Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids having fun on the swings. Kartik signs Naira. She smiles and goes. Suwarna gets a message and worries. She calls her brother. She says guests will come, if that parcel comes, no I can’t let anyone get that parcel. She collides with Gayu. All the things fall down. Dadi asks where is your focus, you made all shagun fall. Suwarna says so sorry. Naksh says we will pick it. Bhabhimaa says its fine, did you get hurt. Suwarna says no, I m fine. Dadi asks Suwarna to keep some respect. Naira and Kartik look on. Naira hugs her family members. Devyaani compliments her.

Suwarna says I will tell guard not to get parcel inside the house. Dadi calls her out and asks her to start the ritual. Suwarna prays to Lord that none gets that parcel, else it will be big disaster.

Kartik stops Naksh. Kirti asks Naksh to stay back, Kartik will get company. Naksh asks what will I do. Kirti says for a change, don’t do anything. Naksh says I forgot to show picture, I have planted the plant you gave me. Dadi says we do things well, Surekha get special gifts. Suwarna asks them to take peacock feathers. Baisa says she talks so much. Devyaani says let her talk.

Gayu apologizes and helps Dadi. Dadi jokes. She blesses Gayu. Gayu says don’t stay annoyed. Dadi says I said, be happy. Gayu says maybe she agreed. Naira sits on swing. Kartik comes to her and says I m staring at you, you are so busy. He stops her and flirts doing shayari. She says I understand your love, don’t get mehendi applied. He says sorry, it will happen.

Dadi gets mehendi leaves and suhaag bangles. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa praise bangles. Baisa says its glass bangles, not Laac bangles. Dadi says I liked it and got this by express delivery. Naira says we will start, wow, I like the bangles. Gayu and Kirti also like it. Devyaani says I will ask bangle seller to get more bangles. Karishma asks Naira will there be dance or not. Naira says it will surely be there.

Naira, Kirti and Gayu dance on Rishton me pyaar hai…… Naira makes Suwarna and Dadi dance.Dadi gets dizzy by the round and sits. Kartik and Naksh also dance with everyone. Kartik and Naira dance. Suwarna sees the courier guy getting parcel. She worries and tries to get it. The servant receives the parcel. The servant stumbles and parcel falls down. They all see few things fallen out. Suwarna closes eyes. Naira looks at her. Dadi asks servant to keep parcel in her room, she ordered it. Suwarna sees and thinks its some other papers. Dadi asks them to continue their rasams.

Naira looks at her. Suwarna goes. Everyone sit to choose bangles. Baisa bargains. Dadi asks the lady to take any price, she is giving money. Baisa asks do we have less money that you are showing off. Dadi says I want to keep everything happy, I don’t like bargaining in shagun things, show me red colors. Baisa buys green one. Naira says we will mix Laac and glass bangles, it will be good design and keep hearts of both Baisa and Dadi. Baisa asks Kirti to have bangles, I tell Gayu also, Sawan will come in your life also, I will make you wear. Kirti says no. Baisa makes her wear bangles. Dadi looks on. Kartik says wow, you all look amazing, I will ward off bad sight. Naksh says I will also do this. Lady asks Naksh to start with his wife, and shows Kirti. They all get shocked.

Kartik asks the lady not to open matrimony office here, already many people are doing this. Naksh goes away and recalls lady’s words. Kirti says some people don’t let heart pain come out, but their eyes say a lot, sorry I could stay without saying, maybe I understand this pain. He says its nothing like that. She asks him not to lie, I understand as I have gone through this, we girls cry, you all are expert in tolerating this, you can share if you want, you maybe thinking why to tell me, by what relation, we have no friendship, but have a relation of pain, what makes you alone in crowd. He says what shall I say, don’t know what happened with me, Tara and I loved each other a lot, our marriage was fixed, I became a groom and was dreaming to spend lie with her and she left, memories are like quicksand, when you don’t step in, you are saved, else… She says then you get in, you have people to hold your hand and get you out, forward hand and see, think of me as someone with whom you can share pain, I will always be there. She goes.

Baisa says your fate will get good some day. Dadi scolds Baisa. She says I will get Kirti’s marriage done in a good family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Wow what a beautiful episode.
    Each and every person was looking so gorgeous and handsome.Gayu’s step for dadi was so sweet of her its reflects her upbringing.

    Baisa was so cute when she was bargaining i also agree with her when we get things after bargaining that made us more happy whether its a casual things or for a shagun.

    Wow, Relation of pain Keertis said right , today Naksh share his pain.Keesh love u.

    Dance of Sala and Jiju was rocking loved it.

    Kaira dance was also good.

    Fenil here is signing off.

  2. This naira thinks herself lik a leader .. always pokes nose in everything.. she always want things to be her way

    1. No she doesn’t she’s just looking out for her family so if u have a problem then stop watching it but at least don’t write comments like that I bent even u have poked your nose is where it’s not wanted x

  3. lovely kaira dance.

    wait for kartik mehandi………….

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