Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma telling everyone that she will visit her mum, Naira suggested this and booked tickets too. They all praise Naira for thinking for others. Bhabhimaa says Karishma and Mishti will be going in festival. Naitik says Naira is thinking for them more than herself, if Akshara could come soon. Bhabhimaa says even Rama went. Naira gives gifts for Karishma’s mum. Mishti’s mood is off and comes to do emotional blackmail. Naitik says your Nani missed you, so we are sending you. She says call her here, why are you sending me, Naira will miss me the most. Naira says yes, but I m not selfish, and hugs her thinking everything will be fine once Mishti goes.

Naitik sees Naira crying and says when anyone does something for others, its peace on face, why does

your face has guilt, what wrong did you do. Bau ji calls him. Naitik goes. Naira says I did not do anything wrong Papa, I m trying to make things right, don’t make me weak. Baisa asks everyone to keep their fav things in puja. Naira keeps Kartik’s ring. Akshara does puja. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to see kitchen work. Baisa asks Gayu and Naira to make Rangoli, so that Laxmi ji and other Devi Devtas also come.

Gayu is lost in thoughts and make rangoli. Baisa bargains with the utensil vendor. Naira asks Gayu not to worry, everything will be fine. Gayu says I m scared. Naira says I will make everything fine. She makes Gayu’s rangoli right. Baisa asks Akshara to get Gayu and Naira’s name written on utensil. Bhabhimaa says this is for Kartik, we can gift him if his reply is no. Devyaani says yes, very soon his name iwll be linked to us. Naira cries and her tear drops in rangoli. She covers it with color.

Naira goes to get ready. Kartik comes home. Baisa asks them to see work. She asks Kartik to work fast, you lazy man. She thinks he is servant. Kartik lifts the box and falls down. The flowers fall over. He gets up. Naira sees him and comes running. Gayu comes before Naira. Naira stops. Naitik asks are you fine. Gayu greets Kartik. Everyone smile.

Kartik says sorry Sir, it all spoiled because of me. Baisa asks is this guy Kartik, Devyaani get my specs. Devyaani says it went for repair. Bau ji says Kartik, she is my elder sister, kids call her Bua Dadi. Kartik touches her feet. She sees him and says he is just okay, why was Mishti mad after him. Bhabhimaa treats Kartik as future son in law. Everyone smile. Akshara says come. Bhabhimaa asks will you have halwa. Kartik gets puzzled. Naitik takes him. Naira picks the flowers. Kartik sees her. Devyaani says Kartik, your shirt spoiled, shall I get Naksh’s shirt. He says no, this is fine. Naitik asks Kartik where was he busy. Kartik says sorry, there was some problem, I could not check phone and saw your mail. Naira cries and goes. Gayu gives tea to Kartik.

Naitik asks why did you go Delhi, anything personal or….. Baisa says leave it now, Kartik tell me who are in your family, what they do. Naitik says she means to ask, is your family in Delhi, you could have stayed with them for more time if we gave assignment there. Naira cries in room. Naitik asks them to have patience, Kartik will worry. Devyaani says yes, its many questions. Baisa says no patience, we should ask everything and fix relations. Naitik says not so much hurry, he will get worried and leave, we will try to talk to him gradually. Naira cries and stands in balcony. Kartik comes and asks are you finding me, I m fine. She wipes her tears and acts normal.

She asks how was Delhi trip, will you have tea, coffee, and talks of work. He asks did you miss me, I m asking you Naira, I lied to everyone that Mishti left surprise gift for me in her room, I took big risk to hear it from you, which I want to hear, not that what you are saying, tell me did you miss me, I was not around you for many days, did you think of me, say something, my phone was off. I got everyone’s missed calls later, not yours, why did you not try to contact me, tell me Naira. She gets tearful eyes.

She turns and says I felt you will move on when you went to Delhi, I felt bad when I refused to you. I thought things will get normal, you are saying those stupid things again. He gets hurt. She says we are friends Jai Veeru and will always be, just understand this, you should move on. He asks move on? You want me to move on. She wipes her tears. He asks you really want this, fine, let’s move on.

They turn and see Naitik and Akshara behind. They both get shocked. Kartik says I went to Mishti’s room and did not get gift, anyways I will talk to her later. He goes. Naitik asks Naira were you downstairs, I felt so. Naira says no, I was here, I just met Kartik, did Gayu like meeting him, she would be happy, you go, I will just come. She goes. Naitik and Akshara feel something by Naira’s behavior.

Kartik comes downstairs. He says I did not get any gift from Mishti’s room. Gayu gets snacks. Kartik takes snacks from her and sits eating. Everyone smile. He eats spicy snacks and coughs. Naira cries in her room. Kartik cries by the spices. Naitik asks him to have water. Kartik says no, the snacks is so good, just a bit spicy. Gayu smiles. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays………

Kartik sees Naira standing in middle of the market road, while crackers are bursting and fire is igniting around. He rushes and hugs her to protect. Some box flies in air and hits on his back. Kartik falls down. Naitik comes there looking for Naira. Naira takes Kartik in her lap and cries hugging him. Naitik looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pungi…mishthi…kirthi…naitik…rama aunty.. sumbdy mend ths up please ?

  2. Today epi made me cry…..
    Loved today epi….

  3. please make naira and karthik married please.

  4. Nice written thanks amena

  5. Ek umeed ki kiran hai iss nayi soch mein !! 😛 😀 what a brilliant episode . Fabulous. Kairaa Kairaa . I may sound odd but honestly I don’t like Karthik & Naira !! I mean individually but but I love Kairaaa . I love them when they are together. Adorable couple. Ohh pre cap too good . New spoiler again umeed ki kiran . Anyways , sacrifice is an important thing in any relationship I agree . But I don’t think it’s a good idea make your love marry your sister when he loves you !! That sacrifice may ruin 3 lives . Yes Gayu’s heart will break when she gets to know Karthik loves Naira and vice versa but one time heart break is better than dying everyday 😛 waiting for Mondayyyyy

  6. I hate how Naira is making it worse by repeating her rejection to karthik. It’s gonna make karthik say yes to gayu coz Naira told him to move on. The precap is a good oppertuanity for naitik to help and guide Naira. Naira is taking a really bad Desision by making gayu marry karthik;by reassuring gayu that everything will be alright and karthik will accept her. If she wants to be like akshara, she shouldn’t be making gayu feel that karthik will definitely accept her. This isn’t a nayi soch in my opinion. All the dramas have probably had someone be mahan and sacrifice something. Naira is doing the same thing so if she wants to be different then she should tell karthik about her and gayu’s feelings so their lives don’t get ruined. Sooner or later gayu will find out that karthik doesn’t love her and she would be even more heartbroken than if she were told now.

  7. Wow superb episode esp kaira conversation how they want ti be together yet separate
    when will these two souks become one
    Can’t wait fir Monday

  8. It was so emotional…dat soices …crying part??

    That pumpkin is going on with this mahaan character to make herself look better. In my opinion she cares too much about what others think of her. SHe should go with her gut and take initiative. THAT WAS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to tell Karthik everything but she decided to make him hate her now so he can be better. NAIRA SHOULD STAND UP FOR HERSELF that is what her character is. And naira is falsely selling dreams to gayu too who is acting a bit showoffy just to impress karthik. PLEASE STOP THIS SACRIFICE DRAMA its getting like so on my nerves ffs

  10. Cynthia

    Seeing the epi, it made feel vry angry… I was looking at my phone wen Gayu’s face came, idiot, dumb. FOR F**K SAKE LEAVE KARTIK ALONE FAMILY AND GAYU. And Naira u too use ur mind nd brain… Look if Kartik marries Gayu, Gayu will never be happy, like Kartik will always ignore her, Naira do u want Gayu to b unhappy.
    Gayu u r the dumbest girl in the world.
    [Please do not mind with my words because I just spoken my heart out]
    Guys please help me calm down.

    I wish on tmrs epi wen Naira gets scared she speaks her heart out, and after a while Kartik gets conscious on Naira’s lap and hugs her nd says I love you too, while Gayu sees nd hears this.

  11. This karthik naira gayu saga is going on forever yaar. I used to like watching YRK for not dragging things. This storyline is never ending . Please give us the final decision plz. Stop lingering

  12. I want Karthik to marry Gayu because if kaira unites, this daily soap would be regular as all other romantic stories.. let there be some twists in the story line. Anyways Gayu is genuine from her side. Not all love stories should end up in a good.. Managing relationship matters..:) I also feel its too dragging…….. pls conclude this track and move on to the next one.

  13. Ashish Bamnawat

    Ashish Bamnawat

  14. Precap is awesome

  15. plz leave kartik alone and bring new girl for kartik,no one deserve him

    1. I totally agree

  16. my fAVOURITE serial turning into stupidity. it was going very good has the fate of this serial nosedived with karan mehras exit. kaira was good but now something stupid is hown

  17. Pls let karthik n gayu marry.Lets have a twist in YRKKH. Not like normal love stories.

    1. No ur wrong

  18. f**k you Gayu
    f**k f**k f**k you
    Die please

  19. Guys know be THANK full to gay as she is mixing kairas see SaaS bahu and betiya news of today

    1. Can you give me the link?

    2. Sorry to say
      its misthii whonis going to tell gayu about kaira anf then she will break her bubble world and asks naira to sacrifice her sacrificing idea its misthii who actually does kaira milan.she would ahve done this long back had she been known to all these.
      gayu is just helping herself here as she would jave been the same way as her mom n nikhil loveless mhantha no sacrifice as sacrifice is done when u have it here karthik was never hers…yes its kaira milan thank gid love triangle will end on diwali

      1. ur right i accept it and i too hate her

  20. good episode.but yeah..its tooo draagging…just cut the whole craps n make kaira unite..

  21. Avishi

    Yay im so happy with the news that naira and kartik gonna be kaira with the help of mishti

  22. plz unite kaira

  23. yes its mishti whos doing kaira milan n shes the real jodi maker.cmon guys gayu is a positive character obviously she ll let kaira happen right?sacrifice kyse huya jab uske hai hi ni kartik.mishti is the real hero n i love her.

  24. Plzzz anybody from kirthi, pungi, Rama aunty, mishti, or yourself naira tell everybody that u both love each other….

  25. Guys relax… I saw yrkkh’s new segment.. Gayu unites Kaira… She is not a vamp guys.. Its just that she is blind in love.. but when she comes to know about Kaira, she unites them.. She loves Kartik but she loves Naira too..

  26. unite kaira plzzz plzzz plzzz

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