Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira thinking why is he calling me. Naira collides with waiter and tea falls on Gayu’s feet. She apologizes. Akshara and Varsha care for Gayu. Rukmani says Kartik was going to do couple dance, why did he come alone. Gayu says I m fine, let me go for my performance. Akshara asks how will you dance like this. Gayu asks how will Kartik dance along. Varsha asks her not to go. Kartik wonders where is Gayu. Everyone see Gayu hurt and wonder how will she dance. Naira goes to dance with Kartik. They dance on Jaisi tu hai waise rehna……….. Gayu gets upset. Kartik imagines dancing with love with Naira.

Gayu goes on stage and Naira gets away. Gayu dances with Kartik. Everyone clap. Naira attends a call and asks why are you calling, I can’t come to talk to

you, whats the problem, are you hungry, I will come with food, someone is coming, I will talk later. She turns and sees Kartik. She goes. Kartik says to whom was Naira talking, does she have any boyfriend, I wish she has no one except me in her life. Salman’s duplicate says I m glad seeing the big family and good dancers. Akshara asks shall we have a family dance. He says why not, sure.

Akshara and Naira light diyas and sing Prem ratan dhan paayo………. Entire family dance happily. Naira goes. Akshara looks for her. Naira takes a good plate and goes out. She gives food to someone and asks why did you come here, you took big risk by coming here, police is after you, you think my family will spare you, if they did not spare me. She sees Akshara behind her. Akshara comes there and sees the guy Chandu. She says its Chandu, what is he doing here, so he was in your room, that’s why you did not let anyone come in your room, whats the matter, tell me. Naira says there is nothing like you are thinking, don’t doubt. Akshara says I did not ask anything like that, tell me what are you hiding.

Naira says Chandu came here on tourist guide’s saying, they promised work but they wanted him to do drugs dealing, Chandu refused and wanted to go back to Rishikesh, police raided there, he has run away and police is after him. Akshara says you should have told us. Naira says I did not tell you as I don’t trust you, I trust Chandu, you would have given him to police like you wanted to give me to police when Sukanya died, that’s why I did not tell you. Akshara says if Naira trusts you, I also trust you, come. Chandu asks what will we tell everyone. Akshara says there is nothing to get afraid if you guys are not wrong, I will manage, come.

Kartik sees Chandu and says I was worried thinking whom is Naira talking. Bau ji asks who is he. Naira thinks now Akshara will tell everyone that he was in my room. Rukmani asks Akshara who is he. Akshara says he is Naira and Pungi’s friend. Salman’s duplicate says I will leave now. They all thank him for coming. He thanks them for giving real love and respect to a duplicate. He leaves. Naira looks at Akshara.

Gayu says we will leave. Kartik says yes, we will meet in mehendi, do you have to say anything. She says I had to say thanks, you helped me. He says what did I do, you did everything, I had to praise you, your foot got burnt and even then you performed, I m very impressed. She says it was Yash and Rose’s sangeet, I did not wish them to feel bad, did I spoil your dance. He says no, I did not know you are good dancer, thanks. She asks about tomorrow’s preparations, I know you will manage. Mishti asks Gayu to come, everyone is waiting. Kartik says bye sweetheart to Mishti. Gayu tells same to Kartik. He looks at Gayu. She says I was saying Mishti’s line.

Naitik talks to Naksh and says I have hope that case will solve soon. Naksh says its good news. Naitik says I m trying to come back soon, Naman and I came here and put responsibility on you and Gayu, you have managed everything in young age. Naksh says I m your son, I want you to be proud of me. Gayu talks to Naitik and asks him not to ignore his health, come back soon, we are missing you, we planned surprise. Naitik asks what is it. Naksh says Maa is coming, we will talk later. Naitik smiles.

Everyone get tired after sangeet. Mishti asks elders what will they do in mehendi. Akshara laughs. She goes to Gayu and gives her ointment for her burnt foot. Gayu asks why are you worried. Akshara says just tired, what happened to you. Gayu says nothing. Akshara says this means there are many things, won’t you tell me. Gayu says I feel guilty, I could not fulfill expectations. Akshara says mistakes happen, I m glad that you realized. Gayu says I hope everything happens soon, I hope clients will like designs. Akshara says yes, they will like it. She asks her to wear Rashmi’s necklace, we will be glad. Gayu nods.

Kartik talks to Akshara and says we will keep Mushaira, there will be no tiredness or problems, everyone will have fun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. archana gupta

    iam very glad to see a naitik after a very long time

  2. kartik and naira dance wow <3

  3. kaira chemistry is awesome…please dont want to see a triangle…
    naksh ki story ka kuch hoga ya nahi??? or is he doomed to be devdas… cv’s do something yaar

  4. Anika

    Eid Mubarak to all sweet members of YRKKH family.
    May The Blessings Of Allah Fill
    your Life With Pleasure.
    And Open All The Doors Of Success..
    Now & Always..

  5. Really irritating to see Gayu with those stupidity… y Karthik shd have some limitations with Gayu… clear their doubt ASAP

  6. Well firstly clear the mu bet mom&daughter.want to see their lovely relation…bonding,and kaira just rocks…naira is beautiful as well kartik…loving their chemistry…

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