Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik seeing someone. He tries to go, and Naman gives him shock. He asks him not to try to leave, I don’t want to hurt you. Naitik asks him to think what will happen if everyone knows. Naman says I don’t care, everything is yours, I could not become a good son, go and take rest. Bhabhimaa tells Naksh that I know you well, you don’t get up till your work ends, you are not eating well since Akshara went. He says no, don’t tell her anything, I did not tell Akshara about Yash and Rose, as we have to tell Rukmani. She says yes, this good news would have got them back, we can tell them later, have food.

Akshara calls Naksh and asks do you have Africa visa. He says yes. She says you have to go there, Naitik is not answering, go and tell me, whats happening.

He asks what, is there anything wrong. She says yes, something wrong, go and find out. She tells him everything. He gets shocked. She says I did not tell Gayu, Naira and Kartik know this, but I did not say you are going Africa, just go and find out. Naksh agrees. Akshara wonders where is Naitik. Naman sees her. The man asks Naman does Akshara doubt.

Rose is worried and Devyaani takes care of her. Bau ji jokes about bitter churan and laughs. Gayu thanks Kartik for his help. He jokes about thanks FD. She says you are funny and thinks Kartik is upset as something happened between Naira and Kartik. Her designs fall. Kartik and Gayu pick the papers. Naira blesses Kartik and asks him to be hot and charming always. She holds Kartik, and Gayu gets jealous. Naira apologizes to Kartik.

Bhabhimaa asks Naksh why is he going Africa. Bau ji asks are Naitik and Naman fine. Naksh says yes, I m going for work. Bhabhimaa says its good Naksh is going there. Naksh hopes Naitik is fine, else this family will shatter.

Mishti goes to tell Karishma. Karishma asks her not to bother and sends her. Akshara says where are you Naitik, what shall I tell everyone. She hears church bells and prays that she can talk to Naitik once. She gets Naitik’s call and asks where are you, how are you, are you fine, I was missing you a lot. Naitik cries and says Akshara… He says I m fine, why are you asking this way, did you feel I m in some problem.

She says I have seen Naman here in Switzerland and I got worried. He says I have sent Naman there and asked him not to tell anyone, I m sorry to hide this, matter was such, you would have got worried. She says fine, tell us what to do, Kartik is with us. He says nothing, I will ask Naman to meet you. She asks when will you come back, tell me. He says very soon, just work will end here and then I will come. She says say truth, I will cry if you don’t come till your birthday, everyone is missing you, promise. He says promise, I will come soon. She says I m in Switzerland, we made this plan, I m missing you, I wish we could meet here. He says I wish, I m missing you too, I love you. She says I love you too.

He asks for Gayu’s exhibition. She says its fine, last min changes…. Naman takes phone from Naitik and says enough of romance, you did right to not tell anything. Naitik asks him to see love power, you got me to Zurich and they all came here, you could not make me away from Akshara, even death failed, if love got her here, she will reach me tomorrow, I m sure. He says I m sure my love got Akshara here and very soon she will come to me.

Akshara tells Naira and Kartik that I spoke to Naitik, he said he knows whats happening here. Naira gets glad. She says I don’t want to miss anything in Gayu’s exhibition, we will dedicate the day to her, we will go for sight seeing also, its picture perfect place, I will call Naksh and ask her not to go Kenya, you guys go, I will meet you at castle. Gayu sees Naira and Kartik. Naira says he has right to be angry with me. Gayu feels worried and Naira asks her to come. Gayu asks for curd and sugar. Kartik gets it. Gayu thanks him. He says its big day for you. He asks Naira to feed curd to Gayu. Naira wishes her all the best. Kartik says come towards life, lets go to castle. Naira stumbles. He holds her.

Naksh tells everyone that Mishti’s magic worked. Everyone ask why did you come back. Naksh says work was done, so I came back. Yash says we were missing you. Bhabhimaa says I m glad, but if you went Kenya and met your Papa, I would be happier. Naksh says I know. Karishma hears them and calls Naman to say about Naksh going to Kenya. Naman gets shocked and asks what, I told you to inform me things. She says I missed to know earlier, I know you, tell me what are you doing there. He asks her not to ask anything stupid, inform me if there is something. He ends call. Naksh tells about Gayu’s exhibition place changed. Karishma thinks to tell this to Naman or not. Naman gets client’s call and asks the man to get Naitik. Naman messages Akshara that she spoke to Naitik, thank God, I m leaving for Geneva and will meet later. She replies okay, take care, sorry for confusion. She wishes Naitik was here.

Naksh says I tried to call Rukmani, we did not say to Akshara and Naitik. Rukmani comes and calls out everyone. She asks them to see Chitti’s love story. Naksh says we knew this, Naira told me, its their personal matter. Rukmani says you call this family matter and now personal matter. Chitti cries and says I did not say this as we were shy, I did not do wrong, when Naira saw us, I thought she will tell everyone. Naksh says its fine. Rukmani says get them married, be great, I will never come again. She leaves. Yash says Dadi got more annoyed. Naksh says just Mohit and Nandini can help us now. Naman reaches the castle place with Naitik. Akshara is also there and feels Naitik’s presence. She turns to see. Naman and Naitik pass by. She looks on.

Kartik asks Naira why are you coming after me, you called me a cheap guy. She says sorry. He says I don’t want your sorry, stay away from me, and don’t try to come close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow , soon naitik and akshara will meet and all poblems will be over . hope they introduce a pair for gayu too because i am sure ,she will be hurt a lot when she finds about kaira , she is imagining a lot soplease introduce a nice guy for gayu

    1. Vithushi

      you’re right sis’ but hope she doesn’t create rift between kaira till then ^^

  2. Nyc episode of today ..
    Naira made for each other naira will realize a love feeling for kartik ..I hope gayu understand them n not interfere… Also exited for akshara n naitik will meet soon..
    Thanks amena for this update.

  3. guys gayu loves kartik as much as how kartik loves naira!?? so it will be unfair for gayu if kaira marry, so before kaira’s marriage gayu should fall in love. then kaira together with gayu and her lover should get marired together!!!!!????????

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