Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira refusing to have the cake made by Akshara. Everyone look on. She goes out. Akshara goes to her and cries, asking her why is she not talking to her. She says I understand you are not willing to talk to me, you have problem with me, I m restless to know the reason. Naira scolds her and asks did you do duty of a mother. Naira says this had to happen with you, I want justice. She goes. Naitik looks on. Akshara cries.

Naitik asks Akshara what happened. She says I don’t know why is she annoyed. He asks did Naira say anything. She says no, maybe she will tell you, talk to her. Naitik goes to Naira. Naira throws the things and cries. He asks her to get her anger out if she wants to get her anger out by throwing things. She hugs him and cries. He says enough,

you have so much in your heart, why don’t you share all this, what happened, tell me, I did not ask you, and did not let anyone ask you, I wanted to give you time. Why were you annoyed and did not wish to come back, tell me what is the matter, answer me.

Akshara waits in her room. Naitik comes there angrily. She asks what happened, why is Naira annoyed with me, tell me, what did she say. He says what should I say, that I was right, I was feeling right since many years, when you got Naira home, I felt maybe I was wrong, but no, I was right. She asks what happened, tell me. He says Naira hates you Akshara. She gets shocked. He says that day, Naira left home because of you, she stayed away from us because of you, she did not try to contact us, all this because of you. She asks what did I do, why because of me.

He says I told you not to come after me, Naira called me alone there, I told you I will go alone, why did you not listen to me, you came there and got police too, why did you do this, I did not tell anything, I always had this question in heart, thinking maybe I m wrong, now its clear, our Naira was young, she has bear so much, she stayed in orphanage, everyone loved her in this house, because of one person’s hatred, all love got less, your one wrong step made our daughter away from us.

She says you feel Naira went because of me. He says yes, I also feel this, you got Naira back, I m thankful to you, but you have made many wounds fresh, wounds will go when there is no new wounds, don’t do anything which you did earlier, now I have no courage, I want to be with my family, I want to stay with my daughter happily, give space to Naira, don’t say anything till she forgets everything, give some time to me too. He leaves from the room. Akshara cries.

He goes out and cries. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………plays……. Akshara looks at herself in mirror and shouts saying its right happening with me, I should be ashamed, my daughter hates me. Naksh gets Naira. Gayu says I will call Akshara. Naitik asks Gayu not to call Akshara, she is busy. Naksh asks Naira to have mangoes. Naira enjoys the mangoes and tells everyone that she had many mangoes in Rishikesh. She laughs. Everyone look on. She says I m getting sleep, and goes. Naksh thanks Gayu for this idea to cheer up Naira.

Kartik is on the way and sees Naira’s bracelet. He says our scores will settle and smiles. Naira talks to Pungi and kids. She says I m missing you a lot.

Naitik goes to room and sees Akshara crying. He gives her water. She says I don’t want water, I want forgiveness from you and Naira, I was helpless to be without Naira, I had hope she will come back, but now she has no relation with me. He says when did I say there is no relation, give her some space, if we are careful, things can’t break, Naira came back because of you, I don’t want you both to be away, but truth is I can’t stay without two of you. He goes. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………plays…………

Kartik asks Akshara how come you are here. She says this is my house. He asks did you get your daughter. She nods and smiles. Naira comes there talking over phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naira plzzzzz forgive your mother yar………….

  2. naitik acting as always so nice in every expression as i know that always loves akshara as well as naira after a very long time naitik nd akshara was awesomeeeeeeeeee as always naitik a very supportive husband bt this time he follow his fatherhood it is not bad bt i request to the creative team that should become the main lead that it again a akshara nd naira i know clear all the misunderstanding between daughter nd mother plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it my humble request to all of u

  3. Ntk ne kitna bola akshra ko.M filing sad for akshra

  4. Natik behave so rude with akshara .i am feel sad for akshara

  5. rightly said by naitik give naira time.she went there with grudges n stayed with those grudges.she has just come back now so yeah all ll b alright with time.this naira ll oneday love akshara most 🙂 feeling bad for akshara.she didnt call police willingly that day but kya kare situation hi galat hogayi thi tab.nobody understood nobody that time.waiting for good times to b back n oh yeah kartik’s entry in precap wow!!!

  6. Sad for akshara, naira cannot do this just because of she is a teenage girl cannot understand the relationship between a mom even gayu naksh all where crossed the teenage but no one else is like naira, just because of a wrong friendship, I feel naira is an idiot, no one in this world can hate their own mother not even an animal. Nowadays teenagers are so intellegent to understand the relationship, naira deserve to be alone just because of her foolishness, she is crazy to leave a understandable family like this and run. ( I feel so, sorry if it hurts anyone)

  7. Naira plz zzzzzforgive akshra?

  8. Plzzzz naira forgive your mother pls

  9. naitik always understand naira nd he also love akshara he is the best

  10. Naira please grow up n get a life u stupid girl…

  11. Ii dont understand what akshara did wrong and why natik was shouting at her. she should go to her mothers house imo so that natik and his grown ass princess who thinks she knows everything can live happily ever after, what rubbish your mother made a statement which was right and she made it comfortably because she was sure about her upbringing knowing her daughter will never do an unlawful act little did she know she raised an idiot. Fair enough naira was young and could have misunderstood that statement but shouldnt ones way of thinking also mature with age, its like she got dumber with age, cant stand her. She was spoilt as a child so i cant blame her, she doesnt even care about the other family members they should let her go back to the orphanage since she was happy there and natik can also shift base to rishikesh as well so he can be close to her. Ever since she got back shes been behaving like shes fighting with everyone, always giving problems like shes the only child. RUBBISH

    1. Cool Cool… So much frustration!! When Naira ran away from home, she believed her dad the most (dad ki ladli) so she called himto come alone.. But, some circumstances made Akshara to go with the police.. Even thought Naitik had warned Akshara not to come, still she went their with police, Naira by seeing the police and Akshara ran away from there.. Its not mistake of Naira or Akshara.. Just a misunderstanding between them made to behave in such a way.. I’m sure when Naira will come to know the truth, she will definitely feel guilty and at the same time Akshara will also cry and say it was her fault.. Both will come as close as they were when the misunderstandings get cleared..

      1. Lol, its really frustrating to watch i needed to vent. if you remember, akshara never wanted to go to that place the police compelled her when they said it was a dangerous place. It was fear for her daughter and husband that made her go there. Just think of if they(natik & naira) ran into trouble there, wouldnt the police being there help matters. i get that it was a misunderstanding and naira being a child took it the wrong way but what is natiks excuse in not finding out why his wife disobeyed him in the first place and its been 7 years. How can a father watch his daughter disregard and disrespect a mother that brought her into this world and has always been there for her, never harmed her in any way and do nothing about it. Instead he joins her in berating her mother instead of helping them work out their issues and bridge the gap. if it were the other way round akshara will never behave like natik. Or he thinks he alone loves naira the most.

  12. Naitik being the father should make naira understand that she was being in wrong company of Sukanya and that she hid things about that guy following them and they hitting that guy and taking things so lightly.. In spite of being kidnapped before and got stuck in tough situation then wine incident still Naira kept on doing things which r risky and blaming Akshata for being bad mother.. What r they trying to show these things.. Giving wrong education to teenagers around! Kids do wrong so parents correct them n not support their wrong things. Nainika should make Naira understand why Akshaya came there n that she is her mom n not enemy..

  13. Mumu, amebo naira, its unbelievable, hw can anyone hate d mother dat suffer to bring him or her to this world, its not even teenage thing, its stupidity and naira pls get a life ??

  14. I thing i tell that akshara ne naira ko nhi search kiya tha woh toh coincide se ushe mili thi naitik to kab se usse search kar raha tha

  15. They should let naira talk to her mother n clear the air etc stupid kartik is there a new love story will begin

  16. without akshara naira is happy, but without akshara theire is always a problem. what does the director want to show??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. kids with parents are physical troubled while kids without parents suffer financially. So which one is better? To have mean parents or be an orphan?

  18. Akshara and Naksh have a great bonding. Naira and Naitik have a great bonding too. But naira and akshra don’t have a great bonding the same with naksh and naitik. Does the director want to show that parents and kids with the same s*x don’t share a good relationship? Well if he/she does then I agree. Because this happens and it is normal. mumma aur uska prince charming, papa aur uski princess.

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