Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi stopping Naksh and asking him to do tilak rasam. Kartik gets up. Dadi says its not good to go, sit. Kartik says I have to go washroom. She says you are not a kid, sit. Pandit says let him go, puja has still some time. Kartik thanks him and goes. The kids play hide and seek. Mishti asks Lav and Kush not to hide behind her. Naira talks to Pungi on call. She sees video of tilak rasam on phone. Kush hides in cupboard, and it gets locked. Kartik comes back. Dadi asks Naitik to start rasam by washing groom’s feet. They all look on. Dadi asks him to take plate and water. Naitik nods.

Kartik stops Naitik and says no need to do this, keep the plate. Naira looks on. Dadi asks why are you stopping, its rasam, son in law is like Lord. Kartik says maybe, but

this rasam is not needed, Sir leave this, else I will wash my feet on my own. Naitik says its ritual, I have no problem to do this. Kartik says but I have problem, leave it. Manish says I did this ritual in Kirti’s marriage, you did not say anything, agree to Dadi. Naira prays. Akhilesh and Mansi say Kartik wanted to stop you that time also, he told pandit also. Dadi says this is first rasam, how many compromises am I making, everything won’t go as they want.

Naksh says I want to say something if you don’t feel bad, I m Naira’s elder brother, and like her father, I want to do this rasam if Dadi permits. Dadi nods. Naksh asks Kartik to sit. Kartik says no. Naksh tickles him and keeps his feet in plate. He washes Kartik’s feet and says this is just sample, if you trouble Naira, I will wash you also. He wipes his feet. Kartik wipes his hands in return. Everyone smile. Kartik touches Naksh’s feet and takes blessings, saying elder brother is like father. Naksh hugs him. Naira and everyone smile. Naira thinks did Kush come out or not. Pandit asks Suwarna to come for tilak rasam. Kartik says Dadi…. Dadi says I can’t do this, a suhaagan has to do this. He says Surekha…. Suwarna signs Surekha to do rasam. Naira thinks how will I bring Kartik close to family. Surekha does rasam. Naitik does tilak to Kartik. Everyone do the ritual. Manish and Suwarna sit sad and look on.

Lav says I tried finding Kush everywhere. Naira says I think they are finding Kush, I will inform them. She calls everyone and none answer, as phones are put up in a tray. She says I can’t call Mishti, else video will disconnect, what to do. Kush knocks cupboard door. Dadi asks Naitik to make Kartik wear pagdi. Naitik tries pagdi to Kartik. Naira worries and gets scared. Naira takes car keys and runs. Pandit asks for shagun from groom’s side. Naitik and everyone worry. Naira is on the way. Naitik and everyone get surprised seeing purple suit. They all see Kartik smiling. They smile and get glad.

Naira says I should have seen Kartik’s words and saw house, I have to find it now. Surekha says we have ordered this suit from designer, I selected this, see the tag. Akhilesh says why will they do this, they can afford it. Surekha asks shall I ask someone. Manish says no, we will discuss later. Naitik gives shagun to Kartik. Naira reaches Goenka house and runs.

Guard stops her and asks who are you. She says don’t stop me, its imp, I m Naira, Kartik’s…. Guard says no, you can’t go. She runs inside the gate. Servant mixes red color and it falls in her way. She steps in color and runs inside the house. She leaves red footprints and shouts Kartik. Everyone get shocked seeing her. She runs. Kartik asks what happened, will you say. She sees cupboard locked and runs. She opens cupboard and they all see Kush unconscious inside. They all get shocked. They get Kush out and sprinkle water on him.

Kush gets conscious. Naira hugs him and cries. Kuch asks who are you. They all smile. Lav says she is Naira, how did she come when she was not allowed to come. Rajshri cleans Naira’s lep from face. Varsha makes her wear dupatta. Naira takes Dadi and elder’s blessings. Kartik asks how did you know about Kush. Naira says Mishti did videocall to me to show tilak rasam, I have seen Kush on video, sorry I did not wish to come, I was in tension, I called everyone, no one answered, so I came running. Suwarna says you did right, we will not forget your favor, don’t know what would have happened with Kush today. Manish thanks her. Naksh says I know Dadi believes all this but situation was…. Kartik says yes, she did big favor on us. Dadi says we know, we are thankful, but this did not happen right.

Kartik says you have all solution, we will do what you say. Suwarna says don’t do this, Naira will never agree. Dadi says Naira has to give some sacrifices.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Hello everyone. Hope all are happy and fine.
    Thanks ammena di for the fastest update.
    Uggh…. now the change of name thing will start. I have also read that Karthik will support dadi and ask Naira to change her name . Hope they give a proper explanation for his behaviour.
    Loved naira’s grah pravesh today. Soo filmy and mother of all coinsidences !!
    The rituals are really nice and interesting to watch. Loved the new naksh. He has fit in the role perfectly.
    Waiting for the engagement !! But I don’t want Naira to change the ring that Karthik has given. I really like that crown walli ring. Hope they do something about it….

  2. Hi sachu di,Sophie di,rahul bhayya,aniket,twana di,vrushy di,pat di,trishi,pari,how r u vrushy di
    Sorry if I forgot anyone’s name
    Cmg to the episode,episode was nice naira ka naam badalra Hai mujhe acha nahi lagra and Karthik also supports this too bad??????????????

    1. Hello Sruthi meh bilkhul theek hu… kase hai thum???
      U r fine now na??
      Even I don’t like Naira’s name changing… n the name thatz going to be changed z ugly…. Naira suits her well….

    2. Vrushy

      Hii sruthi. I am good !!
      What about you ?!!
      Even I didn’t like this plot. Being a woman herself how can dadi ask another gitl to give up her personality. Just by maintaining a good lifestyle one doesn’t become modern, you have to change your mindset and attitude as well !!

  3. Nyc episode

  4. Hello Everyone…. How r u all??
    BFF Hiii… How r u??? Thank u ? u know I told ya that I’m gonna say that all the time ? And my police officer oncall…. if my mommy comes to my room now, then will have to dial the emergency Aniket number?She’s cooking something for me! ?
    Soumya how r u?
    Pawan how r u?
    Aliya all the best… and Rahul bhai all the best for ur exam!!
    Pat di how was ur lunch with ur friend??
    Did she say that ur food z delicious? Hope it went well…. ?
    Sachu dii come peep into the page n leave a reply if u can…
    Sophie dii how r u???
    No comments from Chanya and Trishi today… ?? Hope u guys r fine..
    Adi bhai, BFF how r u? Hope u r doing fine…
    And where r the others??
    TVfan1, Trusna, Shesha, Ishu, Shilpa, Garima, Ishika, and others?? All the others do comment yaar! Waiting for ur comments!!
    And all the others who joined recently… keep commenting yaar…. waiting for u all to comment!!
    Anyhow coming to the ep,
    I don’t believe Naira came all the way with that paste on her face!! She looks funny ?
    Hope Karthik changing the cloth won’t create any problem!
    Love the new YRKKH advertisement…. itz awesome…
    Kaira rockz.
    And new Naksh acted well….. I’m adjusting to him now ?
    Mishti n my lil cuties r adorable n playful…
    Anywayzz waiting for Kaira marriage…
    Hope it will happen ASAP…
    Good Night everyone…. have a calm sleep filled with swt drms! ????

    1. I am fine Di….
      How r u……
      Yes I also want already 2-3 comments everyday han….
      U r preparing for which exams??
      Take care…..

    2. I am fine…Twana…thank you!!!

  5. We hav some cool episodes to watch coming up. So there may be some arguing but the best part is the making up, and Naira n Kartik do it sooooo well!… I’m sure wot ever the reason for Kartik siding wit dadi in the change of name thing but there wil be a clear explanation n waja. He might not say it there n then but I hav full in faith in him. The way Naira is stubborn so is Kartik n they both support the truth but they love n care for each other, Kartik won’t let Naira do anything that wil bring her hurt. He’s promised to never let her worry or hurt, otherwise Naksh is going to bathe him fully ??

  6. Hi everyone.…… how are you???
    Aliya dii and rahul bhai.. all the best for your exams.. hope you do well!!
    Hope you had fun yesterday at lunch pat dii
    It’s been a while since many of you guys have posted- ishika dii, garima dii, shilpa dii, And riya dii
    Coming to the episode… i felt so sad to see kush fainting
    Naira looked so funny when we entered the house?
    I heard that dadi will ask naira to chnage her name to sumegha as it is a tradition and she has also changed suwarna and surekha’s names.

  7. This serial is turning into Naavya which was aired a few years back. Where are Ananya,Yash,Muskan??

  8. Really enjoyable episode but going to hate the name change plot — I hope their names don’t Change! The names these main characters have are one of the identities of the olden times!! Even though I like the new part of yrkkh I do hope the name doesn’t change

    Poor Kush! All of you who kidnapped him should take care of him Na!!! ??

    1. Yaaa adiii….. We still didn’t kidnap the duo na…. to avoid such situations we r gonna kidnap the duo soon ?

    2. Exactly adi bro…. I agree with you that pat dii and twana Di should have taken care of kush…. ??????
      So sad of kush ? ? ? ?????

      1. Lololol pls kidnap them properly!!!
        Ikr pawan bro, so sad ????

  9. Good morning all of u…..
    How are u all….
    All the best Rahul bhai and aliya Di for ur exams……
    So sad of kush…..
    Also heart goes to suwarna at the time when kartik asked surekha to do the ritual of mom…..
    Felt so sad for her but good to see Manish won’t leaves her side…..
    Finally loved the grahpravesh of naira

  10. Yes Twana, I am just a call away.! Will always be there 4 u and also 4 all those having the same situation.! See Akhilesh and Surekha cant take care of Luv Kush. So Adi bro and Pawan, let Twana and Pat di steal Luv Kush so that the duo can be safe.! Hehe.! About episode- Onscreen Kaira chemistry was missing today.! Loved the background music.! Its truly amazing.! I remembered olden YRKKH.! As usual YRKKH alwayr rockzz.! Love the way Suwarna taking stand for Naira.!

  11. Nice episode……

  12. Nice episode..i don’t like this new naksh at all.missing Rohan very much.

  13. Hi everyone….how r u..??
    Finally semester xams got over….???
    Episode was awsum…and pat di n twana…i will also help u in stealing luv khush…??they are so cute…??.
    Hi sruthi…hope u r fine..get well soon

  14. Sry guys i never introduced myself….
    I m trusna pani ( i know my surname is weird??) from Bhubaneswar….and i m an engineering student(1st year).

    1. Itz not weird actually..a lil bit different
      Dii lets kidnap the duo soon then!!

  15. Hi my yrkkh family members….how r u all?
    Tawana di I m fine and how r u??Sophie di and tawana di I will help u too for kidnapping luv kush.Pat di how was ur lunch with your friends.Best of luck aliya di and rahul bhaiya for ur exams.
    Episode was nice..I really love luv and kush ?they r very cute..I hope naira does not change her name and I hope karthik supports her.

    1. Hey now we have lots of ppl to kidnap the cuties…. LETS DO IT ??
      I’m very fine soumya

  16. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    Why so less comments today ?!!
    Guys, all of us need to buck up and support our favourite show yrkkh. We need to raise its TRP’s for its long run. I know right now the track is a bit slow. They showed three episodes of the tilak rasam itself but then the good things are not to far away !!
    Please do comment guys as it affects the popularity of our show. The upcoming scenes are really interestingwith kaira’s morning jogging date. And Naira choosing ring for Karthik and then karthik’s abhishek with milk !!
    Do comment people as we need yrkkh in top 10.
    Ps : also on 12th jan yrkkh will complete 8 years. Its a huge milestone for any serial !!

  17. Can anyone pls tell me how to be a registered member…I tried 100 times but they r saying my email id is not valid….Pls tell me

  18. naira ka naam sumedha hone vala h oooo nooooo????
    sorry guys busy in exams…
    ?? how are you all

  19. Hi all – my beautiful, lovely, wonderful & blessed family.
    I pray your day is going well
    I am good & yes lunch was lovely, everything came out good & the conversation was superb – received some good wisdom.
    The episode was superb I love the way Naira entered like a bride but not married yet, that freaked Goenka Dadi – her face was priceless
    And this Dadi why is she so negative her & Baisa should live in the same house.
    I feel so sorry for Manish & Suwarna.
    Oh please, let this misunderstanding get sorted ya as my beautiful boy – is missing out on their love.
    I like the way both of the stuck up for Naira.
    And you all I still feel that Surekha is not as nice as she makes out. What
    was the need for her to point out the fact about the suit.
    And Dadi is terrible, can’t she see the good in Naira. I am sure the goodness of humanity superceeds any ritual. Because the whole point of performing any ritual is to please your God & if you have shown kindness and goodness, I am sure it is not ‘abshagun’. So why should Naira change her name.
    Come on who asked a young girl that is still grieving her dead mother to drop the name that is part of her mum. I don’t like this negativity from this family.
    Oh my lovely Kush – my heart was breaking watching that – yes Twana we have to steal them ????

  20. I think fans are not commenting much because of the Goenkas – the Dadi is too negative – she is partial, it is like her whole world revolves around Kartik and she is not even trying to reunite him with his parents. No she is not good because elders are supposed to set things right & create peace amongst their children. Look at the way everyone tried to sort Akshara & Nairas problem out – doing things subtly to bring them together and it works in the end.
    WOW eight years – I can just about remember the first few episodes of Akshara coming down the stairs of their house, her & Varsha running around, Om kaka did not show love to his wife. WOW those were the days.
    All of you doing your exams best wishes & we look forward to you all joining us in commenting.
    Have a good evening all ????

  21. Dadi iz like Baisa, she used to be a horrible inflexible stern person. Becos yrkkh is not like other serials with mean villains and torture going on 4ever, I think she will change and become nicer

  22. Hi guys…. got da 4n… U know the most funniest thing??? When there’s no festival… comments increase only when we fight…
    Somehow guys do comment….I feel so sad seeing less number of comments!!
    Tell us whatever guys… I enjoy reading all ur comments!!
    So plz do comment

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