Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming in Singhania’s house. Gayu gets glad seeing him. Everyone smile. Rashmi gets shocked. Naitik welcomes Sameer. Naitik says he is Sameer, I told you all about him and introduces his family. Sameer greets everyone. Gayu plays with him and laughs. Gayu says I have many cousins and introduces Naira and Mishti. Sameer compliments Naira and Mishti. Mishti says he is handsome. Sameer says thanks, you are my fav from today. He says he missed Gayu a lot. Gayu introduces Naksh. Sameer says I heard a lot from you, Rashmi told me everything, you are handsome too.

Bhabhimaa asks Naitik how did he bring Sameer suddenly. Akshara says yes. Naitik says sorry, I did not get time to say, I did not know he will come along, he asked can he come to meet Rashmi,

I could not refuse, I felt Lord wishes this, Sameer is a nice guy, he will keep Rashmi happy, Gayu likes him, Rama said she also wants this. Rajshri tells Vishwamber that she has sent rakhi for her brother, Ratan would have called atleast. She cries as its raksha bandhan. Vishwamber says I can understand, but why don’t you call him. Rajshri says I called, but I did not connect, this never happened till mum was alive.

Dadi comes as her brother and asks her not to be sad. Rajshri asks Dadi what is she doing. Dadi says I m Ratan, your brother, if you meet me after many years, how will you know me, after mum died, you forgot me, whom do I have except you, I have a lovely sister and I m lucky. She hugs Rajshri and makes her smile. She says they have to find ways to be happy.

Sameer gifts the kids. Rashmi asks Naitik does he know Sameer. Naitik says I permitted him to come. Rashmi says you should have asked me once. Sameer says I know you are upset that I came without asking you…. Akshara sends the kids to room. Gayu says she has to spend time with Sameer. Naitik says let Sameer rest, you can talk to him later. He asks Naksh and Yash to take kids and leave.

Sameer says Rashmi came here and I could not lose hope, we had to meet somewhere. He asks why is she running from her happiness, why can’t she accept that she has right to be happy, he is not wrong, her family believes like him, and asks her to marry him, he will keep her happy. Rashmi leaves. Sameer says I think she felt bad, but trust me, whatever I said is true, I will keep her happy, I love her. Naitik says I know, we will talk to her. Akshara says give her some time. Sameer says I will wait here.

Rashmi talks to Rama about Sameer. Naitik and Rashmi come to talk to Rashmi. Rashmi says she is not ready, whats guarantee that Sameer will not do what Nikhil did, what would Gayu think about me. Akshara says we will explain Gayu with truth. Rashmi says leave me alone. Naitik and Akshara leave. Devyaani tells Bau ji that Sameer is strange, he said it infront of everyone. Sameer says sorry, I think I hurried. Bau ji says no, its fine, you had to say this anyhow. Devyaani says we can’t decide so soon, we don’t know about you.

Bhabhimaa says yes, we have right to know about you. Karishma asks his work profile. Naman asks where does he stay. They all start asking Sameer. Bau ji says say something. Sameer smiles and says I will say if you give me chance. Gayu brings his fav black tea. Sameer asks Gayu to keep it, he will answer her family. Nandini says no, you have it first.

Akshara asks Naitik to give time to Rashmi. He says Sameer is nice guy, I don’t want to lose him. Akshara says if its written in fate, it will happen else not, don’t worry. He says sorry, I flowed in emotions. Akshara says Rashmi is worried. Naitik says I will apologize to her, how did you like him. Akshara says I liked him, he is honest. Naitik says he wants to see Rashmi with Sameer.

Sameer likes the tea and biscuits. He talks to the kids. Naitik and Akshara come. Sameer says I will leave now, I m sorry, I m going with hope that you all will call me again, I m glad meeting you all. Gayu asks him to say any sher. Sameer tells her a sher, and makes her laugh. Rashmi recalls Nikhil and cries. She sees Gayatri’s pic. Bau ji to her with sweets and says I know you like this sweets. He says we did not talk about this to trouble you, but to end your problem.

He tries explaining her that he also went through this moment, life partner is imp, Gayatri ji left and I got broken, there was an emptiness, Devyaani filled this loneliness with her love and care, time is very fast and it changes everything, before you get left back, catch this time. Rashmi tells him that she is mum, this will be wrong. Bau ji says change is rule of nature, we can make things fine, have sweets and think again.

Sahil comes to meet Naksh. Naksh scolds him. Sahil says I could not arrange money yesterday, sorry and gives money today. He says he has taken money from him to gift his sister. Naksh says good, you are good brother. Sahil says you are a good friend. Naksh tells Akshara about the money Sahil returned. He asks Naitik why did Sameer uncle come. Gayu calls him and he goes. Rashmi comes to talk to Naitik.

Gayu comes to Rashmi and asks her whether Sameer is her BF. Rashmi,. Naitik and Akshara get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s so boring serial

  2. it is best serial of starplus that teaches us about daily faced problems

  3. I agree with manav.. Its far better than the shadyantra n magics serials.. Its shows the daily happenings in life..

  4. i’m looking forward for this serial to end.because it is one of the boring serial in star plus..such serial like diya aur bathi hum,sathini bana sathiya,yeh rishta kya kehla ta he shud be shut forever cos they are mood spoilers

  5. It s d 1 nd 1ly serial which shows the daily happenings of life..

  6. I luv dis serial

  7. Very nice and daily life based relations story. I enjoy watching each episodes. Every problem has a solution if solved with trust and love which is shown in this serial..

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