Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara getting shocked seeing Naman. She says what is Naman doing here, he should be in Kenya with Naitik, why is this happening Lord, I feel something bad is going to happen, what is happening. She gets Naman’s message that he is in meeting and can’t call, text me if its urgent.

Karishma and Devyaani tell Bhabhimaa that Rose’s symptoms are of pregnancy. Karishma says I hope its planned pregnancy and they both are ready for this. Kartik looks for everyone and says I will fix my lock till they come. He locks the grill by making a wish. He says love you Naira and throws the key. He smiles.

Naira looks on and comes to him. He says why are you following me, I have felt it before, I was ignoring it, now when you were coming, I understood seeing

your shadow. He asks Naira to say whats the matter. He says I know you want to share many things, you regard me best friend, do you treat best friend like this, you always misunderstand me, till you say, how will I understand, I m sure I did mistake, its just you and me, tell me the problem, I will find solution. She asks where is my Papa, what did you do with him, are you shocked, I got to know all truth about you, answer me, where is my Papa, what did we regard you and what did you do, you cheated us on friendship and trust name. why did you break our trust, I just know I won’t let anything happen to my Papa, you did this drama to help us, I will not let you succeed in your motives, tell me where is my Papa. She holds his collar. He looks on shocked.

Yash says I don’t know how did this happen, Rose got pregnant. Naksh laughs and says you are saying this, its so stupid, anyway be ready to become father, I m glad that a small baby will call me Chachu. Kartik moves away Naira and turns. She catches him and asks where are you going, I want answers, where is my Papa. He says I don’t know, I m trying to find him, Naira I just know he is not safe, that’s why I m finding him here, I just understood Naitik and Naman left from Kenya, big amount from Naitik’s account went to unknown account, I doubt its Naman’s account, I know its shocking, I m doubting Naman. She asks him to stop nonsense. He says I m not saying nonsense, you don’t have courage to hear truth, you will regret when you know truth, you will feel guilty. She asks him to worry for himself. He says fine, if you don’t want to believe. She runs to stop him and falls. He holds her in his arms. Music plays………….

Devyaani asks Rose does she want to eat anything sour and checks her hand. She says everything is fine, I will ask Chitti to make golgappas. Gayu asks Kartik where is Naira. She asks Naira where did she go. Naira asks where is mumma. Gayu says don’t know. Devyaani tells everyone that Rose is pregnant. Yash dances happily and hugs Bau ji. They all laugh. Naksh says you are strange, you were scared and now you are dancing. Yash says I m happy.

They all ask Yash to give this good news to Rose. Yash says no, I can’t. They say just you can do this. Akshara says I have to find Naman, where is Naitik, is he also here, there is something wrong, what shall I do. Naira comes to her and says I want to talk to you, what happened. Naira says its about Papa, I feel Kartik is planning against Papa. She tells everything. Akshara says no. Naira says when I asked him, he said Naman is cheating, I know Kartik is cheating.

Akshara says no, Kartik is saying right, he did not do anything, I don’t know how he knows, its true Naman is not in Kenya, don’t know about Naitik, I did not tell you, but I have seen Naman here, I was shocked, I called him, he disconnected and messaged that he is in meeting, I missed to catch him, I got Naitik’s watch here. Naira asks what, is Papa here. Akshara says maybe they are hiding something. Naira says what can be the matter. Kartik comes with Gayu. Naira looks at him. Kartik says I got train tickets, come soon. He goes. Gayu asks Akshara where did she go. Akshara lies to Gayu and thinks I can’t trouble Gayu, I will say truth after her exhibition. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words.

Yash goes to Rose and tells he that she is pregnant, and they are going to become parents. He shouts to everyone. Devyaani asks Rose are you not happy. Rose happily cries and says I m happy, I love babies. She hugs Yash. Akshara thanks Kartik and says Naira told me everything, your doubt was right. She tells him that she has seen Naman. He says I m worried Naitik is in big problem, but I promise I will try my best to find him. She says Gayu should not know this, her exhibition is her dream. He says fine. He sees Naira.

Naksh talks to Yash and Rose, and tells everyone about giving surprise to Rukmani. Naman goes to Naitik and asks him to sign, then he can have pleasure in limits. Naitik says when person is right, Lord makes way for him, see I won’t do anything, way will be made for me. The man tells Naman that Naitik does not know his family is here, else he will get more courage, we should change the picnic spot. Naman says family can’t come there, as Gayu’s exhibition is somewhere else. Gayu gets informed and tells Akshara that her exhibition venues changed to some picnic spot.

Naira goes to apologize to Kartik. Gayu thinks whats going on in between them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb episode KAIRA confrontation Karthik expressions he was so hurt but he couldn’t bring it on Naira and Shivi as Naira wow superb she was,…her guilt journey started now Naira will start going behind him….excited
    Gayu in precap icing on cake it was to see her like that hope now atkeast she realises and comes out of her dreams ,

  2. Eagerly waiting for upcoming episode. This time Singhania family should kick Naman, Karishma n Devyani cow from the house for forever. Such a betrayal people..

    1. Dear why Devyani what did she do ??she has always stood for akshara and family just because Naman did wrong will u send her out and even Mishtiiii
      Karishma ya because somewhere she knew he was upto something but still gave him benefit of doubt always and she also with Naman knew Naira was running away from home so they deserve it ,sorry it was just my opinion

    2. i think there is no mistake of devyani in this , she has always supported singhania family more than naman and karishma

  3. sreekutty sree

    I want the upcoming episode more interesting

  4. Thank god the episode progressed with some positivity. It was being dragged since so many weeks. Hope some good story comes ahead. Thanks for all written updates as being busy miss seeing the epplisodes most of the times. But reading here can imagine the entire scenario.

  5. Avishi

    nice episode LOVE KAIRA


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