Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Tara to perform well in the elocution. He asks where are her friends and teachers. Tara says I got late, maybe they went. Her friend comes and greets Tara. Sangram and Dada ji see the girl having a hockey stick. Tara asks Radhika is she going somewhere too and signs her to see her family. Radhika says yes, I m going Mumbai. Tara says I m going to Goa for elocution competition. Sangram asks is this hockey girl her friend. Dada ji asks Tara not to have such friends. Tara says fine, you go, I will leave now.

Dada ji says I will go after her flight goes. Tara asks them to go. Sangram gets doubtful and asks is anyone coming, that she is making us leave. Tara says no. Sangram says there is someone and turns to Naksh’s side. Tara and Naksh get

tensed. Tara asks Sangram to wish him best of luck. Sangram says win and come. Naksh waits for them to leave and thinks he can’t say his feelings. Tara thinks Naksh is waiting since long. Dada ji gets a call and says what, don’t worry I m coming. He tells Tara about some relative getting heart attack. They leave.

Preeti asks Tara to come fast. Naksh calls out Tara. She stops and smiles seeing him. Naksh says Tara…. I love you and opens arms. Chahe tum kuch na kaho…………..plays………… Preeti asks Tara to come, they are getting late. Tara goes. Naksh asks her for answer. He wonders what did her smile mean, yes or no. Maharaj gives paper found in Naksh’s pocket. Akshara reads the love letter Naksh wrote, and bill of flowers. She says this is not college address, I m sure now Naksh is having an affair.

Naira smiles seeing some magazines. Akshara says whats happened to my kids, Naira is happily agreeing to send me Goa, how did they chance. Naitik comes. Akshara says she has to talk. He asks her to remove her anger from her nose, so is it sorry or thanks. She says she wants to talk about children, she is serious, sorry but they are not doing right. Naitik asks why is she doubting, she will doubt on him too that he is having affair, its her thinking, he will open detective agency for her. She says fine, I won’t say. He says sorry, but understand, you rae good mum, wife and bahu, give space to kids.

She says you are not seeing kids, I know as I notice things day and night, I think I should also ignore, if anything happens, don’t say I did not care for them, take their side that time. Vishwamber asks Dadi to take medicines and take rest. Dadi laughs and jokes. She says I know you all love me a lot, but Varsha and Jasmeet will take care of me. She assures Vishwamber.

Naksh talks to Yash and says he confessed love to Tara, she smiled and did not reply. Yash says it means she is just friend. Naksh says I got more confused, I think she also loves me. Akshara hears them and thinks she was right about Naksh. Naksh says I will meet her tomorrow and get her answer. Akshara thinks I will be in Goa, Naitik will not agree, I can’t see him, I have one way to stop Naksh from meeting that girl….

Akshara tells everyone that she will go to Rajshri’s house. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask her to take care. Bau ji asks Naitik did anything happen again. Naitik says nothing new. Bau ji asks him to change. Naitik says its not my mistake, its her mistake too, I got angry. Bau ji asks him to control his anger, and understand Akshara, explain her with love. Akshara asks Naira not to trouble Bhabhimaa and Devyaani. Naira jokes and says she will not trouble anyone.

Naksh is worried and thinks to ask Akshara if she can take him. Akshara asks Naksh to come with them, as he wanted. Naksh gets surprised and asks what will I do there, as she said ladies are going there. She says male member should be there with ladies. He agrees and says I will manage college. Naitik asks how will he get ticket. Naksh tries and says one ticket is available and books. Akshara sees him very happy and gets confused. Naksh says I will meet you at Nani’s house. Akshara sees Naitik and leaves. Devyaani says Naitik did wrong to upset Akshara.

Varsha asks Akshara is there any tension. Akshara says my doubt was right and tells about Naksh, showing the love letter and bill. She says Naksh has GF, he is young for this. Varsha asks what did she think. Akshara says I will take him to Goa and explain him. Varsha says maybe there is some reason, its new love, why is Naksh coming with us happily, is that girl going to Goa, so he is taking us to Goa to make him plan work. Akshara says yes, you are right. Varsha laughs and says she was joking. Akshara says this can really be possible. Varsha says you asked Naksh to come to Goa, it means he cares for you more than his GF. Akshara says don’t know and holds her head.

Naitik acts like room service guy and hides his face. He holds Akshara’s hand and she asks him to leave her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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