Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naksh’s baraat arrives


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa saying baraat won’t go without Naitik. Naira says Bau ji can do sehra rasam. They refuse. Naira says Naitik said everything should be as per mahurat. Naksh asks her to tell Dadi to get another mahurat. She asks what about those who are waiting for baraat. He says I will apologize to them, baraat won’t go without Papa. Naira says fine, don’t do marriage, you call them and tell this, let them get hurt. Bau ji says Naira is right, Naitik would have thought well, else which dad won’t wish to make his son wear sehra. He asks Naksh to trust them, they will take baraat. Naira messages Kartik that Naksh is much upset and she is scared. She makes Naksh sit. She does his tilak and aarti. Haryala banna…..plays…. Naira makes him wear the pearls

necklace. She ties the sehra. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says Naitik doesn’t want this marriage to stop, we have to respect his wish. Dadi asks about Naira. Kartik says I will do all work, tell me. Dadi asks him to come. He says Naira and I will manage everything. Naksh stops at the door. Yash asks what happened. Naksh steps out. He gets a call. Bau ji asks Yash to get band baaja. Naksh talks to lawyer. Naira remarks her happiness is half. Naksh asks what, Papa can’t come, he has to go court tomorrow. Lawyer says yes. Naksh gets sad. Naira asks him to come.

Dadi says its time for mahurat. Aryan tells servant that he has changed as his uniform got spoiled. He says why will anyone ask me, rich people don’t care, I also look rich, they won’t doubt on me, I m rich from heart. Dadi asks Kartik to ask Naira. Kartik says she will come, its her brother’s baraat. Dadi says she should be here to welcome baraat. He says she is needed more there. She says we are no one to her. Naira comes. They all ask why did she come alone. Kartik asks Naira where is baraat, the message was confusing, what happened, could you not convince them. Baraat comes. They all smile. Kartik says I know what you are going through. She asks will everything happen well. He nods.

Naira says I promised you Dadi, I will come early to welcome baraat. Dadi nods. Everyone dances in baraat. Naitik sees Akshara’s pic and says sorry Akshara, I m an unfortunate dad, I became reason of my son’s sorrow, don’t know how many sorrows are written in his life because of me, we are not with him today, our son ….. what shall I do.

Naira stops Dadi and says I have to get fun from both teams. Kartik asks where is she going. She asks him to treat them well, get our welcome done. He asks her to dance in baraat. She says I will dance in my brother’s marriage. Naira and Ananya dance on pyara bhaiya…..Everyone dances around Naksh. Naira hugs Naksh. Everyone claps.

Naira says Dadi, give me aarti plate, now Dulhan’s bhabhi will do groom’s aarti. Naira does tilak and aarti of Naksh and thinks how to tell Naksh that Naitik can’t come in marriage. Naksh thinks the same. Manish and Dadi ask about Naitik. Bau ji says Naitik missed the flight, he didn’t wish to go, but what can he do, he said all rasams should happen on mahurat. Dadi welcomes them. Devyaani asks Naksh to touch toran in one go. Naksh does the ritual. Kartik says Naitik doesn’t want to tell anyone, so he told you, be strong, I know Naksh is upset, but marriage has to happen, its better that he agrees to marry by his wish. Naira asks how will we convince him for pheras. Kids run and make drink fall over Naksh. Rajshri says it happens.

Devyaani asks Naksh to go and clean his clothes. Naira asks Lord why is he doing this, everyone wanted to see Naksh’s marriage, today mumma and Papa are not here, either send my Papa or make Naksh’s mood fine, this marriage should get happiness for us, it should be memorable. Yash calls out Naksh and looks for him. He calls Naksh. He says you can’t do this Naksh, you are feeling lonely without Naitik, but you can’t leave marriage. Naira asks where is Naksh. Yash says don’t know, I m sure he got tensed, I told him not to have such forced marriage, he is marrying Kirti against his will. Naira gets shocked.

Yash says try to understand, we have to find Naksh, all relations will shatter. Naira turns and sees Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t want to waste my energy by writing useless comment for CVS
    but just want to say I HATE U CVS from the bottom of my heart u have ruined naksh’s life and marriage
    this is second time he is getting marriage and u ruined that as well
    well done(my foot)hell on ur face CVS u just completely ruined it am much much much hurt the way naksh is going through
    u made kaira wedding soo memorable then why the hell r u doing this with naksh whyyyy???keesh deserve much better than kaira
    and about naira doing naitik’s fatherly ritual blo*dy f**kkkk…I already said I don’t want to waste my energy especially writing about chudail naira
    so am waiting to see ur review kaina

  2. Ponkuri

    Hi Sis Kaina Bro Fenil Sis Anjana Anjali Missy Meena TVfan1 Sachu n all my YRKKH family
    Today episode finally Naira n Karthik find out Naksh agreed to marry Kirti becoz of Naira… ??

    Sad that Naitik could not be back for the wedding ??

    Waiting for Sis Kaina n u guys for the comment ?

  3. Naira is fathe4 mother grandmother or.naksh?
    Spit on.ur face writers.
    No where on this earth would a younger sibling do things meant for some elderly person.
    Naira may be omnipresent omnipotent for ur story line but ur shivangi joshi is inviting hatred by her insecurity n the way she is making writers write tracks giving her too mucj importance.

    Her fans fight like street dogs on twitter n in d serial she is treated like some godess who descended to be the head of families.

    Thu.on.ur face writer bhavna. No creativity nothing. Forcing naira Degrading our traditional values of elders blessing younger ones by showing naira do all things that old people arw supposed to do.

    Slow claps. Kindly shut this show starplus. One of the most crappiest shows.

  4. Aku

    As expected naira once again does the rituals which should be done by elders.. kaina waiting for your comment

  5. Ponkuri

    I feel sad for Naksh… He marry Kirti against his wishes as he cares for Naira n family happiness…he brought back Baisa so as his wedding is complete with family together… now that Naitik can’t come for his wedding how devastated he feels??? this wedding is not complete without Naitik ??? Naira shuld understands this… can always ask Dadi to postpone wat? this is once in a lifetime for Naksh of course he wants this to be going well n complete??? I feel really sad???

    I feel the relationship in YRKKH is not like b4 anymore… I cannot feel the closeness of the Singhanias anymore… Rajshri n Naksh n Naira ?

  6. Hey all YRKKH family
    I watched this episode and I cried
    So much injustice towards Naksh is not right – I keep on saying I wish Akshara was alive.
    They should have postponed the wedding until Naitik comes back
    Naira’s selfish was too much to bare
    I am happy about one thing that the truth came about in regards to the forced marriage. I don’t care how the Goenkas take it because this is DG’s doing.
    The injustice towards Naksh is too much

    1. Ponkuri

      My sentiment exactly Sis Missy?

  7. Kaina1

    Hi guys I hope that everyone is going great
    Anyways guys around the time naksh was born my younger sister was also born and now when naksh is taking his barat we all were feeling damn NOSTALIC I mean we were laughing like a hell that see naksh is getting his barat and my sister is just 6 yrs .IN WHOLE YRKKH NAKSH IS THE ONLY CHARACTER WITH WHOM WE AS AUDIENCE HAS GROWN HFROM PAST 8 YRS . #nostalichitsmedeeply #ILOVETHISCHARACTER

  8. Kaina1

    Anyways coming to the episode guys after today episode one thing I can say with guarantee that KAIRA ARE THE MOST SELFISH COUPLE EVER ON TELEVISION . AND NAIRA DUDE TODAY SHE CROSSED ALL LIMIT OF SELFISHNESS AND KARTHIK I NEVER EXCEPT THIS FROM HIM . I mean guys does kaira think naksh to be some toy .AND ONE THING I AM SURE IS THAT GOENKAS INCLUDING NAIRA ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE PIONEER IN THE FIELD OF EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILING .i mean yaar aaj toh naira ne hadd kar di how can she be so selfish now I am 100%sure that she isn’t shinghaniyas daughter she is only only “goenka bahu” alright naksh makes it clear that he isn’t taking barat anywhere and everyone supports him and then naira plays the emotional card that only a blackmailer like her can play she says that naitik told her that dadi believes in mahurat a lot and everything should happen acc to mahurat well dear naira at kaira time everything happen acc to dadi and now at naksh time also everything acc to dadi why ?? anyways now comes the sentence that hurt me a lot I mean seriously it was heart-breaking for me to see naira like that I mean she said to naksh that “aapko papa ke bina barat le jane me problem goenkas jo aankh bicha ke baithe unka kya ??” I mean this showed clearly that naira is stone hearted I mean dude how can naira except that naksh will take barat without naitik ? oh yes how do I accept naira to understand pain of leaving parents(that naksh is feeling) when she herself left her parents for good eights year, and here to she is worried about goenka family and not about naksh dear over-acting ki dukaan naksh is hurt and your so called mahan lecture that you gave dadi yesterday that ur naksh sis and blah blah where is that sisterly love now ? and believe me dude I will pray that no one get a sister like naira seriously naira is more worried that how will goenkas feel and not about how hurt naksh is seriously yaar common how could some1 be so stone hearted and that to with brother like naksh who will willingly give his life for naira and then comes another blow which breaks my heart into pieces naira shouts on naksh and tells him that ohk don’t do the marriage and tell goenkas that and then what she said breaked my heart like anything she told naksh that “jab kisike emotion ki parvah karni nahi hai toh na hi sahi hone thejiye unko hurt” seriously after this sentence the last iota of respect that I had for naira as she is aksharas daughter vanished in milli-second seriously naira you told naksh that he dosent care for anyone emotion really you told it ?? dude if naksh didn’t care for anyone emotion then believe me the wedding that is happen wouldn’t have happen really the girl who didn’t care for her parents emotion is saying that ?? guys literally how come she be so stone-hearted yaar dil se badd-dua dene ka mann kar raha hai is naira ko anyways then naksh sits and she msg karthik that what he said she did seriously guys that was so rude of kaira I mean dosent kaira understand how it feel when on ur most imp day ur parents are missing ?? oh yes how cum I except these two rich-spoil-brat to understand parents love when both of them hated their parents for no reasons . SERIOUSLY GUYS THE LAST IOTA OF RESPECT THAT I HAD FOR KAIRA IS GONE AFTER THIS INCIDENT #iregretsupportingthem

  9. Kaina1

    Anyways after this they move out but naksh stop for a second and thinks and then move ahead and then Ananya praises naira and tells her from which side she will be ?? to which naira replies half time she will njoy from brothers side and other half from girls side now dear people tell me why I shouldn’t hate her her brother is heart-broken and she is planning to njoy wedding . when the person due to which whole wedding is happening is sad and that too none other than her own brother and she is planning to njoy wedding how cum sum1 b so stone-hearted

  10. Kaina1

    Anyways naira comes with her barely visible face to which karthik ask whether or not she was able to convienced naksh or not , seriously karthik you really think in that manner don’t you think guys that it would have been better he karthik would have asked that is naksh all right?? #mostselfishpplihaveverseen
    And then naira goes to dadi and start her self-praising “she I did what I told you” #myfoot dear you have failed with –ve marks as a sister and now even if mother Teresa gives you tittle of greatness I promised I will hate you like never b4 due to today
    And then barat enters and believe me naksh was surrounded by 100 of ppl all dancing in happiness due to him and then too he was so lonely and heart-broken #itkilledmeinside

  11. Kaina1

    And then naitik scene come which was full dose of emotion and it made tears roll down my eyes yes dear naitik always due to others you ignored your own son and now to due to kaira you are ignoring him plz for god-sake look at him you have got the best son in the world ,literally diamond
    And then comes kaira irritating part now guys tell me why I should call them fake two minutes b4 kaira were ‘acting’ sad and now two minutes after they are romancing guys itni jaldi toh Maggie noodles bhi nahi bante jitni jaldi yeh log emotion badl lete hai

  12. Kaina1

    ANYWAYS THEN NAIRA DANCE ON “MERE PYAARE BHAIYA DHULA RAJA” dear cvs you could have use “chote chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiya” it was apt magar nahi tum logo ko ye batana hai ki naksh naira ka bhai hai aur hum audience ko pata hai naksh nakshara ka beta hai so #unnesccaryimportance anyways guys it is still a good dance video as you can see whole family dancing to it WHAT I LOVED ABOUT THIS DANCE VIDEO WAS WHEN NAKSH HUGGED RAJ-BANA how HE REMEMBERED NAITIK THUS HE SHOWED BOTH A GRANCHILD AND SON EMOTIONS AND BHABHIMANN ALREADY MADE IT CLEAR ABOUT HER GREAT GRANCHILD THING SO GUYS DO WATCH THIS DANCE VIDEO 10/10
    Anyways then manish and dadi goenka ask abt naitik in dono ko jale pe namak chidkna hota hai and if this was not enough then dadi goenka tells every1 that naitik shouldn’t leave bhai yaar ek toh phele hi naksh itna jyada upset upar se ye aur jakham de rahi hai
    Anyways dear cvs let me tell you dulhe ki aarti dulhan ki maa karti hai, bhabhi nahi pure marwai ritual ki oh my mata kardi in cvs ne sirf aur sirf naira ko mahan dikhane ke liye anyways naksh does the rasam again believe me guys everyone around him was smilling and his sad face killed my heart thousand times

  13. Kaina1

    And then luv-kush spoil naksh sherwani and naksh goes to wash it and yash search for him and is unable to found and blurts out all the truth to naira now here cvs you listen if in tomorrow episode naira lectured naksh on relationship or anything and try o convinced him abt keerti then I am telling you I wont think twice b4 I call ISIS and yup don’t underestimate the power of common girl plz cvs I beg you naksh dosent deserve naira guidance on relationship plz let him come on his own and even better if u provide us with akshara and duggu dream scene but plz no naira I begging you cvs I am begging you

    1. Kaina 1 i used to love yrkkh and saw it for only Akshara (Hina khan)and Naitik(Karan Mehra) i cut of ties from the show since the time these beautiful and brilliant people actors left infact the reason was this horrible looking Naira and Kartik . I mean cvs disgust me and esp rajan shahi as he praised these wonderful actors for 8 years and then badmouth them.everywhere common who badmouths your verbally said daughter Hina and a great person like karan .
      You speak everyword that is in my heart and mind that i cant understand what to write. First if i was pissed of the way they showcased Aksharas death and then without any proper rights or condolence jumped to these monkey and irritating couple kaira wedding who are not even dust of what Akshara and naitik were that pair was beyond words which made u believe in relations and this irrittating monkey kaira pair feel like pushing them from terrace . Especially that makeup and overacting ka universe and dukan Naira aka Shivangi who Mind it Cvs is no where like Akshara (Hina khan) as hina is beautiful and looked gorgeous in simplest of dresses be it anything as she has a class d taste to carry it and your this.Naira aka shivangi looks like a scary one who if one comes in dreams u cant sleep out of fear. Anyways coming back to point u showcased death of soul of the show Akshara so badly and then immediately after few months u show this irritating couple marriage who are difficult to tolerate. Just tell me in which house it happens that after death of family member esp your mother u do a grand wedding what crap are u serving. Then comes another unbelievable and disgusting thing that Naira the great forgives her Mothers murderer common who does it just to please ur mannerless inlaws and your puppy kartik. And cvs naira the great has no right to do it Naitik and Naksh were most attached to Akshara your this mannerless Naira never respected Akshara and was against her always. Also if she is that great why didnt she forgive that person who was first caught in case due to plotting where was her mahanta then. U think people are fool if someone harms a person in ur family u will forgive them seriously. Why the hell was Mansi not punished she should have been punished for hit and run case as.that shameless girl didnt even bother to get out of car and help Akshara. Cvs u lost full respect with Akshara death and way u bruttaly handled it by showing that shameless Naira partying around with her shameless husband in goenka house the next day . Seriously who the hell does it oh i forgot u cvs luv Kaira monkey couple so much that u can show any wrong on tv.
      Next comes the way character of Naitik and Naksh has been brutally murdered . Atleast have some respect for these characters as people are attached to them. Frankly speaking the character of Naitik died with exit of Karan Mehra and this replacement is of no good use it would have been better to show Naitik dead atleast we could live with old memories of Naksh the couple right now we cant even have flashbacks as original Naitik as well as Naksh is not there.
      I like this Naksh also but cvs u have completely forgotten that it was Naksh who is first born of akshara d naitik and he since childhood was prince of maheshwaris and singhaniyas , apple of eye of his parents and grandparents, we as audience are deeply connected to our duggu, cheeku, lalla, naksh and have seen diff stages of his life right from when Akshara concieved till his birth then naamkaran ceremony a strong connect with duggu part one (harsh) then the adorable bani then our Shivansh till Rohan the cutie then Rishi the present Naksh. We have seen naksh growing from past 5 years as duggu came in Nakshara life in 2012 on 30 th jan 2012 the episode was aired when naksh was born. So cvs we have a deeper connect with Akshara, naitik and their prince duggu aka naksh right from begining if yrkkh . But u suddenly dump on us this overacting and makeup ka universe Naira aka Shivangi who has a horrible voice and no acting skills a nusrey kid is well mannered than her. Coming to point again u cvs have litteraly ruined Naksh character he is the only son of singhanya and Maheshwari of their beloved akshara and naitik but u have to force into our throughts this mannerless kaira pair who r complete nonsense and most irritating in world. Also reverse all customs and rituals and make this idiotic kaira do everything and then start the crap of kaira like naitik d akshara d the most irritating thing that Naira is like Akshara . Plz get it striaght cvs ur overacting and makeup ki makan, dukan and universe Naira (Shivangi) cannot be like Akshara (Hina) she is not even 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% like Akshara. As Akshara (Hina) was fabulous and a fantastic actress and true beauty unlike this naira . So.for god sake stop this ranting. Also stop forcing down our lives this irotic kaira who look spoilt kids and mannerless.
      Cvs it is Naksh who reflects true image of Akshara and Naitik as he is sensible, caring, good, has aksharas values, and all . Infact this naksh reminds me of young and only original naitik Karan mehra. And then it is kirti (Mohena) who a bit looks like Aksharas(Hina) reflection as she is simple, sober, beautiful, smiling,caring and all just like what Akshara was when she was married at young age. I cant call her as true reflection of Akshara as Akshara was fantastic and beautiful a character that lives in hearts and cannot be replaced or exchanged i hope cvs u get that . but yes Kirti does give vibes of Akshara somewhere.
      So cvs plz stop ruining naksh wedding sequence and forcing ur overacting ki dukan makan universe kaira in our lives as they are super dupper irritating who break rituals, and disreapect elders acc to their terms and condition. The reality is ur karitik and naira aka mohin and shivangi are super dupper insecure and jelous of Naksh aka rishi and Kirti aka mohena as they are better actors than ur irritating and mannerless kaira.
      Anyways kaina1 u write well yaar and speak a lot that is in my heart i stopped watching show last year in november but at times skim.through updates and that boils my blood and few tracks i followed well so know about it like Akshara death revealtion which irritates me and i feel like filing a complaint to cinta for giving a wrong message that a married girl should forgive her inlaws even if they are her very own mother murderer. I mean who the hell in this world does that. Then comes way Naira disrespects her own family and elders especially like bua dadi case mind it cvs Akshara never ever did even after the fact that bua dadi was really rude and bad to her initally. And most importantly the way they have made mockery of Airlines, police, law and all in recent episodes and sending foolish message around to everyone.

    2. Aku

      Koi fayda Ni hai.. kyunki CVs Ko in stupid immature insecure foolish logon ki baten Sunni hai.. and in mannerlesss logon Ko mahan prove krna hai for which they can stoop low to any level.. they will do anything to prove kaira mahan.. even now I hate supporting them.. kash CVs yeh chez samaj pate.. lakin Ni y would they understand the feelings and emotions of audience.. what they care about is that insecure and immature Shivangi and Mohsin.. they have actually spoilt the whole show.. and I still believe a very good decision by Hina Karan Rohan and Kanchi.. ese fake logon ke bich rehne se th acha hi hai ki show hi chodh do.. lost all respect for the show and the actors.. #highlydissappointed.. and even in our weddings.. I’m not Marwari.. dulhe ki Arti is done by Dulhan ki maa not by bhabhi.. yeh log kuch b dekha sakte hai.. btw the show was good till naira ran away.. after that leap.. the show has actually fallen down..

    3. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina wow u really analyst the episode so thoroughly n so thoughtfully??? again u speak wat I wanna express too?☺ abt ur sister still young n Naksh is doing his barat its so funny LOL(the magic of real life n drama) ???? I feel Naksh shuld really careless abt Goenkas watever?? so what if Karthik or Goenkas are angry aftr finding out?? especially Naira care less abt her frm now on?she dun feels the importance of family shuld be complete when this kind of occasion of coz Naksh is extremely sad when on his big day both parent r not with him???
      Sis Kaina calling ISIS again???

  14. I am a south Indian, who watch this show for previous 4 years jus bcoz that it showed how the relationship could be balanced and respected.. but now I feel like there is nothing in this show other than KAIRA.. I wish Akshara to be back so that naksh could get his life in yrkkh viewers.. somewhere I read that it’s bcoz of KAIRA wedding the TRP got up and bcoz of Keesh its getting down.. actually people watched KAIRA marriage bcoz every elders have played equal role in it.. in Keesh wedding people could see only kaira romance more and his a 5 min of preparation for Keesh wedding.. this made the track boring and made the truly valyes users to stop watching the show and jus to read updates.. if the show goes like this the team would lose its long earned fans of yrkkh..

    To KAIRA.. guys if this is been your marriage and natik could not be in your marriage.. would you really get married bcoz your family emotionally black mail you.. nah.. you would have made KAIRA mahan and would wait until naitik is back..

    Then how come CVS wrote that naksh should marry without his father by his side, jus bcoz now you people concentrate only kaira..

    Wishing u a delightful birthday….May God bless u abundantly with happiness n may all ua wishes come true…Have a peaceful life ahead….once again many more happy returns of the day bhaiya!! Enjoy ua day bro.! Make it memorable….Y don’t u Comment here bhaiya? R u busy in ua studies?? Hope u r fine…Take care bro..

    Hellllooo everyone…Kaina, Sachu di, Ponkuri di, Fenil bhaiya, Anjana, Missy n all the new members…how r u all guys??

    1. Hi Rahul, happy birthday.happay to see you RAF.

      1. Thank you Anjana dii. Thank you very much.

    2. Oommgg. You won yaar. ????. You remembered my birthday. ????. Thank you so much for wishing. You are very cute my sweet sister. Love you???

      1. Ponkuri

        Happy Blessed Birthday to Bro Rahul wishing u many happy returns of the day ?☺☺☺Great Health n Success on the way… ??????????????????????????????all the way

    3. Ponkuri

      Sis Raf Thank you so much I am great??

      Happy Blessed Birthday to Bro Rahul wishing u many happy returns of the day ?☺☺☺Great Health n Success on the way… ??????????????????????????????

  16. Guys I thought that I was the only who might be hating naira and karthik…..i am really getting irked bcoz of their characters and bcoz of their over acting……i have never felt that they are acting naturally…their acting is so un natural that I get so much of irritation…..wat the he’ll has happened…naksh and kirtis acting is so natural and I like them yar …….i

  17. I don’t know but the cheap kaira pair do once more marriage bcoz naksh and keerti marriage they exchange ring in naksh keerti engagement and mehandi rituals

  18. Hey everyone? I am commenting for this serial the first time.. thanx to all u guys which helped me to do so by reading Ur comments of the past 2-3 episodes.?. I don’t watch this shit serial but my parents do so obviously I don’t have any other option. I have noticed kaira ka fan following in insta.. people r just mad about them.. I wonder y? this gal looks like a kid to me honestly.. and Chuck the looks this serial I feel has not given any importance to any other character.. though they had the opportunity to concentrate on keesh wedding. They also could have shown some nice moments of karthik and his parents..but all that was just for splash of second.. it becomes really uncomfortable to watch kaira ka romance in front f parents? to b honest I’m not a daily soap lover.. but I have noticed other serials where the romance is within a limit.. I just hold my phone or look here and there.. but I am it’s not just me who feels this but many of u here..? I hope this serial goes off air soon?

  19. Shameless kaira

    Guys I heard kaira will go with keesh to Greece for honeymoon . It’s time, come-on guys we can write our frustration to yrkkh team and zee through twitter. Sure keesh will get back their respect.

    1. I don’t think they are seeing our comments.for a long time we r complaining ,but there is no use.they are still showing kaira mahan.v all should go to Twitter

      1. Aku

        I don’t think uska b koi fayda hoga.. cz there are a still no. Of people who support and are crazy for kaira.. and just like kaira they can go to any extend.. see on Insta.. kaira ki tarah unke fans b insecure hai.. can’t help it.. isse better hai stop watching it

  20. what the hell is naira wearing

  21. Loved Naithik’s emotional talk, and the Naksh-Raj bhanna hug, him remembering Naithik, wow, it was superb, I don’t want to say about anything else,rest were frustrating!!
    Kaina, you you just spoke my mind.

  22. Gowri Ranganathan

    I hope kartik doesn’t misunderstand naira nor blame her for naksh recording

  23. Fenil

    Happy Birthday RahulBro !!

    1. Thanks bro. ?????. Lots of love bro.

    2. Tvfan1

      hey fenil!!!
      missed you!

  24. It’s Confirmed Guys……I hate NAIRA…..Irritating piece…Selfish ….I just hate her ……Hold on…I Used to love her….I was the one who enjoyed her character and wedding…..But now…After this episode i feel that she is just a piece of shit…..Thank u CVs(slow clap)for destroying YRKKH…

  25. Happy Birthday Rahul Bhaiya….
    may god bless you….stay happy nd healthy bro….

    Hey everyone how r u guys??

  26. Happy Birthday Rahul Bhaiya…may god bless you….stay happy nd healthy bro….

    Hey everyone how r u guys??

  27. Ponkuri

    Hi Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali TVfan Missy Raf Meena Bro Fenil n all YRKKH family

    Oh today episode Karthik n family still hvnt find out abt Naksh situation?

    I’m waiting to see wat is Kirti reactions when she finds out this wedding is against Naksh wishes?

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