Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara explaining Naitik not to be strict to Naksh. They hear Naira has come from school and go. Sanju sees Rajshri packing her bag and says I thought its ghost. She says so she is preparing to send her. Sanju says she is very sweet. Rajshri says she packed well to help her. Sanju asks her to become her best friend. Rajshri says I recalled Gayatri, she was my best friend. Sanju says she will take her for movie. They laugh.

Everyone ask Naira about her first day at school. Naira says she did not like the school, they all are mean, they did not talk to me, I want to go back to Cape town, I miss my friends. Akshara asks her not to be upset. Naitik says you are new for them, so it will take some time. Nandini asks Rukmani not to be after Yash. Rukmani says she

will know when she loses him. Nandini says I know him well. Rukmani says he is talking to Sanju, she will spoil him. Akshara sees stains on the clothes and shows Bhabhimaa.

Devyaani says Karishma has fired the old laundry man, he did not wash Mishti’s clothes well. Akshara says this one is more bad, shall I call the old one. Devyaani says do as you want. Akshara says fine, I will ask him not to make mistakes. Naitik and Akshara see Naksh hearing music. Naitik worries. Sanju studies and Rajshri gets tea for her. Sanju asks her to come, they will go out.

Its morning, Naitik says he will call Naksh. He greets Naira and asks her not to be upset. Sanju says she has done all studies, she will go now. Naitik says I m worried, Naksh is not responsible, he is not here. Akshara says he was here. Naitik says his phone is unreachable. Naksh comes and greets them. Akshara asks where was he. Naksh says sorry, I have to leave.

Naksh asks them to relax, he is also getting tensed seeing them. He goes for the entrance test. Naitik says he will drop him. Akshara takes Naira to drop her. Naksh takes elder’s blessings and leaves. They all smile. Naitik drops Naksh. Sanju and Yash meet him there and ask Naksh to come. Naitik wanted to talk to him. Naksh goes to him, and says wish me luck. Naitik says all the best Naksh and hugs him. He goes.

Karishma says Naman whats use to go office, Naitik will do the work and send you home. Naman says he has sent me for us to go market. Karishma says Akshara is managing things, we did not have problem before, why did Akshara change laundry man. Naira sees the girls talking. Sanju and Yash are happy that they gave good exams. Naksh does not do the exam well.

Sanju and Yash look for Naksh. They see Naksh and asks how was his exam. Naksh says great. Naksh worries. Naitik says don’t know how did his exam go. Bau ji says he will come. Naitik says maybe he did not do exam well. Naksh comes home. They ask how did he write the exam. Naitik says his face is showing. Naksh laughs and says he wrote exam very well, he will pass. They get happy. Naira comes and sees Naksh lying. She says her day was very good, and she made friends too. She looks at Naksh and they both leave. Ananya says Sanju is back again. Sanju says she will not leave her, she got love in his home, she is going in hostel. Rajshri smiles. Omi brings vegs and asks Dadi to cook today. Vishwamber asks Rajshri where did she go at night. Sanju smiles. Rajshri says I went on terrace to get clothes.

Akshara and Karishma argue over the laundry man. Naksh checks the paper and Naira sees him. She says just 42% right answers and she had doubt on him when he told Naitik that he did exam well. Naksh says he knows she had problem in school. They deal that they won’t tell their secrets. She asks him to do her homework. He says fine, and asks what happened in school. She says she did not make friends. He hugs her and they smile.

Naira scolds Mishti and shows the room messed up. Devyaani says Mishti is small. Naira says it would have been good if we did not come here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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