Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yash talking to Sanju about Naksh givig happiness to Naitik. He says he is thinking not to go abroad for higher studies and stay here with everyone. Sanju asks why. Nandini comes to him. He says he will talk later and call does not end, Sanju hears them talking. Nandini says I know Yash you like Sanju, but I don’t like you are neglecting studies, I m not against Sanju, but this route. Nandini says you wanted to go abroad since childhood and now you changed the decision. He says this is not the reason. She says you can lie to me, ask your heart. She leaves. Sanju gets thinking.

Naitik asks Akshara to come along, as its Naksh’s hotel. The elders wish him all the best. Naksh asks Naitik is he all set and gives file of staff names and details. Naira comes

and asks Naitik to drop her. Gayu says me too. They talk about the school. Devyaani is worried that they are competing again. Bau ji says so what, they are very talented. Naitik hugs them. Jasmeet gets angry as Nannu shouts he won’t go to school. Rajshri supports Nannu and sends him to school.

Naitik comes to Krishna hotel and smiles. The staff greets him. Akshara calls him and asks how is it going, she is sure customers will come. He says yes, I can see few coming. She asks him to focus on work, she is very happy. She thanks Lord. Naitik asks the manager about the dhaba there. Keshav says about Punjabi people, they run well and call customers by discounts. Naitik sees the dhaba.

Naira and Gayu come home and tell about school elections. Rashmi talks to Gayu and they plan. Akshara says Gayu will become everyone’s fav. Naira gets sad seeing Gayu hug Akshara. Naira gets annoyed and Akshara explains her. Naira says she won’t have food at home and would have it at Krishna. She smiles. Yash comes to Naksh and asks about Sanju. Yash says I did not do anything, she went college but did not meet me, help me. Naksh says I have classes, sorry, it means you don’t know your mistake.

Naitik gets a message from dhaba man and also a tiffin, asking Naitik to have dhaba food and see its mistake to open hotel infront of our dhaba. Akshara and Naira come and see no customers. Naitik says he said to keep her heart. They see the food and sit eating it. They like the food thinking he made it. He says its from dhaba and tells everything. He gets annoyed and is sad. Naira says she has to leave and asks Aksagra to make Naitik’s mood good. Akshara encourages him by writing a note. She hugs him and sings pyaar ke bandhan………….He asks her to stop it. She says let people know about this, if anyone eats food here, they will not go anywhere.

Naitik says he is afraid to fail everyone and Naksh’s expectations. She asks him to stop thinking this, and not worry about family, they know them. He thanks her and they laugh. Yash sees Sanju and goes to her. She ignores him and leaves. He goes after her and asks what happened. She says she heard Nandini’s thought on her, that she is ruining his life. She gets annoyed. He asks does she not feel good that he spends time with her. She says don’t get senti, if his mum has problem, do as she says or explain her, I don’t want her to blame her, lets grow up, I want my space, lets stay away from each other. Naksh hears them and asks Sanju why are they fighting. She asks him to ask Yash. Naksh asks what happened. Yash and Sanju leave.

Naitik and Akshara come home. Everyone ask about the day. Akshara says it was good day, but many customers did not come. They support them. Devyaani says she will get tea. Rashmi asks Naitik to see the tough maths. Naitik says he will teach Gayu. Gayu hugs him. Naira asks him to play badminton with her. He says Gayu’s studies are imp, he will play when he gets free. Naira thinks he is giving attention to Gayu and misses him.

Vishwamber tells Akshara and Naitik that he wants to support Naitik. Naitik says he would be glad. Vishwamber says it means his job is finalized.

Update Credit to: Amena

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