Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the fire catching up the house. Vivaan falls down. Kartik comes and holds Gayu. Naira asks Vivaan to get up. Kartik shows the window and asks them to leave. Kartik sees gas cylinders there and says there is school infront of the house, there are many kids, I can’t leave cylinders here. He makes everyone leave and goes back. They ask Kartik what is he doing. Kartik takes the cylinder. Naira sees that and says I understood. She goes back to help Kartik. Vivaan stops Gayu from going. Gayu runs for Kartik, but Vivaan does not allow her to go.

Naira says I m with you Kartik, whatever happens. Vivaan says we will try to blow off the fire, come on. Naira goes to Kartik. He asks are you mad, go from here. She says I won’t go leaving you. They both lift the

cylinder and throw outside. Naira pulls him back and they both fall down. Vivaan and Gayu put water to blow off the fire.

Kartik asks Naira why did she come. They argue sweetly. She says I m sure Gayu and Vivaan will help. He takes her away. She coughs by the smoke. They have an eyelock. Kartik says you like to become heroine, I told you to go. She says you wanted to become hero and get cylinder alone, become superman. They argue again and ask if anything happened to you…. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………plays…….. Gayu calls them out and asks them to come, fire is blown odd.

Varsha says I don’t know why are you annoyed, you should be happy, your mum and Dadi are coming, did you fight with them. Nannu says no, I can say but you won’t understand. He says I love someone, I know you all will scold me as its not my age. She says don’t try to lie, your signs are not of love, I won’t come in your lie, this is not love, don’t try to hide truth, truth will come out one day. She goes.

Gayu and Vivaan come out. Kartik and Naira are fine. Kartik says I was shocked when fire wooden platform was falling on them. Gayu says Kartik and Naira saved me, and thanks them. She thinks I will do anything for them if needed some day. The men thank Kartik for getting cylinder out, else neighborhood would have got burnt. Vivaan hides a card. He says I want to tell Gayu something, I have been trying since long. He proposes Gayu and says I love you Gayu, I know you also love me, you told me that day, will you marry me. Gayu gets tensed and sees Kartik.

Naira and Kartik bring Gayu home. Naksh asks are you fine. Naira says yes, we are fine. Gayu tells Rama that Vivaan is nice, I like him just as friend, I can’t spend my entire life with hm. Rama says a good friend can become a good life partner. Gayu says this is not my wish, I know you want me to marry him, I explained this to Vivaan, he is hurt, I m sure he will understand, forget this please. Devyaani says we can’t say anything to Gayu. Naira asks Rama to understand. Rama smiles and hugs Gayu. Everyone smile.

Rama says Akshara and Naira explained me, everyone told me but I did not listen, forgive me. Gayu says I don’t want to marry so soon. Devyaani asks Gayu to tell Rama when she has feelings for someone. Rama says yes, Gayu is shy and will tell just Akshara. Naksh asks Gayu will she tell that man or do they have to do this work too. Gayu smiles and sees Kartik.

Everyone request Nannu to become Kanha and praise him. Nannu agrees. Kartik waits for Naira. He says I had many tea cups, I should leave now. Naira comes and asks why did you not tell me about hand burn. Mishti signs him that she told him. He smiles and says yes, my hand was burn internally, you don’t worry. Naira says your hand skin is normal, burn is not seen. He says its burning. She takes care of his hand. He smiles.

Naira says I want to attend a marriage, Naksh will not marry soon, I wish Gayu marries soon, it will be fun. Kartik thinks yes, it will be fun, I want to marry soon. He imagines Naira and his romantic moment, post their marriage. Ud gaye tote…………plays………She kisses on his cheek. He smiles and looks at her. Naira calls out Kartik. His dream breaks. She asks were you dreaming of your marriage. He says no, I was thinking what to do in office.

Akshara sings aarti and everyone seem to be happy. She hugs the kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Writers should add a twist where Rama goes beyond her limits to keep Gayu against Askshara,She harms both Naira and gayu and tell Akshara to choose who she will take care of,And mishti tells Akshara to pick naira as mishti figures out Rama didn’t harm gayu but faking it,And harmed naira on purpose,Where Akshara learns Kartik/Naira’s love for each other when Kartik gets scared
    for naira.Should add spice where Akshara chooses to unite Kaira,so she doesn’t loose naira again helps mishti in uniting Gayu/vivian

    1. Actually the pace at which KAIRA story is going fine as they r laying down a very string foundation of trust and friendship before love,Naira has started feeling something for Karthik so it will take time but once KAIRA gets married they will be sidelined for sure to keep ak nk forefront and nothing much will be for KAIRA to be seen and moreover Karthik family mystery to come so long way for marriage ,
      Just gayu’s misunderstanding should clear man it’s getting in nerves she is living in her own dream world whateve karthik says she assumes it’s for her ,he doesn’t even call doesn’t talk to her how thinks he loves her.
      Mishti and KAIRA bond are super Yaar ,,,..after KAIRA this bond makes evryone go aww,

  2. Poor mishti,she’s trying to unite Kaira alone.Somebody should know the truth and help her.Just hope naira doesn’t learn Gayu’s love for Kartik or she’ll sacrifice hers for gayu

  3. I wish kaira and kartik marry soon

  4. nishat Tasnim/Rock Tasnim

    Ooo naira nd kartik looks so cute…
    Like 2 babys…

    1. I think Naira will come to knw about Gayu’s love for Kartik and will think of sacrificing….she will ask Kartik to marry Gayu ……..nd Kartik won’t be able to say no because she will bring in front of him the promise he had made to Naira on the friendship day, He promised naira that he will always do what naira says.
      But later Kartik will come to knw that Gayu was the one who leaked their MMS as she will be doing so in the upcoming episodes…..and will tell Naira ’bout it.
      Then ❤KAIRA❤ will unite again. ?

  5. I love this track! One of my favorite serials…if you’re bored then check out this funny video we made on youtube with funny bloopers as well:
    Thank you!

  6. I love ishqbaaz,brahmarakshas,bade bayya ki dulhaniya
    yrkkh is losing its charm
    krpkab is top

  7. I dont like karthik nowadays bcos his hairstyle is too bad
    and he got pimples too
    I dont like his acting also
    I am getting bored

  8. Anyway kaira will unite after many twists and turns
    so there is no suspense
    I dont think to watch this show anymore
    Bye guys i am leaving yrkkh

  9. Kartik is so adorable and caring guy, every girl wish to married guy like him

  10. Anika

    Wow ! What an episode ! Kaira rocked again !
    Naira also loves Kartik but she just doesn’t understand her feeling. Like Kartik she also can’t see her love in pain.
    And I liked her dialouge ” I’ll be with you , no matter what happens “

  11. prasad mulik

    Abhi tak Naira ko feel hua hi nai k vo kartik se love karti he

  12. What about naitik’s role? According to CVS , it is that Vishal Singh will be taking Karan mehras place. It was the news during nairas dance competition, but till date there is no talk about naitik’s role.

  13. Please CVs make this happen..
    The Singhania’s go on a trip, Kartik goes with them too. They stop for a break, Akshara doesn’t feel good as she was missing Naitik, and Naira sees it. She sees a flower shop on the other side of the road and decides to buy some flowers for Akshara to cheer her up. She tries to cross the road when her leg gets stuck in the mud as it rained a few hours ago, a car comes as she can’t move Kartik runs into Naira and quickly picks her in his arms crosses the road. He says “What are you doing, if something happens to you” Naira says “So what does it matters to you” Kartik says “It does, because I love you”. Naira gets shocked. And Gayu also hears and sees them and gets heart broken.

  14. lovely muah

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