Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naksh-Kirti’s haldi gets done

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Kirti exchanging rings. They all clap. Naira and Kartik tease them. Kirti smiles seeing Naksh. Naira and Kartik get them. A curtain is tied in between. The attendant congratulates Naksh and Kirti. Naira says I will do sister’s duty first and then of Bhabhi. Naira applies haldi to Naksh. Everyone applies haldi to him and sing Haryala banna…. They all dance. Naksh sees Akshara’s pic. Naira holds him.

Naira takes haldi for Kirti and applies to her. Everyone apply haldi to Kirti. Everyone sings. Dadi says haldi got completed. Baisa congratulates them. The man says I will also do my son’s haldi this way. Attendant says we are going to land on destination airport, all of you get seated now. Kirti thanks Naira for her backup ideas, it was

much fun. Dadi says Naksh and Kirti can’t meet till marriage. Naira says I will get sweets. She goes. Kartik goes after her. She thinks of his words. Kartik walks to her. Yahan wahan…..plays…..He says I m just taking cold drink, what’s the problem. She thinks if he got annoyed, no dream can get fulfilled if we leave from here. She takes sweets. He stops her. They recall the old moment.

He romances. She says anyone will come. He says so what, we are husband and wife. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She thanks him for coming in her life. She kisses him. He acts to fall down. They laugh and hug. Aryan eats food and says I have to think of something. He sees news of Manish flying the plane. He gets idea.

Kartik feeds sweets to everyone. He sends sweets for captain. He sees kids with phone. He sees Naksh’s video. He hears announcement. Naira says we will go and sit now. He says I was seeing Yash and Naksh’s video, but couldn’t hear anything. She says you can watch later, come, haldi rasam happened well. He says you have made it fine. She says we did this. They feed sweets to each other. She says Naitik should come on time. He guarantees marriage will happen well. The flight lands.

Naira happily cries. Kartik hugs her. Dadi asks Naira what happened. Kartik says she is strange, she shows courage in tough time, she gets senti when everything gets fine. Everyone gets surprised at airport. People make Manish wear garlands and clicks pictures with him. Aryan welcomes them. He sees Manish and says I have seen on tv. Manish says so you did all this. Suwarna asks him to see flight news on tv. They all see Manish. Aryan signs to thank Suwarna. She smiles. Aryan says I got car for all, come with me, I will take bags.

Kartik asks what is he doing here. Naira says we kept him for work. Kartik says it means we have to bear this headache, I will tell him to keep mouth shut and stay in limit. Dadi says we will wait for you all. Rajshri asks Naira to come before pagdi and tilak rasam so that we get baraat on time. Dadi looks on.

Aryan drops all bags and asks servants to keep it in car. Naksh says why did Naitik not call, did case get extended. Rajshri says maybe he called and our phones were off, who can miss this day. Naksh says I feel nervous. Rajshri jokes. Dadi worries for arrangements. Naira and Kartik check. Kids ask why is everyone becoming clown. Dadi says no, everyone wants to look beautiful in marriage. Aryan says I have to look good and make new friends, I have to look rich. He takes face pack. Dadi asks Naira about Kirti’s things. Naira says its all done. Kartik gets garlands and says its very imp. Naira says its history is bad. Kartik asks the man to keep garlands safe and lock it, give keys to Naira. She smiles. Naitik sits worried. He gets Naksh’s call and says how to tell him, if I don’t end this case, Naksh can get jail.

Naitik says I can’t come in my son’s marriage. Naira says Naitik missed the flight. Naksh says baraat won’t go without dad. b

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aku

    Yeah so once again be prepared for kaira mahan gungan episode peeps

  2. Shailjamanya

    Awesome episode

  3. Kaina1

    Dear cvs guys you have spoiled whole serial now please don’t spoil Indian ritual tell me why the hell did naira put the first haldi dude it is always done by mother or someone very elder because it is consider as shagun now tell me why and even with keerti first haldi naira put why dear she has a mother called suwarna why ??
    Anyway dear cvs is it necessary that kaira are to bw with keesh all the time I mean common naksh was looking at keerti and this naira was laughing like a witch
    Anyways again that video I want to kill you for that
    Anyways guys my mood isn’t in a place to write a analysis so I wont

  4. Kaina1

    *********************BREAKING NEWS************************
    NAITIK WONT BE ABLE TO REACH AT NAKSH WEDDING SO NAIRA WILL DO THE PAGDI BANDH RASAM hey bhagwan cvs ko utha lo please utha lo me tumhe 11,11,111 ka Prasad chadhaungi cv ko utha lo
    Matalb cvs tum logo ne full fledge decide kiya hai ki naksh ki wedding ko spoile kar ke chodo ge I mean no akshara in duggu wedding olrite we deal with it no naitik in naksh wedding when he is alive no dear I am not buying it I mean WTF BELIEVE ME CVS FOR EIGHT YOU TREATED NAKSH LIKE PRINCE AND NOW WHY SPOIL HIS CHARACTER DUDE O YOU EVEN KNOW THAT NAKSH IS THE “ONLY” SON OF SHINGHANIYAS AND NAITIK NO ONE ABOVE HIM NO ONE BELOW HIM AND BELIEVE NO MATTER WHAT NO PARENTS IN THIS WORLD WILL SKIP THEIR CHILDEREN NOT EVEN FOR KOHINOOR in this world AND WHEN IT IS ABT UR ONLY SON THEN PARENTS GO AGAINST THE WORLD and guess what guys my prediction that to show kaira grt they will show naksh incapable is coming true and now I know what will happen naksh will be hell angry (he 100% desrve to be) and then kaira will make naksh understand and he will understand and then evry1 will sing kaira crap song bhagwan cvs ko utha lo na plz I mean I failed to understand FROM WHICH MOMENT IN YRKKH DID NAITIK NAKSH BOND NEED A THIRD WHEEL? Anyways now you guys see they have started showing naksh wrong I mean how is it possible that naksh goes to jail??? Anyways dear cvs you have already shown Indian police as irresponsible in airlines and Indian airport service as irresponsible why not show Indian judiciary irresponsible ? common u can do it I believe you but I know you wont because you want to show kaira grt anyways tell me WHY THE HELL IS NAIRA TYING THE PAGDI WHEN RAJBANA IS THERE WHY? And yes keesh engagement again and no flower shower why yaar tum logo ne kaira ke do engagement me flower shower kiye toh why not in keesh engagement ?? bhai yaar itna frustration ho chukka hai ki dil se gaaliyaan dene ka mann kar raha
    And now all the rasam that were supposed to be done by naitik will be done by naira guys plz I am begging you muder the cvs and plese make sure that they are dead
    And now another bomb blast that when naksh will know abt naitik he will lock himself him room and yash in fear that naksh might harm himself will tell everything to naira and then naira will explain naksh and video wont come out in wedding but after the wedding it will be abd karthik will be hell angry that naira knew it and she didn’t tell and kaira sepration track and everyone will blame naksh
    Now after this I am calling ISIS to kill cvs

    1. Aku

      Seriously yaar..I can understand what you are feeling they can go to any damn extent to prove kaira mahan.. and as far as I know for any relationship the basic requirement is trust.. Kartik and naira don’t trust each other don’t believe each other and then they say the love each other.. bhai CVs yeh batao esa konsa pyaar ya rishta hota hai.. all this only shows how immature insecure and insensible and stupid kaira is.. ya th dono mahan banenge ya fir annoying childish unromantic romance krenge ya fir they will fight for no reason.. I’m just so done with this now

    2. Now I lost all the hope for improvement.i have started watching other serial . it is an emotional serial but not boaring.its bhoothu n zee tv.

    3. Form where they get gatland nd sweet which is not allowed in flight….nd when then they have sweet so when bhbimaa got unwell that time where did naira go…why she not bring sweet that time…..its all illogical

      1. Just A Few Words

        Anjali – Girl u are making me laugh so much with the question of where did sweets go when Bhabhima needed them! I say they came from thin air! Magic ????

    4. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina again you hve said everything deep into my heart☺ ur so right abt Naksh how can Naksh does anything so wrong to go to jail??? ??? but sorry Sis Kaina I can’t help but LOL regarding u asking ISIS to kill cvs????but agree agree agree!!!!

      1. Kaina1

        what else shpuld i call for they have literally messed up

  5. Hello everyone
    Hope everyone have enjoyed the comedy show.
    Unromantic romance+ praising+kaira in every frame+unnecesarly attention seeking.i think they miss one thing air hostess said the announcement of should be kaira.

    Yes everyone she is the head of the family so she should apply haldi first, they should do engagement.even I also don’t think she is a professional dancer.

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Anjana agreed to ur comments ☺
      I think cvs is all haywired??

  6. @Kaina…. We cannot do anything…. The CVS seem to be ardent Kaira especially Naira fans or they r hired by one. Nothing to comment about today’s episode but am worried about the upcoming episodes.
    1. Wedding day on location pics r out and guess what…..kaira’s pics r kept on hold just shows that lots gonna b shown on her makeup, dress and beauty whereas keerti and Naksh’s pics r on circulation along with other family members.
    2. If Naithik makes it to the wedding it is going to b Naira who speaks to the Supreme Court Judge (guess it is some legal issue) requesting him for some hrs time as the problem is going to burst out in 4 or 5 hrs that started out of the blue and if not then Nash will b shown as least interested in getting married spoiling the whole mood and Kaira will b at the peak of acting that is more scary than anything else.

  7. Ufff… My god… How come the CVS could even portray naksh character to this extent . He has been always the prince charm of Akshara and pride of singhaniyas.. my god again KAIRA romance, naira mahan.. don’t the CVS have any good story line to write..I wonder is this the same show which portrayed how to handle relationships in the family. The name should be better changed to Naira – D mahaan. Guys I could not control my anger when Karthik said Aryan is continuously speaking and annoying.. can’t he see how much his beloved naira speak and spoils the interest of the viewers…

  8. When naksh and naira are akshara’s kids should not the story shows the realtionship and life of both the people equally… Its Keesh wedding and yet the show telecasts only the romance of KAIRA which is irritating to the core.. does they really know what is the meaning of love at all..

  9. Give some rest to Kaira please and give a lot of scenes to others esp the groom and bride, Kaira was good but now it is boring and over romance seems like comedy, writers, give some importance to Keesh,there is a lot of scope for their romance,how Naksh will fall in love with Keerthi,also a sweet slow romance for Aryan.I wish I could send this Mohsin and Shivangi on a world tour, would have got some relief from their scenes.Kaira fans may bash me but I just don’t care,fed up of Kaira’s childish romance, Hus n wife it seems,silly kids.Acting also childish,though CVS are responsible for scenes, these two can’t bring out mature romance I think.

  10. Sachu

    A biiiiiiig hiiiiii to all my cutie pies out here. Hope all r fit n fine and that some of u guys missed me. Iam glad that u all still survives after watching this crap turned once fabulous show. What to tell about the current track ?????? Pure bull shit!!!!! A kind request to the CVs: Instead of killing us like this by giving slow poison just make a movie named ” adventures of Kaira ” n finish us all off in one go. U can also release other parts to it like ‘Kaira and the mystery of dadi goenka’ ‘How Naira ended up solving 99 problems a day’ n so on.
    I cant stand this any more..

    I cant believe that this is the same pair that I adored earlier n a biiig thanks to the CVs for making me hate them. Seriously guys the plane drama was a bit too much..

    I felt like reading the update of some 2 rs show. Hats off to all those who could bear to watch all these n still manage to nt hit their heads on nearby walls.
    Byee for now guys…… Love u all n hope to peep in soon when I find time…..

  11. But guys and gals the poll that is happening speaks otherwise…… Very less % supporting the marriage…
    There was another poll about the best serials if star plus and if u read the small gist given about the storyline it is NAIRA’s journey as a daughter,sister,daughter -in- law, sis-in -law and what not…. Totally disappointed ?

  12. The actors who play kaira can’t even act properly. There was an article in August saying they were insecure of keesh wedding. Immediately after that article came there was illogical baby track.
    Shivangi fans are blaming keesh for everything even when writing is bad they say keesh are century vouple n taunt them.
    Shivangi’s fans are b*t*hes andbthe actress thinks she is some oscar winner. I.hope she becomes.jobless after yrkkh ends.

  13. I once loved kaira but i am liking keesh and remaining characters more and hating kaira specially naira now.
    Only naira can get idea of doing haldi in plane ?
    Naira is a good for nothing character who always lives in maayka. I never saw or any of my friends qho are married going to maayka everyday. What about the family ugot married into? Don’t u think u should try to leaen how their family works and give importance to them? Bidaai pe tph aise ro rahi thi jaise shaadi nahi kisi aur ka death hai..
    Haan true beta in kartik is dead and karitik is only pet dog of naira and singhaniyas now.
    I agree dadi ka kwhne ka tareeka galat hai but her intentions arw onlyto make naira become a bahu and learn how goenka family works . Naira should stop actinf like everybody’s boss.
    Haldi is fi4st applied by elders. In hinduism elders bless youngsters not younger sibling blessing elder one.

  14. Just A Few Words

    Ok peeps looks like Keesh wedding is also going to get messed. I am no longer interested in this crap. Will still watch keesh wedding. Read updates once in a while. Sachu and Mithu – yes Super ideas. Hope CVs get to read these! Now I am hooked to Kya haal Mr.Paanchal! It’s a light show(I am keeping fingers crossed they don’t ruin it as it’s also part of star group!!) Kaina dear chill! Pani sar ke oopar chad gaya ab! If cvs are not interested to explore other tracks then let the glorified show RIP!!

  15. Just A Few Words

    I am not increasing my BP Nor spoiling my mood! Nothing to write! Hope Mr.Rajan gets to know what people feel now about his show! I also feel they are running out of ideas to keep the show running as they shifted their focus to Kaira! Plane mein haldi was similar to Ishqbaaz Chunri rasam in the police station! Do things differently! Gosh the plane haldi was so boring! How come there were all of a sudden passengers and Rajri had haldi covered with a plate?? Then questions like how did they put decos on the plane? So when captain fainted first officer needed someone to man the plane but when they cleared turbulence he came out leaving Manish? Or did the captain gain consciousness? I didn’t watch the episode so correct me if I am wrong

  16. Just A Few Words

    Common sense says Kaira is being pushed way too much on viewers! Kaira is like advertisements which keep occuring again and again to make people register the product in people’s mind! They get registered the way they are! So Kaira come across as immature! Stop promoting kaira and then try to make the script flow naturally! The serial has amazing cast!
    P.S. just got reminded of suwarna’s hair and make up for haldi! She didn’t look a bit Indian. She looked more bohemian!!They need to reduce make up for her also. Too loud make up!

    1. You are so right, I too think swarna’s makeup artist needs to calm down, they already make Naira look like a clown with her heavy makeup & now it looks like they’re applying the whole casts worth of makeup just on swarna ?

  17. Just read the telly update & comments not even bothering to watch the show, given the comments….& it looks like this episode is a perfect example of everything wrong with the show…why oh why is there a need to force Naira down our thoughts… yes she is the lead & therefore you had already given her credit for the not so superb idea of the haldi on the plane along with the credit for everything else good that happens in the show, you also have to make Naira the centre point of attention & carry out all the rituals…. seriously! Where are the rights or duties of the other family members… why oh why cvs are you determined to make us hate Naira by giving us Naira overload.. & then if we haven’t had enough of Naira then you throw in some Kaira cringey romance scenes.., once upon a time , I was a huge kaira fan but all that has been sucked out of me & all because you cvs are so intent on making every scene about them- there characters have no depth to them, which is why besides cringey romance you have nothing more to show from them… totally disappointed with the direction of the show ?

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