Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we have thought Sumedha for Naira. They all get shocked. Dadi says Naira’s name is not of any meaning. She asks Naira to swear, and this will be your identity now, this name will come in invitation card also, Naira’s new name will be Sumedha. They all get shocked. Naira says its my name. Dadi says what’s use of meaningless name, I m giving this name for Kartik and your good future, if you want his good, you should silently accept this name.

Naksh says you will not change your name Naira. Dadi gets angry. Naira cries. Kartik says I got late, what will Naitik and Naksh think, I started behaving like son in law. Lav and Kush ask him to answer, its imp thing. Kartik says I will hear it later. They shout you are marrying someone else, not

Naira. Kartik gets shocked and stops. Kush shows the card he got from Dadi’s room. Dadi says everything belongs to husband and wife after marriage, happiness, sorrows and everything, we are doing this for them.

Naksh asks what’s this happiness, you are asking Naira to leave her name, your traditions are small, Naira’s name is made by joining mum and dad’s names, our name is part of our parents’ name, Naksh and Naira are made by joining Akshara and Naitik. Naira says we all have memories by this name. Naksh says ask Devyaani, Bau ji and me who taught Naira to take her name, she does not have any pet name like me and Kartik, she has just one name Naira, she learnt writing her name thousand times and taught people how to spell it, sorry, you can’t snatch her name.

Bhabhimaa says there can be some other way. Surekha says there is no other way, surname changes after marriage, its not big thing if name changes, people change names for astrology, we kept simple name, it suits with Kartik, Kartik and Sumedha, I got sample invitation card also, see Kartik weds Sumedha. They all get shocked. Naksh says Naira will be Naira. Naira says sorry Dadi, I m ready to do any puja, but don’t snatch my name. Dadi says it means you don’t want your and Kartik’s betterment. Kartik comes and asks Dadi can I say something. Naira smiles seeing him. Kartik says none can understand me better than Naira, try to understand, we don’t need to go against Dadi always, her worry is justified, we will do what’s right. Naira gets shocked. Naksh asks who will decide what’s right.

Kartik says right is one which has happiness of most of the people, our happiness is with everyone’s happiness. Naksh says we can’t do this, sorry, Naira’s happiness is not in this. Kartik asks Naira to take time and decide, I will agree to your decision, remember there is nothing more than our love. He leaves with his family. Naksh says Kartik took their side, I will not agree to this, he did wrong.

Manish says I know Kartik will favor Singhanias, this will always happen, he uses our and Dadi’s love. Dadi comes with Suwarna and Surekha. She says no, this time nothing such happened, he told Naira to care for our happiness. Manish and Akhilesh get surprised. Dadi says I hope Naira and her family also agree to us, Kartik told them to think and tell their decision. Surekha says Kartik is in our support now. Suwarna thinks what happened to Kartik, how did he agree for this.

Kartik meets Naira at tea stall. He gives tea to Naira and apologizes. She says I know, you maybe helpless, I will explain everyone why we did this. He says we have to do this even if you don’t believe. She says this is imp, I will not move back from doing anything that has our happiness, I know if we object on everything, things will go bad. He says I know, we have to take decision till night, as invites will get printed by night. They say I love you to each other. He thanks her for agreeing to her, and says there is nothing more than our love. They hold hands and smile.

Naksh is angry. Baisa says Naksh is angry on them, we did not change any bahu’s name, I m scared for Naira. Karishma says yes, we have less time, they said this now. Devyaani says Kartik should have explained his Dadi. Rajshri says we know him, he can’t do wrong, he values Naira and Dadi also. Devyaani says its time to see right and wrong, this is too much. Baisa says don’t know what will they change later. Rajshri says kartik will manage. Naksh says like he managed today, the big question is how can they think, will they change name if I ask them. Bau ji asks him to calm down. Naksh says how, they are asking Naira to change her name.

Naira comes and asks them not to worry, Kartik and I took a decision. Suwarna checks an old ID with her real name Arpita on it. She says I did not had courage to refuse, but Naira I have full hope, please refuse to Dadi, I know very well how much it hurts, as I have bear this pain. Kartik and Naira talk via video call, projecting the video on big screen. Kartik asks what are you thinking, how to thank you. She says I will do anything for you, don’t know how to say sorry to you. He says I fund your name cute. She says yes, but its reason of tension now. He asks why are families complicated. She says marriage is complicated, there were issues in everyone’s marriage, all issues will end. They wave bye to each other. He says we will run away and marry, we will see shagun and abshagun later. She says tension will increase by it. He says you maybe getting sleep, go and sleep. He gives her a flying kiss and asks her not to disconnect call. They see each other and sleep.

Its morning, the man asks Manish to check sample card, Kartik gave this at night. Manish checks. Lav and Kush say we want to see. Manish asks them to read. They read the invitation. Dadi and everyone get shocked hearing Naira. Suwarna smiles.

Dadi asks Kartik did he get this card printed, name has error. Kartik checks and says its right. Dadi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. you are right rahul

  2. Hey guyz…sry for commenting so late….
    Belated happy b’day adi….and sry for wishing u so late…
    And aniket…its ok if u call me only trusna…not di…i m 20…dnt say sry for such small things….
    Rahul my xams were good except maths-1??
    Soumya samepinch…i m too a die hard fan of virat…???
    Coming to episode its was quite gud wid an interesting precap…pretty exicted for that…

  3. thanks tawana
    actually i wanted to say that we have joined KA of kartik and IRA of naira but now her name has changed to sumedha so now do you think that we have to change their title but now I am thinking that naira will always be naira to us am I right?
    by the way if my results will be good or bad i will tell u because what my results will be they will be because of me

  4. Trusna

    Its me guyz…i got registered…

  5. Hello my wonderful, cute, lovely & blessed family
    I pray every body’s day is going well.
    Sachu, our nephew need you more now than anyone. Awwww you are a new mum, it must be hard but God will give you the strength. Rahul is right, please find time for yourself. And don’t mind Aniket, if anything should happen to you, he will be the first person there making a fuss.
    Aniket your sense of humour is so good & very sweet
    Rahul you are such a big bro to the young ones.
    Aliya, we miss you
    All of you doing your exams please study hard & take care of yourselves.
    Now to the episode, absolutely wonderful chemistry & understanding between Kaira. There past issues have helped them to have trust on each other – so good to see.
    Have you all see Naira has calmed down a lot.
    Sachu good to see your comments and I think it only you & I that is noticing Surekha’s shady character. She is negative.
    Oh my but my heart is breaking for Suwarna. I pray she gets love from Kartik soon. With Kartik united with her & Naira in the house, the 3 of them will be able to take down Dadi Goenka and that Surekha
    Oh my babes Luv & Kush – so cute ?????????????
    Mishti is cute but they have double cuteness. Don’t you all like the way they fight for Mishti’s attention.
    Also does the Maheswaris now live with the Singhanias, because they never seem to leave for their home.
    And yes Rahul bro I miss Akshara too
    The new Naksh is killing it – that means he is doing brilliantly.
    Have a wonderful evening you all
    I am off to my friend – she just bought a new house & she is having prayers (puja). I just hope I am back in time to watch YRKKH new episode or else I will have to make do with Ameena’s wonderful update.

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