Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara telling Mishti that she will come back and do her project. Naksh says you are looking good. Akshara asks them not to trouble anyone. Naira says we enjoy when there is dad. Akshara says you all will miss me. Naira says we won’t miss, go now. Naksh asks her to take care. Bhabhimaa says she will do ritual to take off bad sight from her. Akshara smiles. She gets Rajshri’s call. She tells Rajshri that she is leaving. Rajshri asks is Naitik not going with you. Akshara says no, he does not know anyone there. Rajshri says she is making her fav sweet today. Akshara says I will have it when I return.

Rajshri says your brothers left me, you are also leaving me. Akshara says I will come back in evening. Rajshri asks her to take care. Naitik says you

keep things in mind, don’t stop car on highway. Bau ji says Akshara is more smart than you in these things. Akshara takes their blessings and hugs everyone. She leaves. Naitik jokes and asks her to go. She hears her family laughing and talking. She smiles seeing them. The driver says the car is fine now. Naira and Naksh come out and give water bottle to Akshara. Naksh says Bhabhimaa kept food tiffin in the car.

Naitik asks driver not to overtake other cars and drive slow. She asks him to take care and says she will go. Naitik asks her to say she will come, he will be waiting. She waves bye to them and leaves in the car.

Rajshri talks to Vishwamber. He says he has to go for work, he left his habit to work, so he got tired. She says I feel bad seeing you. She says if I was educated, I would have helped you. Ananya hears them. He says you are managing me, this is also a big work. Vishwamber and Omi leave. Akshara is on the way. She sees a truck coming and asks driver to be careful. Naitik gets worried at home. Naksh asks what happened. Naitik says don’t know Naksh, I felt like….. The driver says sorry, it was not my mistake. She says yes, but don’t know how others driver.

She asks him not to tell this at home. Naira and Mishti play. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa have a talk. They laugh and say they will make Naitik inform Akshara about flowers. Naksh misses Tara and says I should have not walked out. They all miss Akshara. Naitik calls Akshara and she says this is your 35th call. He tells her that his meeting got cancelled. She says I think Lord does not want us to be together. He says I will even fight with Lord to be with you. She says I was joking. She ends call.

Sangram is with his friends and tells them about Akshara, who is problem of everything. He drinks and says Akshara is not agreeing for Naksh and Tara’s marriage. His friend asks why are you in hurry. Sangram says my Dada ji is innocent, I will not leave her.

Akshara sees a car broke down and worries. Her car also stops after some distance. The driver checks the car. He says trye got punctured, he will change the trye. He says he forgot the stepney at home, sorry. He says he will look for some help. She shows a puncture mechanic there and thanks Lord. Naitik makes food. Bhabhimaa says I will cook. Naitik says he is making something for Akshara. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani laugh. They say they are missing Akshara and leave. Akshara pays money to the man. The driver gets call and tells Akshara that his son fell from terrace, his head got wounded. She asks him to go. He says I will drop you home. She says I will drive, you will get late. She sends him and asks him to take lift by any car. He thanks her.

She calls Naitik and he is busy cooking. She drives and sees a danger board. Sangram is drunk and sees Akshara passing by. He thinks its good he will talk to her today. He follows her. He horns and she think who is this. She sees Sangram. He shouts on her asking her to stop. She thinks what is Sangram doing here, he is drunk and driving, shall I ask him, no I will not stop, I will go home and call Tara’s Dada ji. The water bottle falls under the break. She sees the breaks not working and panics. Sangram thinks why is she not applying breaks. She tries removing the bottle. She drives in some hilly area and thinks its cliff there, what to do. She pulls the handbrake and stops the car. Sangram comes there. She steps down her car to talk Sangram. Her earring falls there. Sangram says I will explain her well today to agree for Tara’s marriage else… He is drunka dn stumbles. He walks to her.

Akshara says I will call police. Sangram asks are you mad and takes her phone. She slips and falls down the cliff. She recalls Naitik and her family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. She lost her memory.. Or eyesight.. I think so

    1. lakshmi your comment is totally wrong our cute aksara will be back with no physical harm

  2. Hey u drunkard Sangram! How dare u chase our #Akshara….?! :[email protected]

  3. I hope nothing serious will happen to our favourite #Akshara.

  4. Naitik will definitely come there and save our Akshara.. I hope Naitik will do that…

  5. Naksh sorry 2 say but u have made a very wrong choice dear… Tara does not suit u yaar from any angle. Her family is so backward… Tara’s family doesn’t match with ur sweet family. Its da opposite of Singhania family… I hope u’ll understand it soon…

  6. Akshara’s driver is so careless…

  7. Naira u r such a cutiepie. I like u very much…

  8. i think now the relation of tara and naksh family will be broken and there marriage will not happen !!! if you agree than please reply

  9. than what about naksh’s love will it not happen to marry tara

    1. They won’t marry! Rohan (Naksh) himself told us on instagram

  10. Naira and naksh sweet talks

  11. I read somewhere that Akshara is going on vacation so need some break from the serial..i guess she will be missing for few upcoming episodes..then our cute Akshara will b back sangram ki band bajane..

  12. dont make akshara to die bcz with her only serial is nice

  13. Akshara must be kept alive…. otherwise the serial will end.. She is one of the leads.. I just hope this serial doesn’t turn into an illogical one like others do when one dies…

  14. Akshara is the spirit of serial…what will happen without her……??????

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