Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update

gy3 asking naitik what are you saying? where don’t u want to go? naitik palpitatingly says accident truck will hit me. gy3 tries to console him saying what happened earlier not think about that nothing will happen. naitik express his fear to them. bm asks gy3 to drop duggu school, duggu wondering what is happening? bm takes naitik inside, duggu asks gy3 where is naitik? gy3 tells him naitik is unwell so can’t drop him. duggu asks gy3 what will I say to my friends I wanted my friends to see my father.

gy3 tells him tell what is truth. duggu still questions why did naitik promised me then? they leave for school. AT M’s ananya asks varsha did she talked with her dance teacher? when are we going there? varsha tells yes, guess who is going to drop your dadi. ananya is happy hearing dadi will drop her. At SS akshi returns from office & asks did naitik arrived? gy3 has no answer akshi senses something wrong. at Naksh room naitik remembers about accident, akshi comes there. she makes naitik wear watch, naitik tells I couldn’t drop duggu I was haunted by accident thoughts. akshi tells him to calm down their was tough time in our life but it has passed now. Don’t think of that anymore.

naksh are having lunch akshi is talking over phone to someone. naitik enquires about duggu’s returning time, he tells that first I used missed everything as I was in office whole day now after four years still I miss everything instead of staying at home. akshi remembers she forgot to give something to naitik in happiness. akshi gives naitik her dairy where she wrote every minute what happened in their life four years. naitik starts reading it, he tells from now I will see through your eyes what happened.

At courtyard gy3 & bm are talking what happened today? bm tells naitik was upset as he couldn’t drop duggu school & asks if duggu is angry with naitik? gy3 tells I tried to make him undertsnad why he couldn’t & it is also not easy for naitik. how bad he must be feeling he couldn’t keep his promise. mohit is trying to cheer up naitik by asking to play video game. naitik denies saying I want to finish dairy u know what is there. mohit tell u can read it at night, finally naitik agrees for video game. naitik asks but were are u taking me?

mohit tells at duggu’s room as all latest video games are there only. mohit asks naitik which game he want to play, naitik eyes falls on football & he tell they will play football. mohit tells both duggu & ur choice is same even he fav is football game, naitik asks he plays video game? mohit tells yes this idea was akshi’, he is champion in this game. mohit teaches naitik video game. duggu sees this he is thinking morning he was unwell & now he is playing with mohit.

naitik does goal he wons, by time duggu is standing at their back naitik wins the game. naitik goes near naitik, but duggu to mohit & kisses on his cheek, naitik gets sad seeing this. duggu asks mohit if a person is sick in morning how can his wealth will be good by afternoon? naitik understand what duggu actually meant by this question,mohit tells yes it can be just like u do while going to school having stomach aches then at afternoon u are fit.

akshi brings snacks for them, she asks what is happening? duggu tells naitik won the game, akshi tells that no one can lose duggu he is superboy isn’t it mohit? mohit tells no my friend(naitik) can I believe he can lose duggu. akshi challenges naitik to play,he accepts it saying he will lose duggu. Video game begins BG jaadu tera chal gaya, naitik is adoring duggu, he does the goal & wins.AT courtyard duggu tells rb about match & he won so give me chocolate. akshi asks duggu to bring his maths note book, duggu says “ooii’ & brings it.

naitik asks gy3 why does duggu say ooii? gy3 tells him that one-day akshi & I took him at park, there one lady sprained her leg. Due to pain she told ooii after that duggu says that. akshi questions duggu for getting less marks in maths which is 5/10. duggu tells he don’t like maths.

akshi tells even’t I didn’t like maths but after naitik taught me maths & other subjects I started getting good marks.duggu asks really? akshi tells him that naitik is very good in studies & due to his help I got good marks in my exams so from now u should learn things from him. naitik asks duggu can I teach you? episode ends on duggu’s confused face.

precap: naitik promises everyone that he will fulfill new year with happiness in their lives.

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