Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara checking someone under the blanket. She thinks Naira has run away and checks. She says thank God, she is here. She sees Pungi outside room and asks did you not sleep. Pungi signs she forgot her room. Akshara takes her. Naira comes to her room. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik. He flirts with her. Mishti comes there. Gayu’s imagination ends. Kartik asks them when did they come. Mishti says we came early to do arrangements. Kartik says I will just come. Mishti tells Gayu that Kartik is very cute. Gayu says yes, he is cute, handsome and special too.

Akshara makes Rose wear a beautiful necklace. Rose likes it. Devyaani says Akshara designed this for you. Rose hugs Akshara and thanks her. Matha says I don’t have such heavy jewelry. Devyaani says all this

is ours, you can wear it. Bhabhimaa makes Martha wear the necklace. She asks Akshara to go to Rajshri’s house. Devyaani asks Akshara to go and see arrangements. Bhabhimaa says Naira came to me and said she is not getting sleep, just go and meet her. Akshara thinks to talk to Naira.

Kartik manages everything and asks Yash not to work, just enjoy. Ananya likes the decorations and helps. Dadi asks Gayu to go and get ready, maybe she can get anyone today. Gayu smiles and sees Kartik. Kartik waits for Naira and says she does not get ready like other girls, but still takes time. Akshara hears Naira talking to someone and asks her to open the door, who is there. Naira asks someone to hide. She opens the door and asks Akshara not to doubt, there is no one. Akshara says no, I felt…. Naira says you make excuse to talk to me. Akshara says no, I m sure there was someone, don’t try to fool me, whats happening, you are behaving strange, tell me, leave this anger and annoyance, answer me. Naira plays a recording and says maybe you heard this, Mishti and I recorded this to have fun, you can search the room if you want.

Akshara says sorry, get ready, we have to leave for Rajshri’s house, everyone already left. Akshara gets ready. She gets Naitik’s message. He asks her to send her pic. She smiles and takes her pic. She sends the pic and looks sad to him. He asks the reason. She records message that you are not here and even Naira is worried for something, call her and ask her once. Naira thinks what will I tell Akshara when she asks why did I not get ready. Naira says I don’t know how to get ready, I wanted to get ready well, there is no one, so can you help. Akshara says why not, I will do, come, sit, I will make you ready. She makes Naira ready. Naira asks is this me and gets surprised. Akshara says you look like a fairy, very pretty, shall we leave. Naira says I will wear sandal from my room, I will just come.

Maheshwaris welcome Rose and her family. Rose asks why is it dark. Kartik says sorry, this happened in last moment. Rose says I want ceremony to happen well. The lights come. Rose gets glad. Rajshri says its Gayu and Kartik’s hardwork, Gayu went to get ready. Shaurya asks for Akshara and Naira. Naksh says they are on the way. Rose asks for Yash. Rukmani says he has come, and blindfolds her. Naksh says even Yash is blindfold. Rukmani says this will make you value us and increase curiosity. Naksh does not let Yash cheat. Rose says I will dance on Indian song.

Kartik waits for Naira and lights diyas. He asks why did the lights go. Gayu comes there and thinks Kartik should see me first. Varsha comes and takes her for some work. Gayu thinks even Kartik wanted to see me. Kartik sees the lights and says why are lights flickering. He sees Naira and is mesmerized. Yeh rishta kya……………plays……… He smiles. She tells him not to do anything with music and cds she plays, else she won’t leave him. Naira sees him smiling and goes. The lights get normal as Naira goes away. Kartik says what a girl, she makes lights flicker. Everyone smile and compliment Naira. They say Akshara would have made Naira ready, she has made Naira look so pretty. Rose says we have to see too, this is not fair. Rukmani stops Rose. Rose asks when will Salman come. Kartik smiles seeing Naira.

Kartik welcomes Salman Khan in the sangeet. Everyone clap and is happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really hate Gayu, she is so irritating and for me Gayu is not beautiful as Naira. When they were young Naira use to share everything that doesn’t mean she has to share her love with Gayu. I really wanna watch the episode when Kartik proposes Naira and Gayu overhears them.

    1. Ya you are right Naira and karthik love story are really one and only reflection of Akshara and naitik love story I watching this show bcoz of karthik and Naira love story scenes not this gayu I really hate gayu but I sure this naira and karthik love story track make serial more powerful and popular bcoz I just love this both couple forever and ever

    2. Gulabo

      Gayu is not bad. I too want to see naira and kartik together but saying gayu bad is not done. ia m sure gayu will back off when she would know that kartik loves naira. She would be hurt too which is normal but wont interfere.

      1. Amina2000

        i agree with u gulabo gayu is really kind at heart and has been through a lot when she finds out about kartik and naira im sure she will not interfere and cause problems for them

  2. Nice episode

  3. Ohh loving this jodi kaira..

  4. Loving kaira..naira&kartik is just amazing…

  5. Maa-beti wala part totaly out standing.

  6. I just love this episode especially naira and karthik love scenes and Maa beti shingaar scenes just love it

  7. akshara is her mom.a mom will always make her daughter to look preetiest.i love akshara-naira scenes always.kaira scene was so beautiful n specially the new version of yrkkh song awesome.kartik is much in love yet hes hiding it.hope akshara understands him n support him to get his love as kartik naira r the best

  8. Megha Mahajan

    Why naksh is being sidelined?? He hardly have any main role. Please get any girl for him.

  9. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey everyone I’m soofia I really what to know who that person is that is hiding in naira a room I can’t wait to find out who that person is that is in nairas room

    From soofia

  10. I think bohot jaldh ham logo ki khushi ko nazar lage ga kiuki karthik come here for some reasons ur naira ko mohra ke tara use karega..ASA bhi ho cakta hea ki o Tara ka kuch lagta ho Jo naksh ko ek behen ka dardh Se rubaru kara na cahta hea..eci bajase sahedh naksh ko pehle karthik ka uske behen ko dekhne ki bath pata cala ho…

  11. Anika

    By God!
    Naira was looking stunning.
    And Karti! He was looking too cute!
    And Gayu and her imagination power!
    Kya Kya imagine karte rehti hai!
    Anyway Gayu will turn negative after knowing Kaira love story (watched it on a sbs segment)

  12. I have read in Spoilers that kartik is Sukanya’s brother and that is why he came here with evil intentions.
    But I don’t think so that kartik is an evil as he is so cute.
    And naira was looking amazing in lehanga but not gayu I didn’t like gayu’s lehanga.
    Loved the new version of yrkkh and yes loved kaira scenes and the way kartik was staring at naira.
    Loved maa beti scenes.

  13. I love Naira Jodi ,but somehow I feel Karthik might end up with gayu ,,,,,,either due to Karthik coming for revenge sake or Naira sacrifices for her family sake as Akshara will misunderstand Karthiks love to be for gays and not Naira.i just hope whatever come in between even separation but KAIRA should end up together …..

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