Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to your visitor, Anu, here’s today’s update.

The episode starts with Sanju scolding Naksh and he consoles her. Everyone laugh seeing them. Akshara ask them to get ready as the time is less. Sanju ask about Shaurya and Viswamber excuses. Then Sanju hugs Naksh and they smile. Maheswaris and Singhanias and tara family goes in the Bus to the Village. In village Dada ji comes in tractor and saw some men fighting for bore water with buckets and he gets out of the tractor. The Men stops fighting seeing Dada ji, he goes to scold them and the bus comes to the village.

Dadaji happily goes and invites everyone. Akshara and everyone get out from the bus. Baisa starts to ask about the village to dada ji and she ask many questions and Akshara tries to stop her.

The men starts fighting for the water and everyone sees them and worries. Baisa jokes on dada ji about the village which men are fighting for water. Dada ji worries and shouts towards the men to stop their fighting. The Men stops fighting and apologies to Dada ji. The men says that we are not fighting but exercising. Dada ji laughs. He asks everyone to come to the temple and they all pray Happily. Dada ji asks Tara and Naksh to do Some rituals.

Yash is behind Sanju and feels sad. Naksh and TRa hold pot and pour water. They do pooja together. Later Sanju ask Naksh about Tars. Tara comes and he introduces her to Sanju. Sanju pulls Naksh legs and everyone laugh. She then hugs Naksh infront of everyone while Tara and her family upset seeing this. Baisa also gets angry and ask about this to Akshara. She tries to console Baisa.

Some men lifts Naksh and he worries while everyone laugh seeing this. Later Dadaji bring everyone to the house that they have to stay still marriage. Sanju comes to Yash and they Shakes hands and ask about each other. Naira and Mishti plays while Naira’s friends came there. Naira is shocked seeing her friends in the village. Naira warns them about dhaba incident and about dadaji. Akshara sees them and surprised and Naira’s friend suganya says Im her bff and want to be with her. Akshara doubts and enquires them to Naksh and he consoles her and he says thank you mumma for supporting Tara.

Village women are shows working in the house while Varsha sits upset. Akshara come to Varsha and consoles her. Sanju and Naksh talks about his marriage and Tara. Tara come to the room while Sanju places her hands to Naksh shoulder. Tara sees this and gets upset. Sanju talks to Tara and Naksh and again she hugs Naksh and Tara got more angry seeing them hugging. Naksh sees Tara upset and she makes excuses and goes from there.

Baisa scolds Dadaji and complaints about everything . Dadaji and everyone worries.

Precap : Akshara talks to Naitik in video chat and worries.

I tried my best friends. Hope you enjoy.

Update Credit to: Anu

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  1. Naitik nd akshara usp of yrkkh plz naitik come back as soon as possible

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  5. Nice one Anu…i hope naksh & Tara getting married as soon as

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