Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan telling about Rashmi to Naman. Devyaani says Naitik apologized to me for him and Rashmi. Muskaan says he is a very good human being. Devyaani says it will be good if you all stay together and happy. Akshara comes out of her house and meets Naitik. Their romance starts. He hugs her and they smile. He flirts. Pyaar hai tujhpe aaraha……………..plays…………… They have an eyelock. She goes away and then comes to him running and hugs him. She waves bye and goes. Naitik leaves too. Its morning. Jasmeet’s relatives have a fight and Pammi is stuck between them.

Pammi tries to end their fight. Jasmeet gets worried seeing them fight. Pammi says stop it, don’t fight like kids, don’t fight in this marriage house, its bad luck. The men also

start fighting and Pammi and Jasmeet are tensed. Rajshri and Akshara come to meet Jasmeet and see her tensed and crying. They ask her why is she crying, what happened. Jasmeet cries. Akshara says did anyone tell you anuthing. Jasmeet says I m afraid, all things are going wrong, I could not cook properly and mahendi color is also not dark, I can’t be a good bahu, you cancel this marriage.

Rajshri and Akshara smile. Rajshri says relations are not on these small issues and pull her leg. Sge asks Akshara to call home and ask do they like Jasmeet with her flaws. Akshara talks to everyone on video chat and tells what Jasmeet thinks. She shows them Jasmeet crying. Dadi and everyone smile and praise Jasmeet. Dadi says no matter if you can’t cook. Akshara says even I did not know anything, but I learnt slowly. Varsha says I still can’t make few dishes. Kaki says even I did not have dark mahendi but my mum in law loves me.

Anshu says keep smiling to my home, as you look crying. Jasmeet smiles. Akshara says we will leave now, as we have lots of work, come on time in evening, so that we can spend time together and enjoy, take care Jasmeet. Jasmeet thanks them as they leave. The relatives call Jasmeet lucky. Rajshri says we will go and talk to Rashmi. She says its important that she should come happily, its not good of she stays annoyed. Dadi gets a call and says Radha called and she missed the train, she will come tomorrow in marriage. Anshu says even my friend is not coming today.

Omi says what to do now, if our close ones are not coming. Dhanlaxmi says see how many days early I came. Anshu says I will go café for some time. Dadi says no, you can’t. Shaurya says I will go instead you. Rajshri and Akshara come to meet Rashmi. Rashmi meets them well. Rajshri says she is like her daughter and knows she is annoyed, but not with her and Anshu, then why did she not come in his engagement. She says you are my best friend’s daughter, so I came to invite you, we have marriage and its incomplete without you, Jasmeet also asks about you.

Akshara apologizes to Rashmi and asks her not to be annoyed with everyone. Rajshri says we will not force you, but remember we will miss you. She says if Ananya’s doll’s marriage can’t happen without you, then how can Anshu’s marriage happen without you. They leave. Rama says they are such a good family, who loves you, value them. Rashmi thinks. The guests come and asks about Jasmeet’s family. Akshara says we will make cones again, as this old cones have spoiled. Dhanlaxmi taunts them. Dadi pacifies her. Kaki says I also told that. Everyone smile.

Naitik’s family comes and greets everyone. Naksh says he is enjoying a lot and misses everyone. Vishwamber thanks Dadda ji for coming, as they need his blessings. Dadda ji says I m fine now. Akshara looks for Naitik. Bhabhimaa says Naitik called and said he will come late. Varsha teases Akshara and asks her not to be sad. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa why did she wear this saree. Bhabhimaa looks at Devyaani and says its long story, I will tell later. Rajshri asks Bhabhimaa to come with her.

Devyaani says tell me if there is any work and goes with Kaki. Akshara is worried thinking will Rashmi come today or not. Dhanlaxmi says its mahendi, why to do so much makeup today, you have to be simple Jasmeet. She gets upset. Jasmeet says I told this will happen. Rukmani comes with Mohit and Nandini. Everyone are happy to see her. Pammi gives them warm greetings. Pammi says we missed you a lot.

Akshara and everyone dance on a Punjabi song Soniya…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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