Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the gift. Naira says it was sent last week, we got it today. Mishti asks shall I open it, I can’t wait. She opens the gift and gives everyone seeing the notes on it. Everyone cry seeing the note and gift. Mishti asks them to open it. Naitik reads ….thanks for giving me such family, I m very lucky. Rajshri reads…. I learnt a lot from you to keep family united. Devyaani reads… to be happy in happiness and sorrow. Bhabhimaa reads…. our love has strength to face every problem. Bau ji reads… when I m in problem, I see family and problem ends. Gayu reads…. always remember don’t let any sorrow get over happiness, make sorrow away so that life gets easy again. Naira cries. Everyone hug the gifts.


goes to her room and sees the diary. She recalls reading the diary, and Akshara writing about her fears that something bad is going to happen and the bad dream, that no one is hearing me when I m shouting, I could not tell Akshara, I m sure she will take care of the family in my absence, she will love the family. Naira cries seeing the note and says I love you a lot, I will take care of you also, come back please. She cries. Naitik comes and apologizes for not thinking how is she handling this sorrow. She hugs him and cries.

He says I promised Akshara that I will take care of daughters, family and son, so that I don’t need to hide face when I meet her, we will keep a havan, Akshara will like it if we recall her happily. Gayu and Mishti come and hug him.

Inspector says this looks costly watch, maybe its Akshara’s, ask her family. Kartik sees the watch and recalls Naira showing Akshara’s watch. He says I will get same watch for you. She says I don’t want, why will I take costly gift from you. He hugs her and says I will get moon and stars from the sky. She says no, where will I keep it, cut your hair and gift it. He read story, heroine has sent the hair. She jokes on him. He says say once, I can give my blood and also kill anyone for you and your love. She says thanks, your love is enough for me. He says I wish everyone gets such good GF. She pushes him saying anyone can see us, its home. He holds the watch. She says its mumma’s fav watch, if this broke.. she would have got upset. He says I m here, I will not let anyone get upset. FB ends. Inspector asks Kartik does he have any idea about watch. Kartik says its Akshara’s watch, I m sure.

Naira sees Kartik and her pic. She gets in dilemma over believing him, he maybe innocent or a culprit, to forgive him or not. She cries and angrily tears the pic. Devyaani calls Naira for havan puja. They all sit in puja and recall Akshara. Pandit says puja is completed, the person gets peace. Naira gets a call from inspector. He asks her to come to police station. Naira sees everyone. She asks why. Inspector asks her to come and talk. She goes to police station and gets scared. She moves back. She cries and goes to inspector. She sees Kartik in lockup. Inspector shows her the watch. She cries and takes the watch.

Inspector tells something. She says Kartik should get strict punishment. He nods. She turns and sees Suwarna. Suwarna tells Naira about love which Kartik did, thats why he is here, he knows he did not do accident, even then he is here to keep respect of you, why is your heart not understanding him, ask your heart once, can your Kartik do this.

Naira comes home and cries seeing Akshara’s pic. She says many things got broken with this watch. Rajshri consoles her. Naira says you and mumma understand a lot without my saying, I did not tell anyone, I did not want anyone to come along and go through all that. Rajshri says you managed all of them. She shows Akshara’s note to Naira.

Rajshri tells Naira that what you are doing is tough, none can do this, Akshara has written for you in chit, maybe she wanted to tell you. Naira says Akshara has written in diary too. Rajshri says Akshara told me she wants to see you independent, you managed family, focus on your life, you have seen a lot in young age. Rajshri gives her ghungroos. Naira recalls Akshara and says dance in such time. Rajshri says not for you, but for Akshara, you want everyone to come out from this sorrow, move on and pull the family with you. Naira sees the ghungroos.

Naira dances angrily. She hears Kartik and her conversation, and says its two cars’ sound, it means some other car was also there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope karthik is innocent love the precap

  2. Hi all, I guess it was a WONDERFUL TODAY for all of u!! And I wish it should be a WONDERFUL TOMORROW for u all!! Well, the note for each family member was just the reflection of their bond with Akshara! I loved the scene! Today we saw Suwarna making an effort to unite KAIRA means her character wil not be shown negative! And as it is rightly said- DER AAYE DURUST AAYE, Naira got the clue about Kartik being innocent!! That is what we all were waiting for(since long time). Finally we can c RE-UNION of KAIRA!!

  3. yes would be proved innocent because he is innocent & naira will help to prove it herself after sometime…plzz let them unite plzzz

  4. Who is best .


  5. Big fan yrkkh

    Hi guys do you want new akshara

  6. Shivangi is good but usme hina jaisi bat nahi hai

  7. Yes, part should be recast. No one is indespensable. From what I read the lead actress was becoming a problem because she wasn’t getting enough air time. Sounds like a “prima dona”.

  8. we need hina back with oiut her family is incomplet her thoughts he understanding and such dat …….

  9. Sethidisha002

    naira cant bcum akshara and i definately kw kartik is inocent


    Please end all that kutiyapa. we want to see close to this serial.

  11. Mona146

    I really feel it is too much that everyone expects that naira should replace akshara and handle everyone whereas she is a small and elders (one if not another) should handle house affiars. Are elders only to give hukums and teach things? How can everyone do nothing but crying?

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