Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we have thought Sumedha for Naira. They all get shocked. Dadi says Naira’s name is not of any meaning. She asks Naira to swear, and this will be your identity now, this name will come in invitation card also, Naira’s new name will be Sumedha. They all get shocked. Naira says its my name. Dadi says what’s use of meaningless name, I m giving this name for Kartik and your good future, if you want his good, you should silently accept this name.

Naksh says you will not change your name Naira. Dadi gets angry. Naira cries. Kartik says I got late, what will Naitik and Naksh think, I started behaving like son in law. Lav and Kush ask him to answer, its imp thing. Kartik says I will hear it later. They shout you are marrying someone else, not

Naira. Kartik gets shocked and stops. Kush shows the card he got from Dadi’s room. Dadi says everything belongs to husband and wife after marriage, happiness, sorrows and everything, we are doing this for them.

Naksh asks what’s this happiness, you are asking Naira to leave her name, your traditions are small, Naira’s name is made by joining mum and dad’s names, our name is part of our parents’ name, Naksh and Naira are made by joining Akshara and Naitik. Naira says we all have memories by this name. Naksh says ask Devyaani, Bau ji and me who taught Naira to take her name, she does not have any pet name like me and Kartik, she has just one name Naira, she learnt writing her name thousand times and taught people how to spell it, sorry, you can’t snatch her name.

Bhabhimaa says there can be some other way. Surekha says there is no other way, surname changes after marriage, its not big thing if name changes, people change names for astrology, we kept simple name, it suits with Kartik, Kartik and Sumedha, I got sample invitation card also, see Kartik weds Sumedha. They all get shocked. Naksh says Naira will be Naira. Naira says sorry Dadi, I m ready to do any puja, but don’t snatch my name. Dadi says it means you don’t want your and Kartik’s betterment. Kartik comes and asks Dadi can I say something. Naira smiles seeing him. Kartik says none can understand me better than Naira, try to understand, we don’t need to go against Dadi always, her worry is justified, we will do what’s right. Naira gets shocked. Naksh asks who will decide what’s right.

Kartik says right is one which has happiness of most of the people, our happiness is with everyone’s happiness. Naksh says we can’t do this, sorry, Naira’s happiness is not in this. Kartik asks Naira to take time and decide, I will agree to your decision, remember there is nothing more than our love. He leaves with his family. Naksh says Kartik took their side, I will not agree to this, he did wrong.

Manish says I know Kartik will favor Singhanias, this will always happen, he uses our and Dadi’s love. Dadi comes with Suwarna and Surekha. She says no, this time nothing such happened, he told Naira to care for our happiness. Manish and Akhilesh get surprised. Dadi says I hope Naira and her family also agree to us, Kartik told them to think and tell their decision. Surekha says Kartik is in our support now. Suwarna thinks what happened to Kartik, how did he agree for this.

Kartik meets Naira at tea stall. He gives tea to Naira and apologizes. She says I know, you maybe helpless, I will explain everyone why we did this. He says we have to do this even if you don’t believe. She says this is imp, I will not move back from doing anything that has our happiness, I know if we object on everything, things will go bad. He says I know, we have to take decision till night, as invites will get printed by night. They say I love you to each other. He thanks her for agreeing to her, and says there is nothing more than our love. They hold hands and smile.

Naksh is angry. Baisa says Naksh is angry on them, we did not change any bahu’s name, I m scared for Naira. Karishma says yes, we have less time, they said this now. Devyaani says Kartik should have explained his Dadi. Rajshri says we know him, he can’t do wrong, he values Naira and Dadi also. Devyaani says its time to see right and wrong, this is too much. Baisa says don’t know what will they change later. Rajshri says kartik will manage. Naksh says like he managed today, the big question is how can they think, will they change name if I ask them. Bau ji asks him to calm down. Naksh says how, they are asking Naira to change her name.

Naira comes and asks them not to worry, Kartik and I took a decision. Suwarna checks an old ID with her real name Arpita on it. She says I did not had courage to refuse, but Naira I have full hope, please refuse to Dadi, I know very well how much it hurts, as I have bear this pain. Kartik and Naira talk via video call, projecting the video on big screen. Kartik asks what are you thinking, how to thank you. She says I will do anything for you, don’t know how to say sorry to you. He says I fund your name cute. She says yes, but its reason of tension now. He asks why are families complicated. She says marriage is complicated, there were issues in everyone’s marriage, all issues will end. They wave bye to each other. He says we will run away and marry, we will see shagun and abshagun later. She says tension will increase by it. He says you maybe getting sleep, go and sleep. He gives her a flying kiss and asks her not to disconnect call. They see each other and sleep.

Its morning, the man asks Manish to check sample card, Kartik gave this at night. Manish checks. Lav and Kush say we want to see. Manish asks them to read. They read the invitation. Dadi and everyone get shocked hearing Naira. Suwarna smiles.

Dadi asks Kartik did he get this card printed, name has error. Kartik checks and says its right. Dadi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Twana

    Hey guys how r u all??
    Will come again in the morning…. just a lil bit sleepy now… came to say hii to my family n all the readers…. fans… all..
    Areee Amena dii z back…
    Aniket hii bff
    Loved today’s ep…. mostly the precap…
    Kaira scenes r awesome…
    Yay Karthik z supporting Naira to keep her identity!!! 😇😍😍
    Plz comment u all waiting for ur comments

  2. Vrushy


    |Registered Member

    OMG such an awesome episode after many days.
    Loved the new Nash’s acting. I am still a Rohan mehra fan but in terms of acting the new naksh is way better. His dailouge delivery is superb !! Also loved the way he took a stand for his little sister.
    Also loved Laura’s tea stall Walla moment. It was oh so cute !! Also the video chat that they did on the projector thing was so well captured. The flying kisses exchanged were awww !!
    So naira won’t change her name instead she will keep 16 somwar vrath. As kaira would consult another pandit and he will suggest this remedy.
    Also saw a glimpse of kaira engagement on TV today. They really look good. Can’t wait for it.
    PS : guys do comment are their number is decreasing day by day. Also this week Yrkkh is not in the top 10 shows. So please do watch it on TV to increase its TRP !!

  3. Aniket

    Hi Amena di, where were u yesterday? Well the biggest happiness is that Naira will remain Naisa.! I was dancing like a small kid when I read the last part and precap.! Love u Kartik.! Love u soo much.! Love YRKKH.! Hi all, theres a comment for u all on the page of written updates of 5th jan 17. Pls go through it and comment here.! Loads of love to all.! I am still dancing.!

    • Vrushy


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      Hii aniket I have replied to your comment on yesterdays Written episode page. Sorry I read it just now that’s why replied late !!

  4. Aniket

    Hi Twana, On my way for the mission, to release ur 4n from ur brother.! Dont worry, u will get it back soon.! In such situations u should be calm and patient.! Hehe.! Hi All, U all will come to know that I got success in my mission when Twana will comment. (Hi Twana, my BFF Jaldi se comment kar, afterall mere izzat ka sawal hai) Lolzz. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)..!

  5. shilpa

    Wow what a superb episode
    the way naksh stood for his sister the way he explained what the name naira meant to hia family and they way he sadi he will never allow anyone to snatch his sister identity superb naksh character …his fears foe hia sister future superbly portrayed by rishi superb actor he ia nailing it.
    the way karthik told looked for family that he is siding with his dadi but it was only naira who understood why he was telling all that their understanding n bonding has come a long way….good growth they r showing …she knows he will never let hwr down…swarnas pain of losing her identity and she sees ray of hope in naira and she praying that naira identity not to be snatched away superb actress small scenes well performed ..awww that projector scenes was way beyond amazing n new…the way they want all to be happy n find a way for it…so feel good it was…dadi is going to have a major shock tom…
    awesome shivin performances

  6. Aniket

    Hi Twana, Its a good idea.! Lets get registered.! But how to do that? Well if U or Soumya get to know then tell me also, I will join u ppl.! Also I request to all the family members on the behalf of Twana and Soumya to join us if u r okay with it.! Hi Vrushy, dont b sorry, actually I posted it so late, and it got displayed more late, so u might have replied late.! Where from u watch the trp ratings, I mean the site? What was the position of YRKKH last week? Hello everyone, Pls comment yarr.!

    • Vrushy


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      I saw the pic on instagram. In the Trp race yrkkh is on 11th rank for this week where as it was in top 10 since the last 6 months continously !!
      Last week yrkkh was at 7 th position.
      This wekk its out of top 10 so we need to buck up. We can’t let our fav show fall down !!

    • Vrushy


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      Also if you guys want to get registered then you have to go on the ‘Menu’ option present at the top of the page. Then select on ‘Register’. You have to enter your e mail ID and a password and some details and then your account is created !!

      • Twana

        Yeah Thatz the way n I got registered
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  7. RV

    Shilpa u hav said it all. Both Naira n Kartik Hav come a long way from their misunderstanding days, a look, a smile, a wink n they understand each other, plus Kartik stands up for wot he wants, he doesn’t hold back, n even tho Naira can sometimes get her way, Kartik always stands his ground, that’s wot I like to see. Their joree is getting solid day by day, n against the Goenka family they are going to need it! Can’t wait to see the simple ring Kartik has chosen from his hard earned money instead of a big gawdy one, says so much about his beliefs n self respect, no matter wot his family has he likes to stand up on his own two feet, he wants to provide for Naira n their family, can’t wait to see how things continue…. 😊😃

  8. Pat

    Hi all my big wonderful family
    Just come to wish Adi bro a wonderful and awesome birthday. Enjoy yarr
    🎉🎉🎉👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎶🎶🎶🎁🎁🎁💐💐🎶💃💃🏽💃 – this is me dancing at your party
    I will comment later once I watched the episode – it is shown at 10pm in London
    You all are right this week is my week of entertaining friends – so busy

  9. Sachu

    Helloo my dears. Hope all r doing well. Yeah ur nephew is troubling me a bit. But its fun to be a mom. Awesome feeling. Now I really realise the value of my mother n salute her for making me what Iam today.
        I was really busy for the last few days. Good to see ‘All well’ here. But y so less comments. Hope all r fine. May be busy with exams, work, vacation n so on. Adi dear Iam so sorry I could not wish u yesterday. Belated bday wishes from the core of my heart to my little bro. N I’d like to share with u that we call my son adi/adhu at home. 😊
          I managed to read today’s update. Awesome bonding between the two. Love Kaira chemistry( love chemistry also 😛my subject ). I couldnt see new Naksh onscreen so cant comment about him. So happy to see how Kaira understand n support each other. Exciting precap. Getting to see negative shades of Surekha’s character. I also din watch lav n kush on screen. Seeing how u guys are fighting to steal them its pretty clear how cute they are. I ll manage with my cute son and stay away from this’Mission luv-kush chori’ but if any of u need help do tell me.
         Thanks to all for being so fabulous out here. Keep commenting those who get time to spare. I ll surely come n peep in here whenever Iam free. Millions n billions n trillions of love to all my siblings out here ‘Luv’ each other n ‘khush’ raho hamesha dearss.

  10. Shesha

    Hey everyone…. how are you all????
    Amena dii why weren’t you here yesterday..????
    Today’s episode was bery nice
    Loved how naksh stood up for naira
    And the kaira scenes were really nice
    Also…. happy birthday Adi bhai!😊😊🎁🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈Hope you have a wonderful day and awesome birthday!!!!

  11. Rahul

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Sachu di , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy,Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana, Heshani , Riya , Karishma, Raven, rahul , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina ,TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana, Khushu and all other YRKKH fans andsilent comment readers.

    Hi Twana , Aliya all the best for your exam.
    I think that Aliya’s parents might have snatched the phone from her and told that they will handover the phone to her only after her exam gets over.

    I am so sorry Adi bro for my late wishes .
    I am really sorry dear .
    Bhai Mae kaan pakar ke maafi maang raha hu . I am really sorry dear.

    Ommmmgggggggg u r superb Aniket. The way you pointed to each person and about their habbits , it means you cares a lot about us . And your this activity have really touched my heart . I also want to say that you have a good memory yaar . In fact yes you are a real captain of our crew.

    Hi Twana I really liked the idea of being registered . But tell me one thing after getting registered is it necessary to write FF?? Because I will not be able to write FF.😂😂.
    And twana one more thing since you are like little sister to me so your little brother is also like little brother to me . And I love kids and little brother and for them I can handover my phone to them , but atleast they should not damage it yaar😂😂. So I am with your little brother taking care of your phone, don’t you dare to hurt my little bro. Because if you will do so . Then you and Aniket is going to face tough time ahead 😂😂😂😂.

    • Twana

      Rahul bhaii no no itz not necessary to write a ff….Hey even I’m not able to write an ff…Just reading z the one I do….
      When u get registered u will hv ur own acc like G+ in Telly Updates n thatz all..No need to write an ff…..
      OK OK Rahul bhaii….I was giving him more than time to play his game…hehe..
      He once cracked my tempered glass n I had to put another one!!…….
      Even I love kids, most lil ones r more cuter!!!!

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    Hi Twana and vrushy , is it compulsory to write FF after getting registered ??? Because I will not be able write . Because:-
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    Only one exam is left and it’s on 9th January.

    Hi Ishika and Trusna , I hope u two have done well in your exam . Sorry I didn’t wish you two. Because I was not knowing that you two have exam.

    Hi Aliya and twana all the best for your exam.

    Hi Sophie di and Aniket , how you two are??? Hi Sophie di I hope you are recovering fast. And Sophie dii don’t worry in our day to day life prayer you are also present . Dii we are with you. Just take good care of yourself because we all love you dii. And Aniket you too bro please take a good care of yourself , because we all love you too.

    • Vrushy


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      No its not compulsory to write a ff after getting registered. Only if you wish to write it you can.
      And thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked my work !!
      No worries as your exams are more important but do read after you get free.!!

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    Hi Sachu diiii , it’s really really nice to see your comment . And it’s really nice to learn that you are taking good care of my cute little nephew Hamdan. But please Sachu di you take care of yourself also because if you will fall ill then who will take care of baby. And yes Sachu dii , your favourite subject is chemistry it means you have sharp mind and strong brain. Because when I was studying chemistry I really find it difficult to learn hydrocarbons , stoichiometry, pure substance , organic compounds , benzenes , benzaldehyde , formaldehyde , etc etc.
    But physics was my favourite and maths my strongest . Topics of physics like mechanics , electrostatic , quantum physics was my favourite . Topics of maths like logarithm, trigonometry , calculus , geometry, 3-d geometry . But yes topic of maths like higher probability and permutation and combination were my weakest.
    Hi Sachu dii if you don’t mind can tell me what was your strongest and weakest topic of physics , chemistry and maths ??? Other can also share if their topic is physics , chemistry and maths.
    Hi Sachu dii and what is the age of Hamdan???

    • Sachu

      Hi Rahul thanx a lot for ur concern. Sharp mind n strong brain ? Wow nice to hear but truth is that u only need interest in anything to master that. I love doing practicals more than the theory part. I love all branches of chemistry. If the subject is an ocean I din even finish drinking water of a well yet. In fact chemistry is related with every other subjects. There is a topic called group theory which I dont like much. Organic portions are tedious but fun to learn. For a single compound there ll be more than hundred steps to derive when u reach higher levels. If u miss a single step everything is gone. In physics I also like quantum portions. But spectrum practicals I hate. In maths I like probability part. According to Gardiner’s theory there are more than one type of intelligence. He studied about 8 I guess. I think u have gud mathematical intelligence. All out here ll be having different intelligences (maybe more than 1).
      Guys do share ur likes dislikes and talents.
      N dear ur nephew is 42 days old as he was born on November 27 last year.

  14. Rahul

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    Ommmmgggggggg awwww Twana 😂😂😂. I am so sorry but in Both the case , one of your little brother and other of luv Kush , I am against you😂😂😂 . Sorry but I can’t help it😂😂😂😂

    • Twana

      LoLz……Let’s see who z gonna keep them not sharing!! hehe……………..I’m gonna come to wherever u r to see the duo…hehe!!
      And Aniket bhai Study hard for ur exam!!!!!! Keep ur mind calm n concentrate well!!1
      All the best!!!!!
      2 days more

  15. Soumya

    Good morning my yrkkh family members…how r u all??
    Episode was nice I know karthik will definitely support naira….luv kush were very cute 😍hope that everything will be fine soon.
    I tried to register but they r saying my email id is not valid…I don’t know why..can anyone pls tell me.

    • Twana

      Soumya dear r u sure u entered ur correct email address???
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  16. Sophie

    Hi guys…
    How are you all…
    Today’s was average…but the precap was a blast…
    can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…
    Love you all…
    Sorry I am bit busy…
    Will try to come back soon….

  17. Aniket

    Hi Sophie Di, why arent u commenting? Day seems to b incomplete without chatting wit u! Not for u but for my sake pls comment di! Miss u! Hi Soumya n Pawan, where r u both? Keep commenting! Hi Vrushy, TYSM for both of ur post! Oh Pat di, That means u r ignoring our family as u r entertaing ur friends! Ohk let the week end, then har comment ka hisab lenge (I mean, let the week end, wil take revenge of every single comment that u missed to type) Dont mind! (A comment is waitng 4 Twana, Rahul bhai, sachu di)!

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    Hi Sachu di, this time I am not on ur side! Hamdan is so cute n innocent then how can u say he is troublin u? Instead take good care of my nephew coz if I get any complain against u from him then u dont know what I will do! (I am still thinking if he complains then what to do, as u r eldest, I cant do anything! Hehe! If anyone has idea what to do, then pls tell me)! Hi Rahul bhai, TYSM 4 the compliment! It means a lot bhai! (A comment is waiting ahead for Twana n Rahul bhai to read!)

    • Sachu

      Not fair Aniket. U should support me know. Before being his uncle u r my brother. See how caring Rahul is towards me. N u r thinking of ways to punish me. If u arrrest me then he ll surely come n release me lol.

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    Oh I see Rahu bhai, u taking side of Twanas lil bro and are against Twana! How can u! Better change ur party and join hands with me and help me to release her 4n from her brother, orelse it will cost u a lot coz I and Twana together makes a strong bond of True BFF so either join hands with me or face ur defeat coz Now when Twana will reply, she wil prove that her BFF (i.e. ME) got a grand success in releasing her 4n from her brother! (Twana I request u to comment soon, mere Izzat ka sawal hai yarr. Hehe!)!

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      Thankz Aniket!!! Yayyzzz at last he gave me the 4n!!!
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    Kaira chemistry z awesome…….
    Chanya where r u lost?

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    ज़माने भर में मिलते हे आशिक कई,
    मगर वतन से खूबसूरत कोई सनम नहीं होता,
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    मेरा भारत महान
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    Hi Sachu di, if Rahul bhai comes and release u, then this time my BFF Twana will surely arrest Rahul bhai, coz now she will have 2 reasons 4 arresting him. First is Rahul bhai was against Twana, and was inclined to her lil bro in that 4n wala case and second is he is going against me (Twanas BFF) and trying to release u! So Twana wil arrest him, and I will punish u for not taking good care of my nephew! Lol! Ya I am ur brother but now I have more responsibilities of my nephew! So tc of him orelse…! Lol!

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    Hi Twana, u cant leave my side! U wil arrest Rahul bhai n if he go against me and releases Sachu di? (Plz Haa bol… Naa kehe k Meri naak mat katana)! Lol!

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      Ok… considering the state I will arrest Rahul bhai not only for these 2 reasons but also for not sharing Luv kush with us!!
      So I will remain by ur side n help u arrest Rahul bhaii 😂😂😂😂😉

  25. Rahul

    एक चोर – चोरी कर के,
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    बच्चे की आँख खुल गयी…
    और बच्चा बोला :
    स्कूल बैग भी ले ,
    वरना शोर मचा दूँगा..

  26. Rahul

    Aniket bro and my little sister Twana you two can’t arrest me 😂😂😂😂😂.

    You know police of 203 countries are waiting to arrest me. But it’s not difficult to arrest me , it’s impossible to catch me.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Aniket dear , I am with Sachu di . Sachu dii can take good care of Hamdan only when she takes good care of herself. So Sachu dii while taking good care of baby , please don’t neglect your health also.

    And guys please do post your strong and weakness , your likes and dislikes, it will be fun to know.

    And guys how many of you are in class 9 , 10, 11 ,12 ????

  27. Soumya85


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    Hi my yrkkh family members…I m registered now…it’s me Soumya..rahul bhaiya I m in class 10 and I love maths,English and sst

  28. Rahul

    That’s great Soumya!!
    Hi guys while registering tellyupdates is not accepting my username as Rahul . So I will choose Rahul96.

    • Twana


      |Registered Member

      Rahul bhai I think there’s a person in the user name Rahul…… thatz why they might have not accepted ur name…. seems like I’m the one n only Twana here 😉😂
      And Rahul bhaii when u r with Luv Kush itz easy to catch u… bcoz I’m always watching them….. Itz me who told Mishti to get a video call so that Naira will be able to see where Kush hides… 😉😂😂😂
      So bhai better not to kidnap them if u r wanted by the police of 203 countries……. lolz… 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Aniket

    A big Hii to senior and experinced cop- Twana, yoo u have 3 reason! Meri Naak katne se bachane k liye Thanks! Hehehe, Rahul bhai, those dialogue suits only to Big-B and Sharukh, not U! And if thats true, then Twana and I together will prove out the power of BFF and finally arrest u! That wil prove BFF ki taakat, coz the mission that cant be done by so strong police force will be done by 2 BFFs- Twana and Aniket.! Senior cop Miss. Twana, R U ready?

  30. ishika

    loved the episode…
    naira excepted to be sumedha…
    now we may have to change the love birds title given by us that is KAIRA..
    how are u all?
    yrkkh fans,my friends,my BFF s how are u??
    you know my result for exams is going to come tommorow i am really really tensed!!!
    i have given my 100% but i am really afraid…

    • Twana


      |Registered Member

      Don’t worry Ishika…. U will hv high marks….. Don’t get stressed….. U will reap what u sow… So if u hv done ur best… u will get good results…. Do tell us how ur results are… tomorrow….
      By the way I’m fine…
      And I didn’t understand what u said abt changing the name of naira… sorry.. but cn u explain plz???

  31. ishika

    loved the episode…
    naira excepted to be sumedha…
    now we may have to change the love birds title
    my exam result is coming tommorow i am really tensed though i have given my 100% i am really afraid

  32. Aniket

    Hi Soumya, Congratulations!! Wait for some time, I am going to join u! The reason behind choosing 85in ur username? R u also a big fan of Virat?

  33. Soumya85


    |Registered Member

    Hi my yrkkh family members..I wanted to share what happend i wake up and get ready for my school as yesterday I didn’t went school and when I reached my bus stand my father called my bus driver as it was very late and he told my father that today is holiday😂😂I was so angry as I have to wake up in morning at 6.
    Every Saturday my school is open except second Saturday

  34. Rahul96


    |Registered Member

    Don’t you worry Ishika . Everything will be fine . You will get what you deserve and what you have earned . God never do injustice.

  35. Aniket

    Ohk Soumya I read that. Hehe, so then what did u do since 6 in morning, I mean u Studied or just spent time Playing? Hello Miss. BEF, U r from my side, so y r u praising Rahul Bhai saying he is wanted! Stop praising and concentrate on attack and arrest mission of Rahul bhai as u r the head of this mission! Lets show him the power of BFF!

    • Twana


      |Registered Member

      Hey BFF I’m not praising bhai… I’m warning him that if he stays with Luv Kush he’ll be caught 😂 we shld at least warn him before arrrsting na?? Like we shld let him get his pprs to the jail na? Or else someone will arrest us for not letting a person learn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. trusna

    Hey guyz…sry for commenting so late….
    Belated happy b’day adi….and sry for wishing u so late…
    And aniket…its ok if u call me only trusna…not di…i m 20…dnt say sry for such small things….
    Rahul my xams were good except maths-1😁😁
    Soumya samepinch…i m too a die hard fan of virat…😂😂😂
    Coming to episode its was quite gud wid an interesting precap…pretty exicted for that…

  37. ishika

    thanks tawana
    actually i wanted to say that we have joined KA of kartik and IRA of naira but now her name has changed to sumedha so now do you think that we have to change their title but now I am thinking that naira will always be naira to us am I right?
    by the way if my results will be good or bad i will tell u because what my results will be they will be because of me

  38. Pat

    Hello my wonderful, cute, lovely & blessed family
    I pray every body’s day is going well.
    Sachu, our nephew need you more now than anyone. Awwww you are a new mum, it must be hard but God will give you the strength. Rahul is right, please find time for yourself. And don’t mind Aniket, if anything should happen to you, he will be the first person there making a fuss.
    Aniket your sense of humour is so good & very sweet
    Rahul you are such a big bro to the young ones.
    Aliya, we miss you
    All of you doing your exams please study hard & take care of yourselves.
    Now to the episode, absolutely wonderful chemistry & understanding between Kaira. There past issues have helped them to have trust on each other – so good to see.
    Have you all see Naira has calmed down a lot.
    Sachu good to see your comments and I think it only you & I that is noticing Surekha’s shady character. She is negative.
    Oh my but my heart is breaking for Suwarna. I pray she gets love from Kartik soon. With Kartik united with her & Naira in the house, the 3 of them will be able to take down Dadi Goenka and that Surekha
    Oh my babes Luv & Kush – so cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Mishti is cute but they have double cuteness. Don’t you all like the way they fight for Mishti’s attention.
    Also does the Maheswaris now live with the Singhanias, because they never seem to leave for their home.
    And yes Rahul bro I miss Akshara too
    The new Naksh is killing it – that means he is doing brilliantly.
    Have a wonderful evening you all
    I am off to my friend – she just bought a new house & she is having prayers (puja). I just hope I am back in time to watch YRKKH new episode or else I will have to make do with Ameena’s wonderful update.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.