Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode start with naksh came and duggu is about to go play in garden and akshi told him that today he need to study all day. and tell him to do so and duggu said he need to see his plant which he and dj grow in the garden.and said he will be back in 10 min. and natik tell akshi that do so and akshi tell him that he is doing this and will not come back in 10 min.and duggu go to play with chintu.

here ananya didnt like without duggu and rj said after the exam they will call duggu to come and stay with them and ananya get happy . here chitu show duggu the sling . and duggu said he need not know about it and chintu teach him and said his dad made this and they will made this for him to . and duggu said he need to go and study today. and ask chinntu about

his school and he said he dont have book and dad dont have money so he is not going to school.

here akshi in the room planning for duggu’s study. and tell natik that he is not coming to study. and naitik said he feel like its akshis exam.and duggu came and start study. and natik and akshi is talking about lending money to driver and natik told akshi that now on he will ask first before landing money . and duggu said that now they will not give money to his friend. and thinking how he can help him? here everyone is trying to tell kakai to go to dr. for test and she said no and anshu take her.

akshi tell natik to teach duggu maths and tell that duggu is not studying . and natik said he will do that and akshi left.

duggu take his piggybank and going to give chintu and natik stop him and said to come to study.duggu said he will tell natik about it and dj is yelling and natik go to see him in his room and duggu went to give piggybank to chintu and first he didnt take it but after duggu said to take it he did. and then natik in the room thinking of akshi and sms her to come to room and akshi in the kitchen cooking send him sms saying to make duggu study. and naitik said how unromantic. and akshi tell girja to call duggu.

anshu come and tell that kakai’s fine and dr said she is in good health.
here akshi and natik in the room doing office work and g3 come and said that she cant find duggu’s piggybank and he will upset with it and natik said thay will put the new piggybank in his room. but akshi said that they need to find out were did it go?

g3 tell akshi about duggu and chintu is friend and tell that she dont like there friendship and tell her that if chintu come in the house he might ;take it. askhi didnt like this. and then duggu come and g3 said him to not to feel sed and she will find her piggybank. and duggu said he is fine and tell akhsi that he will to the study. akhsi is doubting duggu and thinking about his behaviour.

precape–akhsi is telling natik how unromantic he is and natik said that he send her so many romantic sms and she didnt reply.

Update Credit to: Madhavi

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