Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh getting a call. He gets relieved. Everyone wait to hear it from him. Devyaani asks him to say what happened. Naksh says they are coming, Naitik, Akshara and Naira are fine. They all get glad. Naksh hugs Tara. Baisa looks on. Tara says I was sure that Naira wil come back safe, thank you God. Mishti thanks Lord.

Naitik, Akshara and Naira are on the way. Devyaani and Rajshri talk about Naira. Rajshri says we can’t say forget it, as its tough. Dadi says we wish to go, Naira can worry seeing many people, but we want to see her and go. Naira comes home with Naitik and Akshara. Akshara says this is our family, come. The family gets glad seeing Naira fine. Mishti hugs Naira and asks are you fine, did bad man beat you. Naira recalls Mirchi Seth. Akshara cries

and asks Naira to answer Mishti. They all cry seeing Naira’s state. Naitik says they all are worried for you, talk to them.

Naira goes to her room. Naksh asks Akshara what happened to Naira, this is not just fear, why is she feeling guilty. Bhabhimaa says Naira is growing, such incident leaves mark on heart. Naksh says its not her fault. Baisa says I will talk to her. Naitik says not this time, I think we should give her time, she may get hurt. Baisa says you mean I don’t know talking. Akshara says Naira does not sense to understand. Bau ji says you explain her later Baisa, let Akshara handle Naira. Baisa says fine and gets annoyed.

Naira changes and looks at herself in mirror. She throws her clothes and recalls that incident. Naira cuts those clothes. Akshara comes and stops Naira. Naira cries. Naksh comes there and says sorry, I came to see her. Akshara makes Naira sleep. Naksh sees the mark on Naira’s hand and cries. Naitik and Akshara see it as well. Naksh leaves. Naitik goes after Naksh.

Naksh cries and asks did you see her hands, like someone tied her, she would have been so much hurt, how can anyone do this with our Naira, once I get that man, I will not leave him. Naitik consoles him. He says that man will get punished, no need to think about him, we have to think of Naira and bring her out of this mental situation. We have to explain her. This is the meaning of family, when a person sinks, everyone manage him, life gives us big surprises, if we hold hands and walk, none will fall, we can’t end evil from world, but we can have courage to fight with it.

Akshara tells elders that she could not make Naira forget this, we need some help. Baisa says I told you before. Akshara says I mean, someone else who can understand her. Baisa says we will lose our name, no need. Akshara says but this is not necessary that we lose name, if Naira suffers inside, will this be fine. Naitik says Akshara is right, I will call doctor. Baisa says it means Naira has gone mad, you want to show this to society, Naira’s marriage will have to happen some day. Tara agrees with Akshara and Naitik. Baisa gets angry. She says I said what I had to, now you guys decide, this new thinking will make you regret. Naksh gets angry and says you have problem with everything, we are thinking good for Naira, whats problem to call doctor.

Baisa says if I did any mistake, then forgive me, I try a lot not to talk in between you all, but what to do, you all are my blood. Tara thinks now Baisa will convince this way. Akshara says you have full right to say. Naitik says I will call doctor and come. Doctor checks Naira. Naitik and Akshara ask what did Naira say. Doctor tells something. She says there is no need to worry, she will forget this in some time, make sure none talks to her about this matter, I will come next week and we will review if things are working on her. They thank doctor.

Akshara and Naitik go to Naira. Akshara asks about doctor, she suggested that Naira can share her problems by writing it in diary, so that her problems get less. Naira says I don’t want to write anything. She throws something in anger. They worry.

Naira says sorry, I did not do that intentionally. Nairik says its okay, don’t write if you don’t wish. Naira gets sad. Naitik keeps the diary there. he gets hurt by the glass piece. Akshara says I will remove glass. He says no, it will hurt. She asks what are you saying. He signs her and says I can’t bear it. she says but if its inside, it will hurt more. Naira says mumma is right, if you remove it, It will ache once, if its inside, it will ache again and again. Naitik asks her to realize this herself, if she gets that pain out, maybe it will end. Akshara says we are just explaining you, think what we are saying, come Naitik. They leave. Naira rests. Akshara and Naitik see her.

Akshara and Naitik try to cheer up Naira. Naksh and Tara fight to cheer her. Tarun comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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