Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik stays aloof

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira thinking Kartik would be driving and not calling him. Dadi thinks its good she didn’t call to disturb. She asks Naira to teach her some games for kitty party. Naira says fine, tell me when you stay free. Dadi says I have plenty of time, teach when you get time. Kartik thinks to call Naira. Manish gets minister’s call and says deal is approved. They congratulate each other. Akhilesh says total credit goes to Kartik. Manish thanks him. Akhilesh asks him to go and rest. Dadi asks where did Naira go. Suwarna says Naira just left. Kartik gets surprised seeing Anubhav.

Suwarna says Naira went to meet Sakshi. Naira meets Sakshi and hugs. Naira asks why did you call me. Sakshi says I had to say thanks and sorry. Naira calls Kartik. He doesn’t see the

phone. Naira sends a message. Kartik says I have much work. Anubhav insists. Manish asks Kartik to go. Kartik picks his phone. Naira and Sakshi laugh. Kartik, Anubhav and friends laugh. Kartik reads Naira’s message and writes a reply. His friend takes the phone and jokes. Kartik says please give my phone, just one msg. His friend refuses. Sakshi says better go, your focus is on Kartik. Naira says fine, I won’t see phone. Yahan wahan….plays…. Naira thinks of Kartik and smiles.

Manish says Kartik made such a great plan, minister had to approve it. Kartik comes. Dadi says we were talking about you, I want you to work hard and succeed. Suwarna says you could have invited Anubhav and Sakshi at home. Kartik says Anubhav came suddenly to the office. Dadi says Naira would be still talking to Sakshi, she didn’t come till now. Kartik says Anubhav said Sakshi left. He calls Sakshi and asks about Naira. He says what, she left. Suwarna says I spoke to Kirti, Naira isn’t there.

Naira’s car breaks down. She tries to make a call. A car stops. Kartik is on the way. He says where are you Naira. He finds Naira’s car and stops. He shouts Naira….. He doesn’t get network. He leaves and says there is no network in this area. He drives ahead and gets network. He gets Manish’s call. Manish asks did you call inspector, Naira came home. Kartik says actually… Manish says Suwarna said her car broke down and neighbors accidentally met her, they gave her life, she is at home. Kartik cries and ends call. Naira waits for him. She says Kartik would be worried, I will apologize when he comes. Kartik comes home. Naira says sorry, my car broke down, I couldn’t call as there was no network, are you upset, sorry I knew you would have ran to search for me. He says no, I called police and was busy in my work, thank God you are safe, next time, take a driver along. He thanks Lord for Naira’s safety. He goes. Manish stops Naira and says don’t go alone at night, we all were so worried. Dadi says yes, there is enough staff, you should take driver along, Naira was so worried. Manish says he looked for you so much. They go. Naira says Manish and Dadi think Kartik went to search for me, but he said he is busy, what’s the truth, what’s happening.

Kirti comes to the storeroom. She checks Naitik’s profile. She doesn’t see the paints spread over the cloth rolls. Kartik sits to work. Naira asks when will you sleep. He says I have much work. Naira sleeps. Kartik holds her. He apologizes and kisses her. Yahan wahan…plays… her imagination ends. She sees him working. Kartik sees her coming to him and smiles. He finds her sleeping. He goes to sleep. He hears her snoring and recalls the old moment, when he used to laugh on her snoring. Kartik says how can someone sleep in this sound, I can’t tolerate this always. He goes to sleep in Lav and Kush’s room. He hides seeing Dadi. Dadi looks for her prayer beads.

Naira says Naksh invited us for lunch. Kartik refuses to come. Naira finds him in same restaurant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Koi track ni mila to kartik-naira ka Milan aur jhagda repeat mode par laga diya hai makers ne. Keesh has much potential , they should focus on their story, but no, then Ms Shivangi Joshi and her momo will get insecure. Lead hain to saara focus inpar hi ho , bhale hi koi story na ho, faltu track dikhate raho.

  2. Yeh kaira overdoae kya hai.. Always fighting and naira trying to make kartik her slave. And can’t they just spend time with.their friends? I don’t see any couple behaving this cheap . When u are with friends spend time with them

  3. Does this mean Naira is actually a distraction for Kartik?? Without his continuous romance or going behind her, he seems achieving in profession?? What are they trying to show??

    Dadi’s question that whether Naira went to office, really shows how immature and rash behaviour they have been showing in the name of love..(though I hate Dadi)..

    Liked Manish concern for Naira..Instead of overdramatisizing things, it is better you let it go..Family will definitely stand by you in trouble..

    Let it be family or friends, these two never has time for anyone..In front of them they will behave like they have been separated for ages..Even such people don’t show off this much.. Both have to learn a lot from Naksh..They are the best example on why you should not marry so early..

    1. Naira got married at an age people actually study at college or learn some art like music and dance. Nobody not even a chiod prodigy opens dance school at 19 or 20 years. Also naira and kartik seem to be more interested in romance and making love than their careers. Specially kartik. He is supposed to be eldest son of the joint family who seems to loose his senses when naira is around.
      I wish yrkkh writers showed this track as a lesson of why people shouldn’t marry so early

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