Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying sorry aunty, Kirti does not want to talk about this, she needs more time. Anita says you won’t understand this. Naira says we will do what Kirti likes. Anita says am I suggesting anything bad, I regard her daughter, I think I have to explain you all, you have to make her sit at home, she has to hear single divorcee, she will have no life, she will stay alone, its not easy, she is beautiful and young, get her married. Naira says we don’t want to force her. Anita says she knows Arjun, she could not marry him before, you don’t know what happens in society, but Dadi can explain you.

Dadi says Naira is saying right, last time we did her marriage her our wish, this time we will not force her, we will get her married if she is happy, divorce is

not a good thing, but its not so worst that girl stays under burden of shame, or marry any first guy she gets. Naira and Kartik smile. Dadi says we will not force Kirti, this time it will happen what she likes, and about your Arjun, you should have not said this, if we found him suitable, we would have chosen him, we don’t good things about him. Anita says because he is father of one child. Dadi says no, its because he is not a right man, I will not repeat my mistake. Anita gets angry and says you did not do this good, you rejected my son’s proposal, I will see who holds your divorcee daughter.

Dadi says don’t dare to say a word against Kirti, else I will forget our relation. Anita goes. Kirti hugs Dadi and cries. She says sorry for this, thanks, I heard you. Dadi says I m scared of society customs, but it does not mean I don’t love my children, I won’t bear anyone saying against my children, forget everything. She hugs Kirti and prays for Kirti’s happiness. Bhabhimaa shows the water leaking in the roof. Naksh says don’t switch on lights. Bhabhimaa says we wanted to keep sawan function. Gayu says Naira will have hope. Gayu calls Naira. Naira says its okay.

Kartik asks what happened. Naira says Gayu called, Sawan won’t be celebrated this year, everyone’s mood is off here too, its fine. She goes.

Manish sees Suwarna’s hand hurt and asks where is your focus, you are never fine, I know you get upset when this day comes, I feel your pain will get less, why could you not forget it. Dadi and Kirti come and give papers. Dadi says send the plate to temple, pandit will do maha yagya, Kirti should get her share of happiness. Kirti says we will celebrate Sawan this year. Dadi asks why, did you celebrate in Aditya’s house. Kirti says no, Naira’s family celebrates, Kartik said Naira’s family is not keeping it this year, can we do this, think of it as some party, please say yes for Naira’s happiness.

Kartik plays with kids. Naira asks what is he doing. He acts and shows Sawan. Naira asks what. Kids says party will happen here. Kirti says have Sawan milni at our place. Suwarna says you have second home. Naira asks did you ask Dadi. Kirti asks what if Dadi agrees… Naira asks really. Kirti says Papa convinced her. Naira smiles.

Its night, Kartik wakes up and sees rains. He wakes up Naira. He says I got a great idea. She says its called dream, sleep. He says its an idea, think if we celebrate Sawan, like you do something special for me, like heroine dances in rain and romances. She says you mean item number. He says no, romantic song, amazing cute one, will you not do, you will do if you love me, else I will understand my love is one way traffic, I will sleep. He does emotional blackmail. She says cheap dialogues and overacting, you made my sleep go over, what to do, rain dance. She sleeps.

Its morning, Kartik says everyone will come in half an hour, Naira should have celebrated sawan with me first. He gets shocked seeing…… Naira sizzling and dancing on Tip tip barsa pani….. He smiles. He dances with her. They romance. He dries her hair. He says you will catch cold. She sneezes. He says I m foolish to ask you to do this, why did you agree. He says you are husband. They argue. She asks him to have mehendi of her name. He says what’s the use, you don’t apply. She says maybe I will apply seeing you. He says done, I got a chance to express love. He sings and goes. She smiles.

Suwarna gets a call from her brother. She talks. Naira goes to her. Her brother says I feel bad, you have made your son away, you know your son has grown up, he has become naughty and stubborn, his face is of prince, I know you would be getting emotional. Suwarna cries. He says I m sending the parcel at same place, go and take it. She sees Naira’s reflection and ends call. She wipes her tears and turns. Naira says sorry, I disturbed you, you were talking to your brother, call him here or meet him. Suwarna goes.

Suwarna gets a message and says if that parcel comes home, no, I can’t let anyone get it. Dadi asks Suwarna to come for rasam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Fabulous Episode.

    So positive episode , loved to see dadi supporting keerti against societal barriers.

    Naughty Mendhak blackmailing Sherni for romance in first baarish after sweet :*:*

    Keerti is always ready to do something for Naira and Kaira.

    Hey Guys ,today i have seen Father’s Day Special episode of 13mins on hotstar. That was beautiful.if u haven’t watched then go and Naira and Naitik.

    Missy ,where were u ?

    Soofia,how are u ?

    Ananya ,,ask next question ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Hi, Fenil bhaiya.. I really wanted to watch the father’s day segment but unfortunately hotstar doesn’t work in places far from India.. Whenever I want to watch anything in hotstar they say ” the video is not available in your region”.. I researched and saw hotstar is active in India and near places.. Do u know anywhere else where I could watch the segment? I want to see it soo badly…

      1. Fenil

        Now i don’t know but if i will get any other source than i will inform u .

  2. Hi everyone….
    Nice episode….

  3. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey fenil yaar I’m fine thanks long time no talk I’m missing u so much

    From soofiabhatti

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