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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman getting annoyed that Bau ji did not give him cash and gave cheque instead. Karishma says Akshara is snatching my daughter and is annoyed. Naira talks to friend. She asks Gayu not to keep her clothes here, as her cupboard is getting messed up. Gayu says its not messed up. Naira says I don’t like this. Akshara comes and asks whats happening. Naira says I asked Gayu not to keep clothes in my cupboard. Akshara says we will make new cupboard for Gayu, then no fight. Mishti calls Akshara the best and hugs her. Karishma looks on and asks Mishti to come with her. Mishti refuses. Akshara asks Mishti to go. Mishti agrees and goes. Akshara asks Naira and Gayu what will they have. They tell their choice. Akshara jokes and laughs.

Karishma asks Mishti to do homework

right. Mishti says this is my play time, I don’t like you, Akshara is my fav. Karishma says I will get dolls for you. Mishti refuses to play. Karishma scolds her and asks her to just play with her, not Akshara. She apologizes and says I won’t get angry, sit here, try to understand, I will make burger for you. Mishti says I want burger made by Akshara. Karishma says I will make it, sit here, I will come in 5mins. She goes.

Akshara gets burger for Mishti. Karishma asks her about it. Akshara says its for Mishti, I add all vegs in it. Karishma says but Mishti had food, I gave her rolls. Akshara says fine, I will keep this, she will eat it later. Mishti comes and asks for burger. Akshara says eat this later, you ate roll. Mishti says I haven’t, I m hungry. Akshara looks at Karishma. Karishma goes. Akshara asks Karishma why did you lie, did I do anything. Karishma says don’t act innocent, why did you get us back, we feel like guests, Mishti got away from me.

Akshara asks why do you feel so. Karishma complains what Bau ji did. Akshara tries to clear the matter. Karishma argues and says I want to get in this debate, I want to request, give me my daughter back. Akshara says your daughter is yours. Karishma says no, she is going away from me, she does not want to be with me, I know you can’t understand this, if your daughter gets away from you, you will understand how much it hurts. Akshara cries and says I don’t know why you….. Bhabhimaa comes and asks what is happening, are you arguing.

Karishma says nothing, we were talking about Mishti’s annual day. Akshara goes and cries recalling Karishma’s words. Devyaani stops Akshara. Akshara wipes tears and smiles. Devyaani asks for her diary. She asks why are your eyes wet, did anyone say anything. Akshara says no, something went in my eyes, I will get your diary. Bhabhimaa says Akshara looks worried. Devyaani says there is something, I will ask Karishma. Akshara comes and says nothing happened and asks them not to behave like daily soaps saas.

Karishma is on phone. Mishti comes and papers fall. Karishma says you increased my work. Mishti says sorry, and helps. She picks Karishma’s papers too. She asks for her sign on form. Karishma says I have work, and leaves. Akshara sits thinking of Karishma’s words. Mishti calls Akshara. Akshara shuts door. Mishti says open door, mumma is not at home. Akshara says no, I m resting, you go. Mishti asks are you unwell. Akshara says I m fine, go. Mishti slips school circular under the door and asks Akshara to sign on it, mumma did not sign. She takes papers and says sorry, this was necessary. She prays that her family stays united.

Naksh comes and knocks the door. Akshara opens door. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says Mishti said you are unwell. She says Mishti is mad, she makes stories. He says something happened, tell me. She says nothing. He says just like I was fine, parents understand children’s sorrow, even if you want to hide things, I won’t force you, you have to come with me to have icecream. She says I don’t want. He asks her to come and takes her.

Devyaani checks the papers…. And gets shocked seeing hospital papers. Naksh and Akshara have icecreams. She says her biggest earnings are her family. Naira and her friend are at chat stall. Vicky comes to talk to Sukanya. They argue. He holds her hand and asks her to talk. She asks him to leave her hand. He refuses. Naira asks Vicky to leave Sukanya’s hand. Akshara says I felt I heard Naira. Naksh says Naira can’t be here. Naira calls people to stop Vicky. The man scolds Vicky. Vicky gets angry and leaves. Akshara and Naksh come there, and till then Naira leaves. Akshara says there is no one here. Naksh gets Keshav’s call and says fine, I will come there. Akshara wishes Naksh all the best for his deal. He says sorry to leave now. She hugs him and asks him to go. They say I love you. He leaves.

Sukanya asks Naira to try to come on picnic, else its not a big deal. Naman and Karishma come home. Devyaani and everyone stare at them. Devyaani asks whats this and shows hospital papers. She asks Karishma why did they not ask them before this big decision, you should be ashamed to do this, you aborted a child. Karishma says abortion is not a big thing. Devyaani says its big thing for us. Bhabhimaa asks why did you do this, you should have spoken to us. Devyaani says its good I got these papers in Akshara’s room. Bhabhimaa asks did you argue with Akshara for this matter. Akshara asks what happened. Devyaani says you knew that Karishma did abortion. Akshara gets shocked.

Naira tells Akshara that you refused when I asked for picnic. Akshara says I was thinking something else. Naira thinks Akshara is smart and made picnic plan with family, so that I don’t go with Sukanya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why naitik is not showing in today’s episode. first time i say this that today’s episode was so boring

  2. . first time i say this that today’s episode was so boring because naitik is no t showing in today ‘s episode

  3. Where is Natik???

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