Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara having a talk about catering order. Naksh asks Sanju to have icecream and calm down. She is angry on hindi teacher. She says she can’t bear her, she would have run away if she was her daughter. Naksh asks her not to do anything bad and he is in her side. He says lets go and say sorry to her, else she will cut marks. She says no ways, I will show her who am I and what I can do. Naksh says he has to calm down mum now. Naman tells Karishma that he is leaving now. Karishma says she is so busy and does not remember anything. He asks did she talk to Naitik. She says she will call infew days to congratulate Akshara, she joined college.

They miss Akshara and Naitik. She says time will make everything fine. He says he will leave and kisses her.

Mishti comes and says she helped them. Naman asks for her cheque book. Mishti says she helped and signed all cheques. They look at each other. Karishma takes her. Naksh comes to Naira and talks to her. He tells her to rag others and she says you beat her, I told her I will call you when she troubles me. He asks how can he fight with a girl and he can’t help her. She says I will feel bad, I wish I had sister, I would have got clothes too, as fight started for a cute top.

He says he won’t help her and she gifts him. He says he can’t take it. She asks him to take money, he deserves it more. He thanks and hugs her. Rajshri asks Vishwamber what is he thinking. He says he is retiring. She asks why. He says are you not glad, I want to relax now, kids will manage. She says yes, but suddenly. He says its many years of working now. He says if person is healthy, can’t he retire. She says fine, but did you think what will you do. He says yes, I did not spend time with family, but now I will spend time, and fulfill my wishes, so that I don’t regret that… She says you will never regret, you worked with honesty and fulfilled every responsibility, I m proud of you, I m with you, we will spend time together. She promises him.

Naksh tells Naira about Ananya and Yash and they used to have fun and good food. She says when will I go. He says very soon, till when will Naitik stop us. He leaves and she messages Naitik that Naksh left. Vishwamber tells everyone that he is retiring. Shaurya says its hard to think you are not working. Omi says yes, we stopped you before when you got ill, and you did not agree. Vishwamber says now he does not wish to work. Shaurya says we will manage work. Jasmeet says we should keep retirement party.

Naitik comes and asks Naksh where is he going. Naksh tells Akshara that he will come late. Naitik says I asked. Naksh says bye mom and leaves. Naitik gets annoyed. Naira asks Naitik did he read her message. He says no. She says read. He reads it. She says her mobile cover got bad, shall I buy new. He says you need price for the news. She says yes. He says nothing for half news, I want every details. He says Naksh did not go for studies, like I don’t study with studies. He asks what. She kisses and says I love you Papa, and runs. He worries for his children.

Naksh leaves note for Akshara for he is going in Sammy’s birthday party. She says whats this, I m worried that he is not studying. He sends voice message that don’t be angry on Sanju. She says don’t know what magic Sanju did on him. He asks her to do something and says mum’s heart does not know any rules. The note flies to Naitik and he says its bad to read other’s letter, I learnt this in childhood, I wish I did not remember, else I would have read today.

He says sometimes letters fall and I keep it back, don’t worry I don’t read, I know its for you, not for me, I m sure you will tell me what I should. He says the tea got bitter. She says maybe it bear more heat and explains him about relations. She explains him how he ended the distance when he tried after his coma, I think you should try again. She says when we scolded there, there were many people to convince him and here there is no one. He says he said this to himself and tried many times, he is his dad and wants good for him, he feels he is his enemy. She says there is difference of generation between father of son, it depends on us if it becomes a cliff or stair.

Naksh’s friends challenge him to dance. Naksh says he will dance to stop the car and is shocked seeing Naitik in the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lovely show and welcome to all the cast n crew to cape town.. enjoy your stay

  2. sanju is so annoying she needs to stop
    how can anyone be her friend

  3. naksh is sanju’s chumcha
    get ur own backbone

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