Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh thanking Yash, Sanju and Ananya for their help and asks them to do decorations. He sees the water flowing from the room, and the door does not open. He gets worried and sees the water pipe leakage. He tries cleaning the floor and gets Akshara’s call. She asks is he not ashamed, he did not have time for his dad, he should come in his puja, where is he busy, he does not have time for family. She scolds him and ends call, without listening to him. He cleans the water off the floor.

Naitik is upset and sees the time. Bau ji and everyone discuss that Naksh made Naitik upset. Bhabhimaa says she will scold Naksh. Akshara says she won’t talk to Naksh. Naksh comes to them and apologizes. He says he will make up to Naitik. Bhabhimaa sees his clothes wet

and asks him to change clothes, he will catch cold. Naksh says it rained. He asks them to get ready, he will get Naitik and just come. Akshara asks him to go.

Naksh comes to Naitik and sees him angry. He comes out and asks them to come along to convince Naitik. Bau ji says we tried and failed. He asks Akshara to try and she refuses. Naitik comes there. Naksh says sorry Papa and holds his feet to convince him. Naitik agrees and they all leave to go for party. Naksh brings them to hotel Krishna and they all see the brand new hotel.

Naitik says did you not do booking Naksh. Naksh says it’s the place. Naman says it looks shut, nameboard is not made. Maheshwaris greet them and say Dadi was unwell and did not come. Jasmeet asks will they have to setup restaurant and do party. Naksh says no, its all set. Naitik says I did not know it will be such birthday. Naksh thinks he will make it memorable. Naitik tells Shaurya that Naksh has problem with him.

Devyaani asks Naksh why did he do this. Naman says we should have asked Karishma to do arrangements. Shaurya says we will wait, maybe Naksh did some planning. Naksh says when we went Cape town, we were 4 people, dad saw the dream and we got Krishna in our life. Naksh says you loved Krishna as your kid. Everyone laugh hearing him. Naksh says then we came to India, and dad gave Krishna to someone else, they could not care for it, as no one can love it, I know you were hurt to sell it. Naitik says but Naksh why are you saying this right now, and reminding my pain. Naksh says I want you to forget the pain.

He gives the remote to Naitik and asks him to see. They see the curtains moving and Krishna restaurant name board. Naitik recalls having same nameboard in Cape town. They all clap seeing it. Naitik asks whats this Naksh. Naksh says happy birthday Papa, its gift from your son.

He asks them to come and opens the door. They see the hotel decorated. Naitik and Akshara get sentimental seeing it. She says Naksh has done this for you, he told me and I agreed to support him, then I did not support when you refused, I thought he changed his mind, but he is like you, he is your son. Naksh says he won’t say sorry, he did not bunk college and missed college.

Bau ji says he is feeling proud seeing parents and children’s relation. Naitik thanks Naksh as this is best gift for him. He says I m worried that it needs hardwork to run it. Naksh says I know. Naitik thanks him, but his studies are imp. Naksh says it won’t be affected, as he is not alone in doing this. Naitik asks him to take right man. Naksh says he knows the man whom everyone trusts. Naitik asks who. Naksh says you, no one can run Krishna better than you. Naitik smiles and hugs Naksh.

Naitik inaugurates Krishna and cuts ribbon. They all smile seeing the hotel. They see the family pics. Naitik says he wants something else fro Naksh. Naksh says sure, tell me. Naitik asks for his good marks. Naksh says done. Naira asks Naksh to promise he will not miss her functions. He asks did she forgive him. She says because you planned this for dad. The juice falls on her dress. Naira goes to clean it. Naitk cuts the cale and makes everyone have it. He looks for Naira and Gayu wishes him. He makes her have cake and Naira looks on. Naitik makes Naira have cake and hugs her.

Naksh asks Naitik to make Akshara have the cake, and they ball smile. They all come home. Naitik talks to Rohit of Cape town and says Naksh has gifted me Krishna here. Akshara says I m seeing you happy after long time. Naitik says Naksh returned my smile. She thanks Lord that dad and son knew their value. He says he got away from Naksh in last fe days, he proved that he is good son. She says you are good father. He says you are good mum. She says ask the children, I told Naksh I won’t support him, even then he did this for your happiness. He asks her why did she hide this. She says sorry. He asks her not to hide anything again. She says I won’t and asks him is he ready to take this new responsibility. He says yes. They laugh.

Akshara asks Naitik about the work, did customers come. He says I just reached. She says people will try new restaurant. I m sure. He says he can see some customers coming. She ends call and thanks Lord.

Update Credit to: Amena

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