such a BF. She tells her story and asks Naira to go with him. The girl says their pairing is so amazing. The lady asks them to end their fight till next station. Naira falls over him. They have an eyelock.

Kartik jumps on the platform. Naira gets shocked and tries to jump. The ladies hold her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hope that kartik is alright after jumping from the moving train and I really hope that the ladies let naira go to her husband kartik to make sure that he is alive alright because naira kartik are made for each other and the ladies should let naira go to her husband kartik I wasn’t happy that the ladies didn’t naira go to her husband kartik I felt like telling them ladies to naira go to her husband kartik

  2. AHAM123

    Hii Sofia.. Congo for being first….

    1. Soofia bhatti

      Hey Aham wot do u mean by Congo for being first?

      1. Mellu

        She means congratulations for being first to comment

    2. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey aham I don’t know wot u mean by Congo for being first I’m confused about thwt please can u explain it more better please?

  3. I ‘m Aisha Hello frnds I have first time .
    I like ye rista kya kahlata serial

  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey Aham I don’t know wot u mean by Congo for being first please can u explain it more better to me? Please tell me right now

    Kind regards soofia

  5. Shravya

    Omg this was a very nice epi………
    The way kaira imagined each other under their desks was too cute…….??????
    And the way Karthik was stuck in between the ladies in the local train was too funny and thank god Naira saved Kartik varna toh Kartik CLG mein nahi jail mein hota……… t would rather be too funny???????
    And last but not the least how Naira fell on Kartik it was too sweet and I don’t understand y Kartik jumped from the train but I want the ladies to let Naira also jump thaaki usko bhi thasalli ho ki Kartik theek hain
    Anyways waiting for today’s epi

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