Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal says I followed every point and did as you said. Surekha asks are you mad, I told you about Jagrata. Kajal asks what. Dadi says you have 10mins to clean all this and do arrangements for Jagrata. Kajal apologizes and goes. Baisa asks what was happening, I did not understand, there were no thieves, to whom were these girls waiting to beat. Bhabhimaa asks what’s this pole, is this roof weak. Varsha says maybe it was some guy’s bachelors party, it got ruined. Kartik says I will click pics to show Naira and tease her.

Dadi says problems always come in this marriage. Devyaani says we should get annoyed and see she is telling us. Karishma says we should have not come here and show we also feed bad. Dadi says I thought to make new start and pray for

this marriage, it all spoiled. Naitik and Manish have a talk. Naitik says we will be careful that Naira does not get hurt. Manish says I understand, even I want the same. Manish asks the waiter not to disturb them, Akhilesh will join us. Kajal asks waiter did you give that drink to anyone, it has wine mixed. She goes. Waiter says I have given that to Manish, how to take it back now.

Naira and all girls dance on Swing…….They take selfies. They play truth and dare. Gayu asks Naira where is her focus. Naira says I was thinking what’s Kartik and others doing. Priyanka asks are you worried or jealous. Naira says boys can do anything. Mishti says Naksh is with them. Ananya says even Ranveer is with them. Naira says I want to find out what they are doing. Gayu says we shall play and leave Naira. They play. Bottle points to Naira. She says there is no truth hidden, so dare. Gayu says you will not forget this dare.

Kartik and everyone reach the venue. Ranveer joins them. Aditya says I did such arrangements that you will praise me all life, Kartik’s eyes will be stunned, its heaven inside. They all join hands and enter the venue. They get a shock seeing Jagrata going on. They move back. Kartik says venue hall is same, but where is my party, before anyone sees us, we will go, sorry Mata Rani. Dadi sees them and calls out Kartik. Kartik smiles.

Rajshri says see our children, they are so good and came in Jagrata without a call. Baisa says I got happy seeing them. Dadi says we did not call them as they will think I do much puja, but they came on own. Bhabhimaa says yes, we will sing bhajan all night and go home after aarti in morning. Kartik, Naksh and everyone smile. Kartik says such bachelors party can be just mine, unique. Aditya says what’s happening. Naksh says my party in village was better. Ranveer says I thought it will be fun, look what’s happening. Kartik says we will not get such fun anywhere. Naksh says Jai mata di. They all remove shoes and step inside. They all tie the chunris and sit.

Naitik and Manish get drunk and have more drinks. Manish reacts funny and laughs. Kartik, Naksh and everyone sit in Jagrata. Dadi asks them to sing now, its their turn, get up Kartik. Kartik gets up and says Mata Rani I love you, please do something of my bachelors party, what to do we are thinking of party as we were not mentally prepared for this, show us some way please. Naira takes a gujarati man disguise and says I reached. Gayu asks what excuse will you make. Naira talks to them on call and says I will see them if they have any such party. She gets inside the door and gets shocked seeing the guys dancing in Jagrata. She says oh God…. Ananya asks what happened. Naira says they are….. Mansi asks what are they doing.

Naira says I m so bad to doubt on Kartik and Naksh, they are doing Jagrata with everyone. Kirti asks what, is Aditya there. Naira says yes, Kartik and Naksh are dancing with bhakti, they are not drunk, else they would have not come here. Priyanka says what did we think. Mishti says country is changing. Naksh says Kartik I can’t do this more. Kartik says no, don’t leave alone in such time. Naksh asks what to do then. Kartik says jump, frustration will come out. Naira goes and says Gayu that she did big mistake to doubt on Kartik. She hears Kajal talking to dancer. She hears the confusion of Jagrata and party. Naira says so this was the matter, that’s why I was thinking how did they come in Jagrata, I will see them. She goes back to them. She tells Gayu that its like we thought, see how I sprinkle salt on their wounds. Kirti says you come back. Naira says they were doing bachelors party by calling girls. Dadi says we will start bhajan now. Kartik signs everyone to leave. Naira stops them.

Naira says congrats, whose marriage is it. Kartik says mine and hugs Naksh. Naira asks them to sit back and pray. She says the groom should do the prayers. Dadi asks Kartik to do it. Baisa says yes, its your marriage. Naira asks guys to sit. Kartik says we will just come. Kartik asks the man to stop that man. The man says that man is not with us, we thought he came with you. Naira stumbles. They all ask Kartik to catch him. Kartik asks who is he. Naira runs out. Kartik says we will catch him. Kartik and all guys run after Naira to catch the disguised man. Gayu asks Naira to run fast. Naira hides.

Kartik says who was he to trouble us. Naira says I m having fun seeing Kartik. The girls laugh. Gayu says come here fast. Kartik says I will not leave him. Naira says how to run, they are standing here. She leaves in her car. They see the car leaving. Naksh says I think he has run away. Aditya says we will also run away, this is best chance. Naksh says God bless him to save us. Kartik says we have forgiven him. They laugh.

Aditya asks what to do. Kartik says some fun. They leave and see Manish and Naitik playing guitar on the way. Girls party. Manish sings Papa kehte hai…. Kartik looks at him. Manish hugs Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Sophie. I m also Sikh punjabi.

    Aniket firstly I should clear one thing. I m a girl not a boy. It’s vry simple u all call me preet instead of calling me chanpreet.
    By the way I m from Pune Maharashtra.
    I love KRPKAB.
    YRKKH YHM who apna sa I like this serials.

    And about today’s episode. I missed today’s episode. But this updates helped me a lot so thank u Amena

    1. Welcome Preet.

    2. Rosa18

      Welcome Prit

    3. Rahul96

      Hi Preet
      I am extremely sorry for my joke regarding your name. Your reply to me State that you were deeply hurted by my words . I am extremely sorry.
      Kaan pakar ke maafi maang raha hu.
      Btw here is my intro
      Hometown – patna , Bihar
      Currently studying in – Kolkata
      Age -20
      Serial I watch- in priority order
      1) ishqbaaaz
      2) bahu Humari rajnikant
      3) YRKKH
      Sometimes also watches savdhaan India India fightback , Pardes me Hain mera Dil , yhm , wo apna SA!!

      Hi Preet if don’t mind can you tell me your age?!! That is your age is 20+ yaa 20 so that I can tell you Preet dii yaa only Preet!!!

    4. Rahul96

      KRPKAB ka full form???

      1. Rosa18

        Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

      2. Rahul96

        Thanks Rosa18

  2. Funny episode hope karthik reunited with his parents and dadi is such a big show off she’s getting annoying now wow naira as a man lol ???

  3. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu didi , Sophie di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Nithya , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update!!!!

    Coming to the episode . Today’s episode was awesome . I died of laughter .?????? . I was feeling like awwww poor Kartik!!!! Precap was very emotional !!! Waiting for tomorrow’s episode!!!

    Now coming to my family members!!!

    Hi Patricia ( Pat dii ) dii
    How are you ??? Pat dii thanks for your compliments regarding that FAMILY message . But Pat dii honestly speaking those lines were not mine. One of college friend forwarded that message to me. And I was so touched by that message so I forwarded here to my sweet YRKKH virtual family members !!!

    Hi Sachu diii
    How are you dii ??! And how is my sweet little nephew Hamdan??? All’s well naa dii ??? I just hope that you are having fun time with Hamdan !!! And Sachu diiii I am really sorry that I welcomed Maria. Dii actually I was not even remembering 1% that once Maria abused you!! But thanks to Aniket he reminded us all that once Maria abused you!! Now I don’t want to welcome her!!

  4. Rahul96

    Hi Aniket
    Thanks bro for reminding that once Maria abused Sachu dii. Yess now I am remembering back once Sachu dii was giving advice to Twana how to study chemistry !!! And then Maria bad mouthed Sachu dii.
    Thanks bro!!! But one thing I clearly remember that I was never arrested!!??
    And I am glad Aniket that you liked my motivation to soumya .

    Hi Rafia ( Raf ) and lasyashree ( lasii )
    Thank you so much for your words but my dear sweet sisters I have already forgotten all those and have moved on. I was discussing all those bad memories for motivating soumya!!

    Hi Twana
    Looklike you have become busy in your preparation!!! Anyway best of luck dear!!

    Hi Aliyaa
    Looklike you too have lost in your preparation!!! Anyway best of luck dear!!

    Hi Sophie dii
    How is your health now??? Dii how is your stomach now??? Dii are you still in the hospital??? Don’t worry dii you will get well soon!! We are praying for you!!;

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Sophie dii
      What did doctor tell??

      1. I am much better now. No, I am not in hospital anymore. The doctor said to take rest for at least three more days. Thank you for your prayers.

      2. Rahul96

        Glad to learn that dii

    2. Chanya

      Bhai how are u?just read your message..relieved to know that u have forgotten unpleasant memories of past..really u are a caring bhai..

  5. Rahul96

    Hi Fenil Bhaiya
    How is your friend’s health now??? Bhaiya how was your journey???

    Hi soumya
    How is your health now??? Are still vomiting and have fever ??? Have you visited doctor ???? What did he told ???
    Soumya dear please take good care of yourself. See it’s your exam dear !!! So please take good care of yourself because it’s your exam time dear. So no more time wasting in illness!!! Okk dear ??!

  6. Funny episode. I love it.

  7. One of the best episodes so far…
    The part where Manish goes “Mera Pen” was mindblowing..
    The way Karthik and Naksh were dancing was out of this world.
    Over all it was really fun….

  8. Hi all, I’m not sure you all remember me but I’m back after being incredibly busy over the last 2 weeks with exams and more.

    I hope yrkkh family is ok and as I sometimes read through the comments I saw our family stick with eachother through thick and thin which is applaudable.

    I watched a lot of episodes today to catch up and am really enjoying the subliminal positivity and meanings that the show bring across. I also don’t think Aksharas exit has caused a sink in trp, but I do miss her and her acting. However karthik is there to fill the gap and I want now to be no more drama so we can go into the new life of naira and see how she handles the difficult family. So happy to see ananya back and I hope she becomes pregnant so maheshwari family don’t lose their worth. What happened to Yash’ baby, we havent seen Yash and family for so long, he wasn’t even present in the bachelor party, but I hope that family isnt ignored either. Apart from naksh wedding, what other worth do the singhanias have? I hope they bring muskaan or someone or something back that makes that family as recurring as the maheshwaris were in the past

    1. Rahul96

      No we don’t remember you ??! Who are you ??? Of course we remember you !!!
      How was your exam dear???

      1. Hey bro! My exams have gone great so far, they finish this Friday onwards so I can’t wait!

    2. Rahul96

      Apart from naksh wedding , Gayu wedding is also waiting !!!!

      1. I’m not sure why my picture changed but I am still the same Adi!
        Good point bro, but after that gayu will be sent away too so with naksh the family will still get screen space if you know what I mean

    3. Twana

      Hi Adii BFF, How r u? How can we forget u ? So how r u doing?

      1. Hi bff thanks for not forgetting Me!! Im doing great thanks but exams are taking over my life!! How are you?

  9. *I meant to say women being objectified. The end of the day for so so tired

    1. Rahul96

      Hmm Pat dii it’s looklike that your long comments are still waiting for moderation!!

  10. Hi Guys I’m sorry for vanishing all of a sudden…. I got an eye infection n chanya that was completely irritating ?… n my right eye was completely red color n tears came all the time… so I couldn’t watch or look at the screen… I’m happy that I recovered before the exam…
    How r u guys? Hope u all r fine
    Thankz BFF for ur special msg… Hope u r studying well for the exam..
    Hi Rahul bhai.. thankz for the wishes… will study well….
    And welcome all the new members…
    Hi Raf how r u? Hope u r fine… n studying well…. prepare well… now I always forget to log in n itz after a long time… I can’t type this again.. ? so will be posted frm the grn color dp..
    Hope all of u guys a fine…. have to catch up the days when I was sick.. so gotta study.. bye bye all of u… Love u all

    1. Chanya

      Omg..twana di .. .are u fine now..i can understand how painful is it..i couldn’t sleep peacefully either..di did u go to a doctor and did u take medicines?actually my eye infection lessened by two days but again I increased due to my behaviour watching di please be careful..

      1. Ya fully recovered I think?
        Well when ur father z a doctor, they don’t take these small diseases seriously… I had to put an eye drop daily thatz all… ??
        I understood how u must have been… coz can’t sleep even. ?
        And Thank you my swt lil sissy for ur golden advice… hopefully hv to be careful bcoz the exam z also not so far… thankz for being concerned dear..

    2. Rosa18

      Twana dii take care of ur eyes Kaira ki baarat dekhni h n

      1. Ya.. yaa.. Hope that won’t come up when I hv exams..
        Thankz Rosa swt angel

    3. Rahul96

      Hi Twana
      Sad to hear about your eyes dear. But glad that you have fully recovered before your exam. !!
      And dear please concentrate on your studies!!!
      And do comment here only when you have some free times!!!

      1. Twana

        Ok Rahul bhai!! Thank you for being concerned!!! Have to catch up the missed days too!!

    4. Rahul96

      Hi Twana
      Thanks for your compliments to my DP!!!
      And what do you mean by nice click ??? You wanted to say that my photo was good because of nice click and in the photo I am not looking handsome!!!
      ??????lol don’t took my words seriously i was just kidding dear!!!

    5. Soumya85

      Hiii twana di…how r u now di??Take care of urself exams r coming

      1. Twana

        I’m fine cute angel…Thank you!!!
        How r u??? Howz ur exam preparations??

      2. Soumya85

        I m fine preparations r good

  11. Chanya

    Hello everyone..commenting after few are u all?seems like everyone is busy with less comments..guys do well in your exams..
    Twana di don’t take stress too much it will increase again.I can understand ur exams r coming..but di pls take care of yourself too
    Bff ur missing?and bff do u know we r going to visit SL in April..i mean ur new year vacations
    And rafia di you are so sweet..see I came but don’t know where bff is?may be she is busy with studies
    Rahul bhai aniket bhai how are u ?
    Sachu di missing u
    Aniket bhai even I don’t know about Maria.if she has abused our sachu di so I am with u
    pat di how are u?
    Sophie di and soumya how are u?wu guy fine na
    Ishika di happy to see u
    Adi bhai how can u think that we hv forgotten u?????? we never forget our family
    Aliya di vrushy twana di aniket bhai soumya and everyone who has exams all the best!!rock it
    Lasya di missing u too
    Tanu di happy to see u too
    Have a nice day!!love u all

    1. Rosa18

      Hi dii You forgot me?? just kidding anyways how r u??

      1. Chanya

        I am fine is free..

    2. Rahul96

      Hi chanya
      I am fine and
      How are you???
      Commenting after long time !!! Why???
      Glad to see your comments after a long time!!

      1. Chanya

        I am perfectly fine..actually I couldn’t comment due to studies..

    3. I am much better. Thank you.

    4. Soumya85

      I m fine now r u??

    5. Thanks chanya

  12. Chanya

    Hi preet and is my intro..
    Iam chanya 17 from Australia..but I am a Sri Lankan..a medical student in first year first semester..i like to watch Indian favourite ishqbaaz and yrkkh..huge fan of shivika and kaira..and excited to watch dil bole oberoi too..

  13. Chanya

    Coming to’s awesome ya..i just laughed so much making my mom angry??? but what to do their expressions specially karthik and naksh when they saw the naira you are so sweet ya..and precap..manish getting drunken and hugging karthik..excto watch..yrkkh rocks!!!!

  14. Vrushy

    Loved todays episode. Such hilarious scenes and awsome expressions. Couldn’t stop laughing.
    Don’t like dadi, her behaviour is annoying but then if everything turns out to be good, it becomes hard to relate.
    Can’t wait for todays episode as I have read about kaira dancing together in Naira’s hens party !!

    Well how is the family ?!! SORRY couldn’t comment for a long time but now will comment more frequently.
    Missed all of you.
    Hope Everyone is fine !!

    1. Rosa18

      Hey dii im fine how r u??

      1. Vrushy

        I am good now !!

      2. Chanya

        Oh no can I forget u?sorry are u?

    2. Rahul96

      Happy to see your comments dear !!! After a long time;!

    3. Rahul96

      BTW how are you???

      1. Vrushy

        I am good rahul.
        How are you ?!!

      2. Rahul96

        I am also good vrushy!!

  15. Rahul96

    Hii Maria
    Now I also remember that you abused Sachu dii. Actually I did remember you but you abused Sachu dii this thing was completely erased from my mind. Thanks to Aniket he reminded us all about the incident between you and Sachu dii.
    As for the Nithya , she crossed her limit of abusing . But when she apologized some forgived her and some didn’t forgived her. But everyone respected each other decision . Sachu dii is a person with beautiful heart . Don’t know why you abused her only !!! Don’t know why you take Sachu dii as your enemy.
    And I am taking side of Sachu dii because she has beautiful heart and we all love her .
    And no one is fraud here , mind your words dear , it just that here different people have different pov and thinking.

  16. Chanpreet0815

    Happy Rose Day Guys Sophie pat Rahul Twana soumya Aniket vrushy chanya versa Adi.
    Forgive me I don’t know much names.

    1. Rosa18

      Hii Preet dii im sorry i could not welcome u before Welcome to our expanding family of YRKKH
      Happy Rose Day dii

    2. Vrushy

      Happy rose day to you too 🙂

    3. Soumya85

      Hii happy rose day

    4. Rahul96

      Happy Rose day to you also Preet!!!
      Hi Preet if don’t mind can you tell me your age?!! That is your age is 20+ yaa 20 so that I can tell you Preet dii yaa only Preet!!!

    5. Happy Rose Day Preet.

    6. Happy Rose day Preet (di)
      Welcome to our YRKKH family

  17. Rosa18

    Hello every1 the thing is that we are a family,a family where every1 respects and loves each other i have read many pages of TU where u people support each other always and guide the youngsters now even then some people do abuse our members which is actually wrong as was case with Maria dii or Nithya dii because bringing the discussion back actually hurts people like at tym of Nithya dii Lasya dii was hurt i felt it she can never forgive her so its okay lets pledge we wont discuss all this because it hurts our members.
    And im really sorry from bottom of my heart if i have unin tentionally hurt someone.All iknow is that all of u are beautiful people wit a heart of Gold

    1. Rahul96

      And you are girl with a soft diamond heart.!!

      1. Rosa18

        It’s not the person but ye aapka nazar ia h bhai

  18. Rahul96

    Where is Raf , Aniket , Soumya , Fenil Bhaiya , lasyashree today???

    And also Sachu dii , Tanu dii, Ishika , shesha, Ponkuri , Paakhi , Riya , Pari , Trusna , Ishu , khushi , Claire , TV Fan1 , Shesha , Amalina ( sorry if I missed anyones name ) are not commenting for a long time!!!!

    Hi Su_16 it was you who asked for introduction to everyone!!! And now you are yourself vanished???

  19. Hi dearss iam having a severe disease cannot coment now bye all and i will miss u family. Be happy and study well

    1. Um…is this you Sachu di?
      Because the colour/pattern of your DP has changed.

      1. Soumya85

        She is not sachu di…Maria is using her name Sophie di

      2. Twana

        Np Sophie di Itz maria…See itz her DP…She z doing the same thing Nithya did to me!!

    2. Hey Maria don’t even use Sachu dii’s name, u rn’t worthy enough to use her name at least.. we all know that itz u… n same thing happened to me even.. so don’t force diseases into her….We very well know how our Sachu dii z so don’t create the same drma Nithya created..

    3. Soumya85

      U r not our sachu di..Maria stop this why r u using her name??Don’t ever do this.why r u giving her disease..I agree with twana di u r not worthy to use her name

    4. Rahul96

      Yaa actually you are right
      Sachu dii is suffering from a disease and the name of disease is Maria!!
      Hi Sachu dii you don’t worry we have many doctors here like
      Dr lasyashree , Dr Chanya , Dr Aliyaa , Dr Tanu dii , Dr Aniket .
      And we are helping our doctors to get you cured from a disease named Maria!!!!
      And dii we will take care of you during your these Maria disease days!!!

      1. Twana

        Lolz Rahul bhaiii…Agree with ya…

  20. Soumya85

    Hiii my yrkkh family members…how r u all?
    Episode was awesome..taday was the bestest episode..I can’t control my laughter watching karthik and naksh’s dance in jagrata??I love the expressions on all the boy’s faces..waiting,when the boy’s will reach in girls party..I had seen kaira’s dance video on YouTube they were looking cool??

  21. Rahul96

    Hii guys I am extremely sorry as I forgot to convey an important message of Aliyaa to you guys!!!

    Now guys this message is from Aliyaa. Please give some suggestions:-

    What about AIIMS BHUBANESWAR and AIIMS BHOPAL ??! What about these two colleges ??? Any idea ??? I live in Tamil Nadu!!! Please give some idea about these two colleges!!!!!

  22. Hi My beloved YRKKH family….
    Hi Rahul bhaiya!! Here I’m…
    Guys, I’m havng my practical xams frm tomorrow so was very much buzy…

    Hey Preet.! Here is my intro…
    I’m Rafia -17years old.! Studying in grade 12. My fav subjct is Maths….Hobby-readng books. I love solvng puzzles…If U don’t mind can u pls tell me ua Age??

    Hi Twana.!
    Soo sad to hear abt ua eye.! Plss take good care of ua eye…Its good dat u r fine now.! Study welll Twana!!best of luck!!

    Ohh, Now Maria iz commnting frm Sachu di’s name.. Pls don’t ever do this Maria.!! We all knw dat its not our Sachu diii….I left a comment for u in ystrdays page!!

    Hi Sophie diii, I’m glad dat U r fine now diii..

    Hi Chanya.! Glad to see ua comment!!How r U????

    Hi Rosa.!! U r so sweet! I saw ua comment in ystrdays page… How r U?

    Hi Aniket!!!
    Where r U bro??? Seems like u too r buzy in practical preprations….but at least comment once a day na….All the best Aniket!!Y u didn’t replied to my ystrdays comment??? May b U didn’t noticed!!

    Hey Lasya!!
    Where r U? U too r buzy?

    Hi Soumya!! Get welll soon dear…Study welll!!

    Missing U alll guyz….
    happy Rose day to everyone!!!

    1. Twana

      Hey Raf all the best for the practical exam yaar…Hit a very big score

    2. Rahul96

      All the best Rafia for your practical exam!!!

  23. BFF aaj thum kaha ho?? I’m back again… hope u r fine…If u r busy studying then itz ok… but if u r busy sleeping.. then thtz not ok… study well only a day left for the practicals.. practice well…

  24. Hey everyone!! Hey Gayu(RAF),aniket,twana,chanya,trishi,Rahul bro,pat do,Cassie,Sophie di ,vrushy,sachu di, Tanu di,fenu,soumya,hales di,shesha….so sorry if I forgot anyone…
    Episode was hilarious I was continuous ly laughing actually I watched it on hotstar in hospital and everyone were looking at me!!! Lol!!!

    I hope manish and karthik reunite…. Naksh was the total attraction today!! A SHOUT OUT TO RISHIDEV… AND naithik and manish pen was lol!!!!!

    Omg!! Forgot to login!!! Please do adjust!! I can’t type again!!!

  25. Now

    Dear Gayu!! Where are you?? Missing very badly!!

    Rahulbro!! Felt happy hearing the word sissy from you!!

    Many are missing
    Now I can’t type all

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