Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara worried that Naksh and Tara’s relation broke. Akshara cries seeing Naksh upset and crying. Dada ji sees Tara crying. Akshara asks Naksh not to hide tears, its my mistake that I did not say truth, I m sorry. He asks her not to take Tara’s name. She says its not Tara’s mistake. He says I don’t want to hear anything. She says fine, but promise you won’t be upset, I feel everything is bad happening in this house since I got eyesight, it was better when I was blind. He says no, come we will go downstairs.

Dada ji comes shouting and asks Akshara to come out. Naitik asks what happened. Dada ji says I did not come to talk to you, I broke my rules and came to talk to a woman, which I dislike. Akshara and Naksh come there. Dada ji asks

why did you do insult and injustice with Tara, what did she do, you broke her heart, she did not do mistake, she did as you said, then also your son broke relation, we lost our name. Bhabhimaa asks are you not worried about your children’s doings, even we will lose name, we will not wish to ruin Naksh’s life. She asks Akshara to keep quiet. She asks Dada ji to think, Sangram first has beaten Naksh, then wanted to kill Akshara, and Tara now insulted Akshara, they don’t care about anyone.

Dada ji asks like you all care, your Naitik sent Sangram to jail, then Akshara broke Tara’s heart, and Naksh gave pain to Tara, you will get my curse. Bhabhimaa argues with him, and asks him to do anything, we are not afraid. Naksh asks Bau ji to make Bhabhimaa quiet. Bau ji says no, we want this matter to get solved. Dada ji says fine, now I don’t need this coin, I break Tara’s relation with Naksh, I will get her married to Naksh. Bhabhimaa says fine, we are not upset, we are strong, we have bear you a lot. Dada ji says I m very happy, now see I will get Tara married in rich home, take this coin back. He gives the coin to Naksh. Bhabhimaa says do anything, we don’t care, Naksh will get 10 girls. Dada ji leaves.

Bhabhimaa says Naksh you did right to break this relation. Naksh cries. Naitik goes out to Dada ji. Dada ji comes out of his car. Akshara thanks Dada ji. Dada ji laughs and asks what are you doing. Naitik says we came to apologize. Akshara says Bhabhimaa told a lot. Dada ji says it was decided that both sides will say wrong to each other. Akshara says yes, we want Naksh to realize. Dada ji says I did not feel bad, I know everyone is hurt by Sangram, but you all are so good, no one said anything. Tara is very lucky to get family like you, you all did not say her anything after she spoke badly. Naitik says Tara is our daughter too. Dada ji thanks them and leaves.

Devyaani thanks Bau ji for calling Naman and Karishma in puja. He says I have made them leave this house, not my heart, I punished them to be away to realize their mistake. She smiles. Tara and everyone wait for Dada ji. Dada ji asks everyone is Tara fine. They say yes. Tara asks Dada ji why did he do to Naksh’s house. Dada ji says I went to do same, I broke relations with them, I scolded Naksh’s Dadi, I returned shagun coin. Tara’s brothers smile knowing Dada ji is acting. Tara asks did Naksh not say anything. Dada ji says no, he maybe happy. She says I m also happy now, you did right, I will not marry him. She says Akshara can never become like my mother. Dada ji says now you see I will get better proposal for you. Tara gets worried. Dada ji and everyone smile.

Naksh sees everyone finding proposals for him. Naksh asks whats happening. Shankari asks him to see the girl’s pics. He asks what, mumma what is this. Shankari says Akshara told me to find girl for you. Dada ji says Tara, I will find nice guy, but don’t get me insulted. Bhabhimaa says Naksh, don’t get me insulted, I told Dada ji that Naksh’s marriage will happen with a nice girl. Mishti shows the pics. Everyone smile and make him tensed.

Everyone laugh teasing Naksh. Shankari says its my work to get proposals. Bhabhimaa chooses a girl. Naksh worriedly goes. Dada ji says I did not wish to accept Naksh, you were adamant, I did not know this would happen, see that family, my heart is hurt seeing your heart breaking. He says I will do your marriage soon.

Naitik is tensed and says what if Naksh and Tara did not understand their love being angry then. She asks what happened to you. He says I don’t want Naksh’s heart to break. She says he has some of your qualities to rush in taking decision, but he is mature like me. He says don’t tease me. She says Naksh has learnt romance from you, see his love will control his anger, he will go to Tara. He asks did you say I m good in romance, its long time, I think I should try. She says I was joking and runs. He runs to catch her.

Its morning, Akshara and Bhabhimaa wake up Naksh and ask him to meet the girl. Naksh asks what, why so hurry. Bhabhimaa says I can die anytime, I m getting old, I want to see your marriage, I heard Dada ji found the guy for Tara, why should we get behind. Naksh says I don’t understand anything. Akshara says Bhabhimaa has checked everything, get ready, don’t worry. They smile.

Naksh asks Naitik to explain why are they hurrying. Naitik says girl is good, its your age to marry, why are you feeling strange.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow nice episode

  2. Such a high voltage drama!!!!! Love every bit of it…. ?

  3. Superb episode

  4. One thing I like about YRKKH that they don’t drag much unlike other Star Plus serial.

  5. #Naitik_Akshara scene was very sweet. Really this reel couple are evergreen. Naitik’s practice about romance is simply unique. No other couple are as sweet as Naitik n Akshara. ? ? ✌ ?

  6. Hi guys! Do u all know that this is 1973 number episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” Only 27 number episode left. Then the most awaited 2000 number episode will telecast. It’ll be a great Himalayan milestone in television industry. No other serial can’t ever dare to break/touch this record. Go YRKKH GO!!!! We fans are always with you… ?

    1. even i am a fan of yrkkh but balika vadhu already crossed 2000 episodes and still running successively like yrkkh by the way when compared yrkkh is the best in story and complete cast is also best whereas bk is best in story and only some part of the cast is doing absolutely well

  7. Fantastic!!!!!!! ?

  8. Very practical serial. It shows real life day 2 day challenges\activities. Keep up the good work.

  9. The one and only serial which goes very interesting and heart touching. I love this serial very much.

  10. Love the drama , but did not like it for the fact when Akshara was kicked out of the house for 10 yrs , she could not come back , bahbi ma was so stubborn and even Bauji could not say a word for them and now for Naman and Karishma Bauji is super nice with Divyani and even they were allowed into the house , and Divyani is always mean to Akshara. Do something pls .

    1. I fully agree with u. This is injustice towards Naitik,Akshara,Naksh n Naira. This is not fair at all.

      1. Yes I feel that as well. Akshara was kicked out for a mistake she never made. The whole family lived 10 years with that . Naman karishma have committed grave mistake still all of them are so sympathetic to them.Gayatri was dead then and now Devyani fully supports her own children.

  11. I also like dis serial very mü©h.

  12. Thanks amena for updating.waiting for next ep

  13. Superb epi…………
    Yrkkh rocksss…………

  14. Gud afternoon #YRKKHians.

  15. Where is Johnny bro….? Missing ur valuable comments today.

    1. Sorry bro couldn’t come yesterday bcoz I was very busy. But YRKKH is always in my mind. I never missed any single episode since it beginning… I love this show very much.

  16. guys i think it is the only show which do not have any negative role, creapy ghost like story, and saas bahu drama.
    really amazed without these melodramas how a serial can run for 7 years…

    1. Yes this is the most beautiful show of Star Plus.

  17. In uk they will show repeat episode of Saathiya at 10pm and first telecast of Ye rishta at 10.30pm . Why can’t they swap it???

    1. That’s because people in the uk are obsessed with sathiya! I don’t know why but my whole family and relatives and their friends watch it again and again and discuss it whenever they meet ??
      I’m just fed up with it ?

  18. Rishel sid bieber

    Intresting epi…but i missed naira..where is she???nd netic & aksara really a romantic dere relation is nt any twist like the other couple of star family

  19. Acha h km se km dusre cpl k trah ye dono alag to ni hote
    yrkkh is the bestest show of the world

    1. I fully agree with u. Naitik n Akshara are always there for each other at their ups n down(good and bad times). This is the genuine love husband/wife relation that they are committed till their last breath. Infact it set a role example for young couples nowadays… This gives a positive view/message for the general viewers of this show.

  20. Superb episode! ✌

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