Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira plan party arrangements together

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking did you talk to Suwarna. He says Manish will talk to her, did you like the hotel. She says I liked it, don’t know why you didn’t like it. He asks what happened to your taste. She says my taste was never good, I realized it late. He asks are you done, shall we finalize the menu. She says do anything you want. They argue. She falls over his side. Morey saiyyan….plays…. She says I think we should work individually. He says fine, just tell me how you got your leg hurt. She gets the wine bottle in the car and asks him to answer first. He says when someone close hurts you, it gets difficult to bear the pain, its your turn now, how did you get hurt. She asks why do you drink so much. He says you have to answer me.

He stops the car. He

gets back and sees her with the bottle. She goes away. His seat belt gets stuck. Kirti says okay bye, see you. Naksh says whose place will it be, Dadi and Kartik aren’t there at your place, Naira and Naitik are not at my place, so choice is yours. She says shut up. He says its our anniversary day, I m just wishing my wife, I remain busy there, so…. I won’t lose this opportunity. They romance. Kartik gets Naitik’s call. Naitik says sorry, but Naira’s phone is not reachable, can I talk to her. Kartik says she is with me, she went inside some shop, don’t worry. Naitik says thanks and ends call. Kartik asks the people about Naira. He sees the crowd and goes to see. He sees Naira drunk. Naira cries and gets over the car top. She says I heard wine is harmful for the liver, I think one’s relationship gets spoiled first, this man…. this one sporting white blazer, he drinks a lot to get rid of his worried. The lady asks why did you drink.

Naira says even I have many troubles, it hurts everywhere, so I decided to get rid of it by drinking, but it didn’t happen. Kartik says we are getting late, come. Naira says drinking solves problems. He runs to her and asks didn’t you hear me, we have to go. The lady asks why are you scolding her if you also drink. The man says you should sort problems at home, why are you ruining reputation this way. Kartik asks Naira to sit in the car, why did she drink, what was the need. She says no, do you have another one, I want to drink, I have plenty of problems. He says this doesn’t solve problems, it makes a man forget problems for some time, you know its poison. She asks why do you drink then if you know, you are educated, addiction to it is wrong, you are hurting yourself and others, what will Lav and Kush learn from you, sorry to hurt you, I had no other way to explain you. He says we are getting late, shall we go. She says first promise me, else I will start drinking for real and trouble you, promise me. He throws the bottle in bin. Morey saiyyan….plays…. she sits in the car.

Dadi asks Bhabhimaa did you start having green tea these days. Bhabhimaa says no, its just to give you company, I don’t like this tasteless tea, are you writing something. Dadi says I m writing bhajan and poetry these days, few got published in newspaper too. She reads some lines. Bhabhimaa suggests the changes. Dadi says you are unbelievable, its my poem and my words, I will write what I want. Bhabhimaa says you didn’t change, you are still stubborn and egoistic. Naira shows a dress and asks how is it. He says its too loud. She shows another one. He says it has too much embellishments. She asks what about this. She says colour is okay, but you see the rest, this material will prick. She asks him to leave phone and concentrate, they have much work. He keeps his phone. He likes a dress. She asks when did your choice get so bad, when you got dresses for me… O morey saiyyan….plays… She asks him to select. He says we came to select the clothes together. She says this won’t happen, you select clothes for Naksh, I will see for Kirti. She sees a suit for Kartik. Kartik sees a dress for her.

Akhilesh says you are still fulfilling your wishes Surekha, can’t you help Kartik and Naira. She drops the dropping bags anda sks do you think I m so selfish, these gifts and return gifts are for Kirti and Naksh’s party. He says sorry. She says you thought I changed and my love changed too. She cries and says I have never discriminated between Kartik, Kirti and my kids, I have no personal issue with Naira, I love and respect Naksh, I had to end ties with everyone because of Suwarna, you called me selfish. He says sorry. She says everyone is meeting, I m scared, if Suwarna gets angry… He hugs her and says we will try that Suwarna doesn’t feel bad, we will celebrate well. Manish and Dadi look on. Dadi says I have the same fear in my heart.

Manish says yes, but we have to conquer this fear. Kartik and Naira see the place. Kartik says there is one place less. They place the heart and join it. Dil to wahi hai….plays….. They stick K and N on the heart. They get tangled by the ribbons and recall an old moment. Kartik says we have to take care of these ropes. She says yes, it can trouble people. They recall a moment and smile. She says you hanged down and were shouting. He asks why did you get a laugh, you were just seeing and didn’t help. They laugh. O morey saiyyan….plays…. everyone looks on. Naitik says how can they not be together when their hearts are connected. Manish says they will be together soon, don’t lose hope.

Lav and Kush say dad said you are coming, so we got a gift for you. Kartik and Naira see the collage made by Naira for Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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