Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh cheering up Naitik and Akshara while enjoying the rides. Naitik says we can manage two kids, as everyone else do. Naitik messages Varsha. Bhabhimaa gets Chandan stick and Devyaani says some good news will come. Bhabhimaa says yes, lets see what good news we get. Varsha tells everyone that Naitik called everyone for talking. Rajshri gets worried. Muskaan tells everyone that Naitik wants to talk about him and Akshara, and wants everyone to be present. Akshara says she is feeling thirsty. She asks for water. Naksh gives her bottle. She drinks it and asks Naitik to drive home, as everyone will be waiting. He says no, I told them you are with me, we are going to gaming area. Naksh gets excited.

Rajshri and everyone come to Singhania house. Varsha gets

another message and tells everyone. Naitik brings Akshara and Naksh home. She says everyone will scold us for coming late. Naksh asks where is her luggage. Naitik says its inside. She says give me phone now, everyone will wait at home. He gives her phone. She says no one is taking my call. He says meet everyone, then see, maybe they are busy. She sees the door closed. He says I don’t know. They go inside and see beautiful arrangements, and everyone present.

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They smile. They shower flowers on Naitik and Akshara. They make Akshara wear the ghunghat and does her tilak. They sing Tere sapno ka sansaar…………………..They all dance together. Naitik and Akshara hold hands as they dance around them. Naksh hugs Naitik and Akshara. Its night, Akshara smiles seeing the room with beautifully heart shaped balloons and roses. He says he is very happy and kisses her. He says I missed you a lot. She asks how did you do this in so less time. He talks to his baby and thanks him for bringing happiness in his lie.

Naksh says he also wants to talk to him, and tells a secret. They smile. Naksh gives a gift for her. She says he promises that he will do all his work on his own and not trouble her. Naitik says so many promised, will you keep it. Naksh says I will try. They hug him. Bhabhimaa says I told you we will get good news, see its such a big news. Jasmeet says one more brother/sister for Ananya. Rajshri thanks Lord. Everyone is happy. Bhabhimaa says Naitik and Akshara are mature, but sometimes behave as kids. Shaurya says Naitik said he will take care of Akshara. Rajshri says lets call Akshara here for few days. Devyaani says I will take care of Akshara.

Jasmeet says she will make designer nappies fro Akshara’s baby. They smile. Rajshri says there is much time. Jasmeet says I will keep things ready. Varsha taunts her that she does not make clothes on time. Kaki asks Jasmeet and Varsha to think about babies. They smile being shy. Rajshri and Kaki tease them and smile. Rajshri says its fun to tease them. Naksh gets ready. Akshara says he got ready on his own. Naksh says as I m becoming big brother. Akshara says I will get your tiffin, I will have water. She drinks water. Devyaani asks her to drink it slowly. Akshara says she is feeling very thirsty.

Naitik says he has to go office and asks her to drop Naksh. They smile. He says no need to go, Girja will drop Naksh. Naksh says bye to everyone. Naitik gives flying kiss to her. Naksh says he forgot to say bye to baby and kisses. He leaves with Naitik. Bhabhimaa asks what will she have in breakfast. Akshara says anything. Devyaani says she will make something special for her, and asks Bhabhimaa what she ate at Naksh’s time. Akshara gets upset thinking about last time. Devyaani cheers her up and says she liked tomato chutney a lot.

Akshara says yes, I also like it, I will make it for Dadda ji too. Devyaani says its good Akshara is not upset. Bhabhimaa says she is happy. Devyaani says we should remember it and be careful. Rajshri calls Devyaani and asks her to be careful with Akshara, and see she should not be annoyed. Devyaani says we will not let her know and take good care of her. Naman gives Akshara’s pregnancy news to Karishma. She says congrats, I will send flowers to her, it means you will get more busy and spend less time with me.

Akshara drinks water again. She says the baby is very thirsty and smiles. She says I m drinking lots of water since I got pregnant. Devyaani makes halwa and gives her. She asks who drank the water. Akshara says I had it. Bhabhimaa says so much, you feel thirsty like Naksh. Akshara gets worried.

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