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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani saying she has brought Akshara to Rajshri, as she needs her mum. She says I did not understand you before as I did not become Nani till now. Rajshri cries and thanks her. Devyaani says we are friends, and this happens sometimes. She asks Akshara to enjoy well and she told the baby to come when Akshara comes back to our house. Rajshri asks why, can’t he come in Nani’s house. They bet on it and smile. Naksh says betting is bad, baby will come to big brother’s lap. Akshara sees Jasmeet tensed and asks her. Jasmeet says nothing. Akshara says come to me. Jasmeet leaves.

Akshara asks what happened to her. Devyaani says yes, why did she run. Dadi asks Naksh to go to Ananya. Akshara says tell me whats the matter. Varsha says Jasmeet’s phobia

to see pregnant women. They are shocked. Naitik attends the meeting and is glad that he can go back soon. He sees Akshara’s pic and smiles. Akshara says it means Jasmeet is troubled by me since so many months, why did you all not tell me. Rajshri says we came to know it some time before. Kaki says Anshu took her to doctor and he said she will be fine with time. Devyaani says if Akshara stays here, Jasmeet and Akshara will come before each other and it can be problem.

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Rajshri says yes, I can’t make Jasmeet unhappy for Akshara’s happiness. Akshara can go to her inlaws, and this is Jasmeet’s house. She asks Akshara to forgive her and cries. She asks Akshara to go home. Akshara says if you don’t want to keep me, its fine, but there is one way, there is exchange offer, Devyaani will leave me here and take Jasmeet with her. They all smile. Anshu says yes, Jasmeet will also be happy. Akshara says yes, but ask Jasmeet. Jasmeet hears it and thanks her. She says I will pack my bag and come.

Jasmeet comes with her bag and everyone smile. Akshara stands behind Rajshri. Jasmeet says sorry for trouble. Akshara says no, I should apologize. Jasmeet says no, please don’t say this, I wanted to be part of your happiness. Akshara says some relations are so close that if we are far, it does not matter. Jasmeet says you are very sweet, enjoy well. Dadi prays that their love is always strong. Devyaani takes her along. Rajshri tells Anshu to make some dishes for Akshara. Akshara asks Rajshri to sit with her and hugs her.

Akshara tells everyone that she will eat many sweets and smiles. Rajshri gives her hot water bag and takes good care of her. Varsha says we made clothes for the baby and shows her. Akshara likes it. She gets a message from Naitik and goes to see out. She calls Naitik. Naitik asks how is his surprise. She says its nowhere here. He says how is this possible, see at window. She says sorry, I m not at our home, I m at Maheshwari house. He says you did not tell me. She says I forgot being busy. He says I planned a good surprise.

She says sorry, tell me what was it. He says I won’t say and ends the call. She says he felt bad, I would also feel bad if this happened with me, I can’t go home now, I will call Muskaan. Naitik’s mood spoiled. Akshara gets the pic of surprise and laughs. She says it was cute surprise. He asks how did she see. She says I have seen and felt it. I always feel you are with me. She asks when will he come. He says I can’t say, I don’t want to promise and break. He says I will try, I may give another surprise.

The manager says we have a meeting tomorrow and maybe it will end our work here. Naitik smiles. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talk about puja kept for Akshara and her baby. Devyaani calls out Akshara. Bhabhimaa says she is not at home. Devyaani says I forgot. They miss Akshara and Naksh. Devyaani says we will have much happiness when baby comes. Akshara sees the news. Rajshri comes and asks her to go for bath. Akshara gets message and smiles. She says company booked tickets, it means Naitik is coming. She misses the news and says she is very happy.

The news is of traffic problem, and people are requested not to go out of home, as they can be stuck. Rajshri says we have done all arrangements for Akshara. Naksh asks whats for me. Anshu says its for you too. Akshara comes and says I have to go home, as Naitik is coming, he is giving me surprise. They all get sad. She asks them to forgive her, as she made them upset. Naksh says they made so many thungs for you, Nana ji took leave from his office to spend time with you. Akshara says I m very sorry, I don’t think anything, I will call Naitik here.

Rajshri says no, husband’s support is most imp in this state. Dadi asks her to go, as they can do this later. Rajshri says I will drop you and get my bahu. Naitik tells the lawyer that he is ready to end meeting, as he ahs to go to his wife and family. He signs on the papers. Jasmeet tells everyone that Karishma, Muskaan and I have made same food and they should say who made it better. The family eats it and likes all. Naman says I have an idea and calls Chitti. Chittti says everyone’s paratha is bad and they laugh. Naman says you saved us. Rajshri brings Akshara and Naksh.

Akshara says Naitik is coming. Naman says I spoke to him, he did not tell me anything. Bhabhimaa says its good, he is coming back. Rajshri says we will leave and asks Jasmeet to come. Devyaani says you can stay here with Akshara. Akshara says yes. Rajshri sees Jasmeet. Jasmeet says I have to go, I have many orders at home, you can stay, I will go. Rajshri says fine. Akshara says you are very cite Jasmeet, come here. She hugs Jasmeet. Jasmeet goes to get her bag. They smile. Akshara asks about food. They all wait for Naitik. Naman says the flight is late.

Akshara gets labor pain. Naitik does not get any taxi by traffic problem. Naman says ambulance cant come because of the traffic jams everywhere. Akshara cries in pain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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