Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Naira’s shoulder. He asks what happened. She says nothing, just like that. He says its rash by jewelry right. She says its okay, it will be fine in 2-3 days. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks are you scared. She asks why will I. He says its new for both of us, its special, and we both have to be comfortable. She says I m comfortable.

He asks her to come. He removes her ghunghat. He holds her hand. Piya bawari…..plays……… He removes her jewelry and applies the anti rash cream on her shoulder. He removes the hair pin and lets her hair loose. He holds her close. She says I will change. He says fine, go and change.

She looks for her dress. She says where did it go, it was here. He asks are you finding this

and shows the nightie. She takes it and runs to washroom. She says what’s happening to me, why am I getting so shy. He waits for her. Naira gets dressed in the short nightie. She says I told Gayu not to give such nightie, how to go out, what will Kartik think of me, but Kartik knows me, am I meeting him for the first time. She goes out and looks at him. She laughs seeing him sleeping.

She goes to pour water on him, and stops. She says you trapped a tigress in love, you are an amazing frog. She makes him sleep well. She thanks him for loving her so much, for understanding her. Kartik says Naira I love you. She says I love you too. He says my Naira. She says yes, just your Naira, and you are just my frog, I love you Kartik. She hugs him and sleeps.

Its morning, Naksh asks Naitik what’s this. Naitik says its for Naira’s cake, she is coming for patphere, I m making her fav cake. Naksh asks nothing else. Naitik says I thought a lot, but first cake, I m making it after many years. Naksh says I know, I will do all the work, just make cake, if you do much exertion, I will shut you in room. He says after I meet Naira, I will go and rest. Naksh says I will assist you in making cake. Naitik says no, I will make this. Naksh says you are behaving like kids, shall I make tea for you. Naitik asks what are you waiting for, you should have get it by now, go and make it. Naksh smiles.

Kartik wakes up and sees Naira. He recalls their old moments and holds her hand. Yahan wahan….plays……….. He asks her to talk well atleast in dream. She says this is not your dream, I m really waking you up. He says how did you come here in morning. She says open your eyes and face truth, your life changed, your status is changed, you have become married from single. He says actually, I have seen this dream many times, are you really real, I can’t see how am I feeling, I mean I have lived this moment for long, its happening in real. She says I can understand, I have also dreamt of this moment. Music plays…… He kisses on her forehead. He gets close to kiss. Flower falls on his head. He sees the flowers and decorations.

He gets shocked and looks at her. She says your timing is bad, get ready and freshen up, I m going. He calls her. She smiles and says you got sleep good at night, you have slept well. He realizes he slept and hits his head with pillow. She goes. He says stupid, owl, donkey, monkey, idiot, frog, how did you sleep when that moment came, what would Naira think about me. He holds his coat and says great Kartik, what an amazing wedding night, I got myself insulted, you showed stupidity, how could I sleep. He throws the blankets.

Naira goes out and thinks where is everyone. Suwarna says maybe Naira woke up. Manish says she would be sleeping, help me in work. She asks him to sleep. He says I m not getting sleep. She says I will go and see Naira, and get tea for you. He says I don’t want tea, massage head instead. Naira says I m feeling hungry, there is no one here. She stops at the kitchen’s entrance and says no, maybe I can’t go this way, Dadi said bahu does not go in kitchen till rasoi rasam. She sees sweets box and says I have right on my marriage sweets, I will have some.

Dadi comes and stops her. She scolds her for making prasad Jhutan. Naira says sorry Dadi, and takes her blessings. Dadi says you could have told staff to make something good, but this prasad, I will get more prasad, you can have anything from kitchen, you should change as your house and family changed, its your first day in sasural, come and light diya, keep bhog, is there any problem, its your rasam, everyone has schedule, Manish does office work, Akhilesh goes gym, everyone is together just on festives, its just me and pandit at aarti time, go and light diya fast, even I have much work. Naira thinks of her family. Dadi looks on.

Aditya says yes, I m leaving you. Dadi asks Kirti why did Aditya leave suddenly. Kirti says I asked him, he said its business work. Naira takes Kirti’s side. Dadi asks who asked you to talk in between.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone.commenting after so many days.nice episode.hii all old & new members.

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey I’m soofia I really hate kartik grandma so much she is always scolding naira for no reason and she is always being nasty horrible towards naira for no reason and she should talk to naira in a polite manner and she should be nice to naira ask naira I if she is alright not be nasty to her and she should let naira go to her house to meet her family and her dad I hate kartik grandma so much

  2. Why naira always keep mum what the hell is going on marriage episode 1month still dragging

  3. Today episode was soo cute and funny……
    Specially morning wala part…..
    And then dadi’s part changed my mood…..

    Hii sonal dii and all family members…….

  4. episode was soo cute and funny…..
    specially morning wala part….
    and then dadi’s part changed my mood……
    Hii sonal di and all family members…….

  5. Hi r u.can u pls give ur intro.happy to see u join us.

    1. Soumya85

      Hi sonal how r u??

  6. I’m fine dii….
    My name is mahima….
    DOB-25 august 2000…..
    I just give my 10th exam last month….
    My hobbies- painting,reading, dancing,singing……
    Dii can u pls give your intro?????

    1. Soumya85

      Hi mahima that means we r of same age I mean even I’m in 10 and my exams r still going on it will end tommorow…Don’t call sonal di she is younger than us..keep commenting and welcome to yrkkh family

  7. Rahul96

    Happy birthday Riya !!! Many many happy returns of the day sister !!!! May you achieve a lot of success in your life dear !!!

  8. Absolutely loved today’s episode
    it was so cute and romantic
    Dadi is getting annoying, she really needs to learn a lot from Naira
    Really happy that Aditya is leaving, hopefully things start happening between Keerti and Naksh
    How are you all?

  9. Waah naira ji, aap to kamaal hain. Waise to sabkuch apne Mann ka karti hain, apne aage kisiki bhi nahin sunti lekin jab apni galti ka kisipar dosh Dena ho to gayu, kyun? Gayu aapki packing kar rahi thi last moment par Jo ki aapko pehle se hi kar leni chahiye thi, lekin aap kaise karti , aapko to kartik k sath romance Karna tha na. Night short thi aur aapko ajeeb lag raha tha to kuch Aur pehle leti lekin aapko to hot dikhna tha na. Apni galti ka dosh gayu ko mat do, nighty aapne hi pasand ki hogi .

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