Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti telling about Karishma not loving her, it seems like I m not her daughter. Naira asks her to watch less serials. She ties her hair pleats. Mishti asks her to always make her hair pleats and goes. Akshara comes and apologizes to Naira. She tells what happened that day and explains to her. Naira does not listen. Akshara asks her to say where is her mistake. Naira goes. Akshara cries. Naksh looks on and goes to pacify Akshara.

Akshara says Naira left home because of me, how to assure her that I did not do this. He says I know, don’t worry, I will talk to Naira. She says no, Naira is angry and won’t understand, once her anger calms down, we will talk to her, else things can get spoiled, Naitik said we should give her time and space, I can apologize,

its my right, but I can’t get rigid. He says we have to clear this soon, talk to Papa. She says Naitik said he also wants time and asked me not to trouble Naira. He says it means he feels its your mistake. She says no, he said as such things need time, promise me, you won’t tell anything to him. He hugs her.

Naitik meets Kartik. Kartik thanks him for giving this opportunity and says I promise I will work hard and not let you down, I can really work hard. Naitik smiles. Kartik asks why are you smiling. Naitik says I recalled my time seeing you, I was also excited and nervous, this happens with everyone, its fine if you don’t understand work, take your time, if you work sincerely, result will be good, if you make mistakes, don’t worry, learn from mistakes and go ahead why are you seeing like this. Kartik says I can’t believe I have got such boss, I m really lucky to meet you. He touches Naitik’s feet. Naitik blesses him and introduces Naman.

He says you have to report to him in my absence, meet manager, he will guide you. Kartik goes. Naitik says he is nice guy. He talks to Naman about hiring someone senior for exports, I want to lower workload, I want to spend time with Naira. Naman says I can understand. Naitik goes. Naman gets angry. Karishma calls Naman and asks why are you irritated. He argues and says there is new drama at office, Naitik said he will manage office and hired a new guy, I have to go something to send Kartik and Naitik away.

Varsha tells Kohli that you did wrong, you gave our address as your permanent address, there will be police verification. Mrs Kohli asks Varsha to lie to police. Varsha says if we get in any problem them. Kohli says but we gave address. Rajshri says fine, but change address when you change home. Varsha says this is wrong, they can fill another form, we can’t give our address.

Devyaani gets to know about Naksh and says this is wrong, my children also misunderstood me and Akshara supported me, we should do something to bring Naira close to Akshara. Bau ji says we have to end Naira’ anger and annoyance right. Gayu says how can Naira think this about Akshara, she won’t understand if we say directly, we have to do something to explain her. Naira looks on.

Happy cries and tells Rajshri that my passport can’t be made, we are staying here since many years, this will be our address. Kohli and his wife sign Happy to act more. Kuhu says don’t get in his words, he is smart. Rajshri says don’t cry happy, I will ask Kohli to give our address, I will talk to Varsha. She hugs happy. Varsha looks on and thinks to do something of Kohli family.

Gayu drops Naira at coffee shop and says I will just give file to client and come. Kartik talks to Naitik on phone and collides with Gayu. Naitik asks Kartik to come home. Kartik says perfect, I will convince Naitik and my impression is set. Naira goes to have lemonade at the stall. She praises the Shikanji and many people come to the stall. The man thanks Naira. Kartik comes there and collides with Naira. They react seeing each other.

They start arguing. He says you are following me. She says yes, to take revenge. He says I know you came here to increase business, as this is good tourist spot. She calls him frog. Kaka gives them lemonade. She says no thanks, and goes taunting Kartik. He laughs and says I don’t think Rishikesh’s chapter got over. Gayu goes to Akshara and tells Naksh on call that Akshara is not coming inside home, come here, till then I will do something. Gayu shows the designs she made and asks Akshara to say how she made. The papers fly. Gayu picks papers. Kartik comes there and blesses her as she is sitting near his feet. He smiles. Music plays……………

She says very funny. He says real life scenes are better than comedy films. He sees her designs and likes it. Akshara comes and says Kartik. He says aunty you here, how come. She says this is my house, I should ask this. He asks is this your house, I mean you stay here. Gayu says she will stay here as its her house. Kartik says I mean its my boss Naitik’s house. Gayu says she is Akshara, Naitik’s wife. He says it means Akshara is my boss’ boss, amazing, world is so small, we met so soon. Akshara says some relations join on own. He says right, did your work get complete, did you get your daughter. She nods. He says I want laddoos for this, last time someone else had those laddoos. She says I got my daughter there. He says those who meet at ganga ghat, their relations never break. Naira comes there and talks on phone. Kartik looks around.

Naira says so you work in my Papa’s office, I will get you fired. He says I would have not left you if I knew you are aunty’s daughter. They both argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this is worst part… these two sisters will fall in love with same guy, karthik….karthik will be in love with gayu….akshara will support gayu and karthik…and naira will hate her more…

    1. Karthik will be in love with Gayu i thought he will be in love with Naira

      1. he ll b in love with naira only.they hv already build up that base of kaira.n acc to spoiler kartik ll fall for naira n gayu ll like kartik

  2. Nice episode plz naitik do something to meet again naira nd akshara nd haaaaa naman ke baare main srif tumhe pata chale

  3. Nice episode naitik act so gud nd today naira is so nice she help the shopekeeper nd plz naitik meet again naira nd akshara u are so loving husband nd caring father nd naman ke baare main tumhe hi pata chale

  4. Naira and kartik cute nok jhok seans is so nice

  5. Nice ep. I m so hapy that naksh apni mumma ka sath de ra h

  6. i think naira and kartik will be togther and gayu will fall in love with kartik. and akshara might support gayu unknowingly

    1. u mean to say phirse akshara unknowingly ll take a wrong step n again hatred in naira’s heart for her??lol no way.hope akshara supports kaira coz its clear that kartik n naira ll b together.

  7. aww naira n kartik’s nok-jhok is so cute.they r so cute together.aj to naira ne us shopkeeper ko bhi help kiya aww.naira sab thik hai bas mumma se naraz hai mm sure that ll go away too.but dont want love triangle.sisters bond shouldnt break 🙁 coz acc to spoiler gayu ll fall for kartik n kartik ll fall for naira

  8. Please Naira and karthik love story should be there no gayatri and karthik my means they love story are too boring Naira and karthik love story are awesome they nok_jhoks they fighting they cute moments are awesome Naira and karthik love story recovering me Akshara and naitik love story so please Naira and karthik love story only I watching this serial only for these two people’s no gayu payu

  9. How come Naksh is still not married

  10. Plz make kartik n naira no lv story. Dont involve gayu in this. Public loves kaira pair. Plz plz plz plz plz make kartik n naira pair plzzzzzzzz…..

  11. wow,,
    nice episode
    i think gayu naira nd kartik ke bich aaegi
    hope akshara or naira ke bich jaldi sb thik ho jae. . . . .and natik ko akshara ko support karna chaiye

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