Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik running after the taxi and shouting Naira. He falls and cries. He gets up and runs again. Naitik leaves from home. Naira comes home and cries seeing Akshara’s foot impressions. She recalls Akshara. Everyone see her. Naira runs to her room. They worry. Surekha asks Akhilesh why did he hide this from her, so much happened, Mansi has bear a lot till now, nothing should happen to her now. Suwarna hears this. Manish arranges lawyer for Mansi. Suwarna stops him and says let’s first confess crimes, then we will think how to get saved, Singhanias don’t know this, we should tell them before anyone else tells them, they have right to punish us, its our duty to accept it. Kartik comes to Singhania house and shouts Naira.

Rajshri asks what happened. He says

its imp to talk to Naira. He runs to her room and stops. Dadi says we will surely go there Suwarna. Mansi cries. Suwarna says you won’t go Mansi. Mansi insists. Baisa asks what’s the matter, I will go there and talk. Rajshri says maybe its not needed. Gayu says Naira and Kartik always fight. Bau ji says this time its some big matter. Bhabhimaa says I wish this ends before Naitik comes. Naksh comes and looks on. Devyaani and everyone ask Naksh what happened. They turn and see….

Kartik says I love you Naira, please open the door. She sees Akshara’s pics and cries. Everyone see Goenkas. Rajshri asks what happened, did Naira do any mistake. Dadi holds her hands and cries. Devyaani asks them to please say. Karishma says Naira came crying and then Kartik came. Naira hugs Akshara’s belongings. Goenkas apologize. Everyone ask why. Surekha says Mansi did not do this intentionally. Dadi says Mansi did Akshara’s accident. They all get shocked.

Mishti goes to kartik and says I know its some solid reason that you both got annoyed, everything will get fine. Rajshri and Bhabhimaa get dizzy. Baisa asks Goenkas to leave. Naitik is on the way and talks to Akshara’s pic. He says I don’t want to upset Naira, its imp day for her, just keep blessing her. He sees Mansi running on the road and stops the car. He calls her out. He says why did Mansi come to police station. He calls Naira and asks is everything fine, Mansi was running on road, she was going to police station, where is everyone. Naira gets shocked.

Kartik comes to everyone. He hugs Rajshri. Surekha asks Bhabhimaa to forgive Mansi. Kartik asks Surekha not to trouble them more. Naira comes and sees Surekha begging to her family for Mansi. Goenkas leave. Kartik apologizes to everyone. He sees Naira. She turns her face away. Kartik gets leaving. Yeh rishta kya….plays… He gets a call and says what, Mansi is there. He runs. Rajshri hugs Naira. Naira says we have to reach Naitik, before he gets to know. Bau ji asks who will tell him. Naira says Papa has seen Mansi going to police, we should go there. Naksh says we will go, you stay here. Baisa says you be here. Bau ji says I will go with Naksh. They leave.

Naira cries and says they cheated us Papa. Naitik gets shocked. Naksh defends Kartik, and says he could not say as I couldn’t.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Hi everybody!!!! Im ananya from tamilnadu… I have just completed my 12th standard now…my birthday is next week may 12… Im a great fan of this serial and page… Today episode was awesome last 5min that background music and kaira looking at each other oh touched my heart…

    1. Rahul96

      You are welcome dear

    2. Hi Ananya me to from Tamil nadu n my birthday is also may 12 n I’m very happy n surprised to know that we two r from same state n birthday date

  3. Naira left her family and was extremely rude to her mother

  4. Rahul96

    You are also welcome purvi, sorry for late welcoming.
    Namasakarh Sachu di and everyone ,
    I am sad because two juniors of my college today drowned in a pool of dirty, black water. They both died ??. That pool is a little bit away from my college hostel but comes in the area of college campus . Third person somehow managed to save himself but he is in a state of complete trauma . ??

    1. Feeling bad for them rahul bhaiya….
      And how r you bhaiya….

  5. i also love this seriel but i didnt like dadi kartik”s grand maa she is very change over actor…and she fuzul supports aditia۔۔۔۔۔۔

  6. Superb episode
    I am happy the truth is out – I am just sad that Kartik got caught in it.
    Then again I feel that the CVs are playing with our emotions to rise up the TRP charts. Splitting Kaira is going to get all of us to watch every episode to see how they get back together. I feel it was unnecessary to play with our emotions like this. They should have expose Mansi long time ago. Well some will say it is good writing.
    All of them have no heart in that house only Suwarna and today I earn good respect for Dadi Goenka
    Manish, Akhilesh and Surekha were all concerned about saving their child forgetting that their child killed someone else’s child. And the cheek of Surekha begging for her child to be saved. In my community she would have been slapped for that disrespect. You just told these people that your daughter killed theirs but no don’t get upset just save mine because my motherhood is more precious than yours.
    Dadi Goenka and Suwarna acted like true mothers today – big respect to them.
    The scene was fantastic the Singhanias and Rajeshri’s faces were heartbreaking – oh my tears came down.
    Naksh shows more understanding of Kartik than Naira but I am still on Naira’s side though as far as she is concerned Kartik cheated her. But she needs to hear him out though, at least he deserves that.
    Baisa was fantastic the way she kicked them out loved it – perfect reaction, all this time holding your nose up at this family and meanwhile you are the reason for their pain.
    All actors were fantastic today with their acting.
    I know the Maheswaris and the Singhanias are going to forgive Mansi because they believe in relationships and keeping them. How can a young girl like Naira live with the murderer of her mother (I know it was an accident but the fact that they ran from it, blame someone else and kept it a secret is not only an injustice to the victims but a sin to humanity) is yet to be seen in this show.

  7. *to raise up the TRPs

  8. Nancy sindhyan

    I love the episode …..nd so sad for kaira …yr plzzzz unhe alg mat kro……nd helllo yrkkh family.. I’m Nancy….just completed my 10 class …nd now waiting for result

    1. Hey Nancy i’m also waiting for my results….we r in same age group…

  9. hii new here…yrkkh is my favourite serial…im a daily reader bt this is the first tm to comment…todays episode was sooo emotional n really the last 5 mins was touching..while watching i was like crying cng them naira ignored karthik…n karthik xpressions were wa like real story to me….hope they unite soon..cant c dem seperated….luv u kaira….from the 1st day dadi used to be angry with naira bt todayshe is guilty…n its gud to c tht dadi is with naira this tm i mean she atleast accepted tht was their mistake….n in precap naira says to naitik tht they have cheated them….bt naira shd listen to naksh or atleast karthik once….bt waiting for there reunion…

  10. Hi guys ….
    Awesome episode loved it. Kaira looking each other was mindblowing n the background music was also nice…..
    Hii all my sweet yrkkh family members how r u all????

    1. Hey preety how r you dr…..

  11. superb episode this serial v much

  12. LopaFleek

    Again Naira misunderstands Karthik

  13. Didn’t naira learn anything from her over reacting experience when akshara died. Is she so dumb? By now she shoul know to give the other a chance to explain.

  14. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family are you all??
    The episode was soo emotional??feeling very sad for KaiRa..I don’t want their separation…yrkkh is a happy show so just hope they didn’t drag this.Atlast naira should listen karthik once.

    Coming to family…how are u all??pls comment I’m missing u all…fenil bhaiya how was your exam? Lasya di how was your interview ?
    Rahul bhaiya how is your friend now?I hope he get well soon
    I have a idea that can we make a group of yrkkh family in hangouts??it will be fun….if u all agree than only so pls think about it and send me your email id so that i can add all

    1. Rahul96

      They both are dead. Please read my comment again and carefully . ????

      1. Soumya85

        I was saying about the third one bhaiya

    2. Hii soumya glad to see your comment… how r you n nice dp…..

      1. Soumya85

        I’m fine are u??and thanks

  15. Why this adithya is so much full of bad intentions… This is all because of him… Poor karthik not able to console singhanias not able to speak to naira and not able to trust goenkas he is in such a bad condition…

  16. NYC:-)

  17. Episode was very emotional…..
    Feeling veryyy bad for kaira n whole family….
    Loved the bff wala talk after long time….
    And the song was so so heart touching…..

    guys how r you all??

  18. Raf dii where r u dii….
    Missing u gayu dii….
    Sachu di, fenil bhai, sophie di, lasya di where r you all… missing your comments….

  19. Fenil bhaiya…
    Happpy Birthday bhaiya…May u have a bright future with lots of happiness and peace…Have a successful life ahead.!! God bless U bhaiya¡!!
    Aliyaa,Twana, Lakhan…
    Today is ua NEET exam na…
    All the very best guyz…Don’t hard work will definitely bring u alll a great success…Pls intimate us that ‘How ua exam went’…. of luck for ua CET exam also which is on 11th may I guess…
    Rahul bhaiya…it’s very sad to hear about ua juniors bhaiya..But how is that third person now?? How r u bhaiya…
    Hellllo everyone…how r u all guys…Sorry for not being regular guyz.. I was soo busy..
    WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW MEMBERS- Purvi,Ananya,Riya n Nancy….
    Once again Happy birthday Fenil bhaiya…best of luck for ua exams bhaiya..enjoy ua day!!
    Rahul bhaiya…even ua exams will start from next month na…All the very best bhaiya..I know u will prepare well..But bhaiya pls b aware this time n set an alarm b4 u sleep..I know u will b very much careful this time..sorry if I said much..
    Episode was nice but I don’t want d separation of kaira..Pls unite them soon..Naira should listen to kartik once.. Good to see Naksh defending Kartik..

    1. Rahul96

      Thanks Raf. It really means a lot to me.

    2. Fenil

      Today Bear wid me !!
      Thank U So Much for the wishes !!
      Love u too
      no more words

  20. Soumya85

    Wish u a very very happy birthday fenil bhaiya????????may ur all dreams come true..always be happy

    1. Fenil

      Love u too !!

  21. Rahul96

    Janmdinsubhecha: Fenil bhrath: (in Sanskrit)
    Pirantanal Valttukkal Fenil Sagotharan (in Tamil)
    Happy birthday Fenil bro (in English)
    Janamdina Mubaraka Fenil Praa (in Punjabi)
    Janamdin Mubarak Fenil bhai (in hindi)
    Subha janmdina Fenil Dada (in bengali)
    Sorry for missing other language
    Hi guys, can we wish each other happy birthday in our native language , hindi and in English ?? Please !!
    If yes then why not lets start with fenil??
    What’s say Sachu dii, Sophie dii, Pat dij, Tanu dii, Sindhu dii, Ponkuri dii, Preethi, Raf, Fenil, lakhan, Adi, lasii, soumya, aliyaa, mahima and other members of Yrkkh kutumbh (sorry if missed anyone names)??

    1. Sachu

      Iam really sorry for the late wishes Fenil. Due to certain personal issues I couldnt comment yesterday. Wishing u a wonderful life ahead filled with love, friends, good health, good heart and all that u deserve. Yeah Rahul your idea is awesome. So here I go…..
      “FENILINU ENDE SNEHAM NIRANHA PIRANNAL AASHAMSAKAL” ഫെനിലിന് എന്‍റെ സ്നേഹം നിറഞ്ഞ പിറന്നാള്‍ ആശംസകള്‍.

      1. Fenil

        its fine sachu dii
        Thank u so much for your kind words
        Love u

    2. Fenil

      Thank u so much Rahul Bhai
      nice idea

  22. Happy happy bday fenil bhaiya….
    may god fulfill ur all wishes….
    sry for late….

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much mahimaa Dii

  23. Many many many many happy returns of the day fenil bro..stay blessed n fulfill all ur dreams. u bro

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much Prety Priti
      Love u too

  24. Many many many many happy returns of the day fenil bro..stay blessed n fulfill all ur dreams. u bro

  25. Rahul bro nice idea…..

    1. Rahul96

      Then why don’t you wish fenil happy birthday in your native language??

  26. The episode was fab…feeling sad for kaira …I don’t want them to get separated…

  27. Wishing you a very happy birthday fenil
    May god bless you and may you reach the stars
    Love you and sorry for the late wishes

    1. Ooommmmgggg finally our Sophie di is back!! How are you Sophie di??? Why you were not commentiy???

    2. Hii sophie dii……
      Glad to see ur comment….
      Nd how r u dii????

    3. Fenil

      Thank u so much Sophie Dii
      love u too
      and sorry for late reply

  28. Hi I am aish. Iam a big fan of yrkkh. And also very very biggggggggg fan of kaira. I luv their acting style. Superb but didn’t want their seperation.plz reunite kaira.

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