Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik is he feeling well now. He says yes, ache went away. She thanks Lord. He jokes. She gets up and slips by stepping on ice cube. She holds his shirt and it gets torn. He says you are after my respect by pretending to be my friend, this is wrong. She says sorry, I did not do that intentionally.

Sunaina comes and gets welcomed by family. They compliment Sunaina Kaki for her looks. Kaki talks in English. Rajshri says you have become foreigner. Kaka says I m still the same. She sees Kartik and says I heard a lot about you. Rajshri says he is like our family. Varsha says we will celebrate Janmashtami. Dadi says Nannu will become Kanha.

Nannu tells Kaki that he wants privacy, can she take someone else’s room. Kaki says I will manage

in Jasmeet’s room. He hugs her and thanks. He says I will go and buy flute. Varsha says Kuhu’s flute is there. Kaki says I will go along Nannu and buy gifts. Nannu says Varsha won again.

Naira thanks Lord for giving a good friend like Kartik, take care of him, he is very helpful, he is bit irritating, but very good. Mishti records this video and says when I send this to Kartik, he will get mad. She sends video to Kartik. Kartik sees the video and gets overjoyed. She says Naira mentioned me in prayers, thanks Lord to send this special video by Mishti. He dances and says I love you Naira. He falls down.

Its morning, Naira and Gayu sing aarti, and miss Akshara. Naira cries. Gayu holds her. Akshara comes home and sings aarti. Everyone get happy seeing her. Akshara hugs Naksh, Gayu, Mishti and Naira. She hugs the elders. Everyone smile. Gayu says we missed you a lot. Akshara says I also missed you all, I m glad, Naira told me that you listened your heart, are you happy Rama aunty. Rama says yes, I wanted Gayu to be happy.

Bhabhimaa says we are happy you have come back, don’t know when will Naitik and Naman come. Bau ji says yes, its too late, I think they should come. Akshara says I spoke to them, I don’t think they will come, we will celebrate festival well. Everyone have a talk. Akshara asks the girls to think what to do in Janmashtami, Kanha ji likes Rasleela, singing, dancing, Naira gets an idea and tells them. Gayu says but we don’t have items. Akshara says I will go and get it. Naksh says I will come along.

Varsha says why did Nannu go without telling us. Shaurya says I thought he is in room, but he disappeared. Rajshri says when will we do puja, how did he go like this. Kaki says don’t worry, that’s the big deal, he is not a little kid, new generation does not like stopping them again and again. Varsha thinks where did Nannu go.

Naksh and Akshara shop for items. She says we will miss Naitik and Naman. They buy a peacock feather for Nannu and say he will look cute. Nannu waits for someone in market. Varsha thinks whom shall I tell about Nannu. Kartik asks what happened. Varsha says I think Nannu is doing something behind my back. Kartik thinks whether to tell her about doubt on drugs, will she believe me or not. Varsha says sorry to trouble you, and goes. He says I will talk to Naira and Akshara first.

Naksh says I did not feel Nannu will be ready to become Kanha so easily, Akshara says yes Maa and Dadi would have convinced him, this time it will be fun. Kartik asks Mishti when will Naira come. Mishti says I have come and you don’t care, Naira will come. He says I m waiting for Naira. She says what will I call you after you marry Naira, Jiju. He says that sounds good. She says you will sit on swing with Naira. Naira comes and asks whats happening. Kartik jokes. Mishti makes Naira sit on swing. Naira says no, I have to help everyone and check is everyone doing work well. Mishti says you sit here, I will go and check. Kartik sits with Naira. She tells about finding solution. He sits close and she gets away, while talking about the festival. He smiles seeing her. She makes him fall down the swing and laughs. She sings humpty dumpty had a great fall and goes. He says poor humpty dumpty has fallen in love with you. He asks Lord to do something.

Naksh asks Akshara to come and see idol. Nannu waits to get drugs. A man comes and gives him drugs. Nannu gets glad. Akshara sees Nannu and says what is Nannu doing here. She goes to him, Nannu sees her and runs. She says why did he run seeing me. She asks the man about Nannu, who are you. The man says I don’t know any Nannu. Varsha calls Akshara and says I need to talk something imp about Nannu. She tells everything to Akshara.

Akshara and Naira dance as Kanha and Radha, on Ras rachaye Kanha….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thought Kaira won during the poll.Why r writers making naira learn who gayu’s loves and sacraficing for her?will writers change Kartiks decision of marrying gayu on learning abou the leaked video or will somebody in the family learn that he is only marrying gayu cuase naira said so,and help him in getting naira,by switching gayu for naira during wedding day?

    1. Dude I really don’t think gayu will fall so cheap by leaking the mms won’t it be like letting down her mamis paarvrish .and KAIRA is the end game don’t worry about it guys .enjoy KAIRA it will take time for them to be together but surely writers won’t let down as many of them started watching Yrkkh for KAIRA .they won’t dig their own grave by breaking KAIRA

  2. I don’t get why writers said that naira will sacrifice for gayu,our Kaira will be gone.Writers Plzzzzzzz make a twist so that kartik doesn’t marry gayu and marries naira instead.Plzzzzz make gayu in love with Vivian.

  3. Nannu should be exposed in front of family and plz plz plz make kaira realize her love for kartik

  4. Anika

    Guys I don’t know what Gayu will do or will Naira come to know about Gayu’s feeling ! But at the end Kaira will unite for sure . Yes there will be many twists to spice up drama but Rajan sir always brings something fresh and new, I don’t think he will make it like typical serials where mahaan heroine sacrifices everything.
    And moreover Misti won’t seat quietly if something like this happens . She knows Kartik loves only Naira and Naira also has feelings for kartik. So she will tell Naira and others about Kartik’s love and don’t let kaira part away.
    So as for now chill guys and enjoy cute Kaira moments. :-*

  5. guys chill.for a serial twist us necessary but that doesnt mean kaira ll end.gayu stands no chnce infront of kaira enjoy kaira.they r the obvious end game.

  6. Wow i just watched yrkh for kaira and their nok jhok

  7. Kartik is so damn in dream girl also and now he is so super in yrkh too, love his smile

  8. I love the jodi of kaira.They both look amazing together.And gayu can’t seperate them.So,don’t worry,my friends.

  9. I am very happy to see akshra back…

  10. Gayu won’t do this cheap things…

  11. seariously evry 1 just watch yrkkh for kiara…♥ both look so amazzzing 2gether loved it….!!!¡¡¡

  12. Kaira just rocks..!!! Wanna just see them on screen. Plzzz dn’t let gayu or anyone be an interference….keep the
    Romance alive.

  13. kaira part was awesome

  14. nice

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