Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik tries to convince Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik holding Naira’s hands. Yeh rishta…..plays…. Naksh and Kirti come home. Everyone gets happy. Naksh says Kirti has forgiven me. Kirti says he explained me and I understood. Bau ji blesses her. Devyaani says relation gets strong, we know this well. Naksh thinks our relation got fine. Kirti wishes Naira and Kartik’s relation gets fine. Kartik hugs Naira and lifts her. He takes her to the bed and says I love you. She turns away. She gets up and cleans petals from the bed. She switches off lights.

He holds her and says I know you are annoyed, its justified, sorry, can’t we forget everything and get ahead. She gets away. He says please don’t get away, listen to me once. Naira says I m just listening to you, I didn’t wish these things

to create distance between us, we had fights and misunderstandings before, but I felt our relation turned more strong, on Naksh and Kirti’s marriage, our love and relation fell fake, you thought how much bad I felt, you didn’t listen to me, I tried to convince you, how is this relation that I have to prove myself again and again, love is not expressed by saying I love you, you take me in arms when you want and you ask me to leave when you want, you didn’t come to take me, its ego, its like termite for love, it ruins relation like it has ruined our relation. She cries and asks him to leave her alone. Chukar gai…..plays……… She goes to sleep. He blows off the candles. He gets sad. She cries. Kartik switches off the lights and leaves.

Kirti puts her hand over Naksh. He sees her sleeping. He gets away and falls down the bed. He laughs. He keeps a pillow under her head. He sleeps on the couch. Naira wakes up. She sees Kartik sitting with two hand puppets, frog and tigress. He tells their love story. He says they fell in love and got married, they fight and make up to each other by saying sorry and giving rose, tigress will forgive frog. She goes. He says this frog will not lose, I will convince tigress.

Kirti wakes up. He sees Naksh sleeping on the couch. She gets worried. He gets up and asks what happened, are you fine. She asks are you annoyed, you were sleeping on sofa, tell me. He says its nothing like that, you have occupied the entire bed. She says sorry. He says its fine, forget past fear, from now, there should be new relations and expectations.

Lav and Kush ask Kartik be careful. Kartik cooks. Akhilesh asks what’s happening. Lav says Kartik is trying to convince Naira. Akhilesh asks Kartik to continue. Manish jokes. Smoke alarm rings. Naira comes and shuts it. Dadi, Suwarna and Surekha come. Naira takes kids out. Manish goes to Kartik and signs. Naksh says I m coming. He asks Kirti to be ready, they will go for the movie, they will see rom com. Bhabhimaa says our Guru ji is coming, I want you two to take his blessing. Kirti says yes, we will go there. Bhabhimaa goes.

Manish says Kartik and Naira’s fight is still going on, it should end. Suwarna says we know they can’t live without each other, don’t worry. He says you didn’t get annoyed with me. She says I didn’t feel to get annoyed ever. He says you have an offer, I can convince you for mistakes for which you didn’t get annoyed. She says I will use this offer when needed, remember. They smile.

Kartik asks kids about Naira. He says did she go Maayka. He calls her. Suwarna looks on and acts to be on call. She says everyone has own way to get anger out, someone shouts, eats, sings and….. Naira dances and recalls Kartik’s words. She sees Sorry illuminating on the floor. She turns and sees Kartik. He smiles. She sees I love you. Yeh rishta kya…..plays….. He opens arms. She runs to him. She cries and goes.

Kartik dances on jaane bhi de……Naira looks on. He apologizes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohh keesh scenes were cute while sleeping and in the morning but seriously guys I really don’t understand this they shouldn’t have done this I don’t know what’s going on in keesh life its so typical always they show keerti like sorry sorry and naksh its OK keerti ji what’s this yar? there is no improvement in keesh story its a limit now….
    anyways I didn’t watched kaira just watched the precap and I felt like on monday yrkkh will be a film less than a drama so whatever I won’t watch yrkkh till I see improvement in keesh story…. I won’t mind quitting yrkkh…
    they have made fun of their so called 8 years long yrkkh now its no more yrkkh its just a useless kaira and I don’t deserve anything that’s useless that’s it!!!!

    1. Fenil

      Hey Aayesha Dii… don’t worry they will improve for sure soon…will take time.

    2. Kaina1

      exactly no one will watch yrkkh from monday i am in no mood to watch a mob dance and all that silliness kyuki naira ko manna hai yaar it hieght i mean whole mall will dance and they will have pda in front of 200 ppl enough of creepiness

  2. Kaina1

    guys b4 i start todays review i want two things at the cost of this world i dont know how will i get them i just want then at any cost
    1) i want whole of kirtis wardrobe (seriously desparatly i want them )
    2) naksh as a husband (this guy is a goal i want him)
    all episode start with naira entering her room which is decorated with red ballons red roses and shimmers and karthik entry behind now guys this is a problem with cvs either they show karthik as a short-temper ill-mannered adamant husband or they show him as a desparate lover these cvs cant find a balance with his character only god knows y
    anways scene shifts shinghaniya sadan thanks for the relief cvs and naksh enters and everybody look and every1 hug guys here i am bit disappointed there was a baisa and kirti i saw in on the location shoot in which baisa tell kirti that naksh wont go worng like that and she has a complete fate on them now i promise that scene was their but thanks to cvs they have edit it (y my foot) see it ur self i am sure baisa had dialog but cvs edit it out anyways bhabhimaa is super happy and she ask how it happen to which naksh says that keerti forgive me (awwwwwww my naksh ) to which keerti replies that it isnt like that naksh explained me and i understood ( firstly awwwwwww kirti you dint let naksh be blammed and secondly thanks for not saying that naira manage becoz am in no mood to hear her ) anyways they pray to tulsi and keesh ask god just like us thing got fine hope that bw kaira also it gets fine (naksh and kirti kabhi toh apne bare me soch liya karo haar time kaira ke baare me sochna theek nahi hai ) anyways things shift to kaira again and naira lectures and karthik hear and plead forgiveness this is their daily routine naira rite karthik wrong and beg forgiveness cvs you need to get over this it is bit too much now anyways now comes keesh bedroom scene (awww i being dying for this ) anyways as keerti know that she needs whole bed to sleep show she puts pillow on her side so that she dosent fall but then she keeps shifing naksh side and he also shifts an then finally her hand on him and he falls down (awww poor naksh ) and luaghs at his situation anyways then he gently touch her face though he first hesitant then he finally goes for it and then sleeps on sofa why naksh why why are you so perfect oh my goodness am totally head over heels in love with you naksh just tell me the reason why are you so adorable why naksh why anyways scene shift to goenka villa and naira wake-up an karthik tell their love story of sherni and mendak (kitni baar suna padega hum bhai yaar ab bas hogaya yaar) anyways scene move to shinghaniya sadan and keerti wkes up and is totally surprised that naks is on sofa and she just cant get it through and stands up beaking a glass and that sound wokes-up naksh who think that keerti fell from bed (hilarious) and he ask her is she ohk too which she replies yes and then she gets really worried that she spoke something in night in her sleep to which naksh got annoyed to which naksh calms her down and tells her she didnt did anything she occupied the whole bed just and tells her that this is new relation with new expectation so she shoul leave behind all her fears and then again scene shift to goenka villa with karthik cooking and kitchen mess and akhilesh and manish joking and then naira ending the mess and then suwarnish scene (dear cvs you can give them a bg tune but not keesh #hellwithyou ) anyways then come another keesh scene in which naksh goes out with a movie date and tell keerti that he know she dosent like to miss the beginning awww mere naksh guys this guy is a husband goal #hubbygoals and as he plan out bhabhimaa comes and tell him to meet their family gurudev and naksh looks at keerti and she scrap out flim plan and goes with bhabhimaa plan and goes with gurudev plan #justlikenakshara #iadorethem

    1. Fenil

      Hey Kaina…how are you Yaar?….yaa agree all Singhanias scenes went so faster and in Goenka scenes they are slow motion.

      1. Kaina1

        bhai i am fine how are you wahi toh bhai shinghaniyas ke scene eyes blink karo aur khatam aur goenkas ke scene khichte jaate hai

    2. you r 100% right … these kaira overacting scenes ohhhh I can’t bare anymore…but keesh scenes are extraordinary…. but what is naksh pronouncing….”kirtiji” no he is loving her can cal with her sweet name..but now-a-days am not watching yrkkh on tv at 9:30pm….after reading WU if there is a scene of keesh then watching it at mng 10.30am just because of kaira mahanata scenes…..

      1. Kaina1

        exactly suji i am not intrested in watching kaira mahanta so i wont watch from monday becoz its all gonna be kaira kaira naira naira and i am not intrested

  3. Do you guys know what is so funny? We are discussing about keesh kaira YRKKH.. these kaira fans are always thinking about us.haha.after reading yesterday comments I felt so.why can’t they talk about the serial rather than talking about us.

    Today’s episode also Naira is just over acting.i really don’t think she is a dancer.

    1. Fenil

      Hii Anjana.
      How are you ? Yaa they are doing this we should act as like always.

      1. Doing good fenil, how are you

    2. Fenil

      I m also fine.
      which show u watch apart from this.

      1. Bhoothu and haasil.what about you

  4. Fenil

    Hello Everyone Here In YRKKH Family !!
    Aflatoon episode I Love This Episode…All balanced.
    Episode Started with small KaIra moment holding each other and New Yrkkh tune…that’s i really like it.
    KeeSh arrives at home and alalways Naksh different antics this time he is with cracker which contents soft and paper material,See Keerti doesn’t want her husband’s head “Kya Naksh aap bhi,Inhone mujhe inki baat samjhayi aur mein samjh gayi”Keerti said when Naksh said She forgiven him…Keerti lights Diya before Tulsi Maa…so magical and beautiful scenes NaKsh Ki yaad aa gayi.

    To be continue…

    1. Fenil

      KaIra scenes superb performance by both Shivaangi and Mohsin.well each words from come from Naira’s mouth were true….how simply Karthik said let’s forget everything that was happened in last few days like u assure that now your sister Keerti is happy so you came and started romancing with Naira without asking apology. Naira well behaviour with arrogant Karthik, How simply Karthik you said Naira you love your brother Naksh more than my sister Keerti Yaad Kar Woh waqt and you are saying to forget everything,Perfect words Naira in Keesh wedding all love and relationship of KaIra turned Fake and Khokhla , without trust and understanding relationship will die for sure LOVE will not work every time.Superb.
      Seriously saying I never wanted to watch Karthik’s sad face but this time you deserve this sad face ,I just Love Karthik with happy face more….BG Chu Kar gayi kaisi ….Kaisa suluk Zindagi Kar rahi Hain….wow.

      Keesh scenes,Keerti placing her hand on Naksh again and again in sleep and our Sanskari Naksh kept her hand away and finally he fell down what a moment I m also smiling like Naksh was smiling,them he placed her hand on pillow and settled himself on couch but admire Keerti for some time magical???????????.

      KaIra scenes morning scenes were totally unnecessary and not well captured…I like only part that when Manish puts supporting hand on Karthik’s shoulder.

      Keesh scenes,Awwwwwwww Keerti’s expression when she woke up and found Naksh on couch oh my God her worries for Naksh stumbling Keerti wore slippers and Naksh kya hua Mene neend mein much keh Diya kya Naksh calm her down saying she occupied whole bed and she hide herself with hands being embarrassed Awwwwwwww so cute ???????????????Naksh words for Keerti superb magical…..Naksh was planned Movie with Keerti that to Rom Com and when she asked questions he said he also know that she didn’t like to miss starting of any film Awwwwwwww HE NOTICE HER SO NEATLY AND DEEPLY. Bhabhimaa said go to Guruji and our Keerti nods in yes awww Naksh was like Kaha phasa Diya…kya answer Hoga keertiji Ka.

      SuNish scenes oky oky didn’t expect at all but this was clue for upcoming tournado in their life.

      Finally Angry dance of Naira superb I love it…and those Sorry and I Love You lights well looking so good to eyes…. perfect…where she was dancing ? Anyone knows…

      Precap:- Good…more hoping Keesh also.

  5. Hello guys…. I am commenting after long
    The past few episodes have been just awesome!!! Especially this one and thst of 2nd nov
    Keesh…. as usual…. rocked it… love u keesh???
    Kaira yaar plz patch up soon….. can’t see their fight for long

    1. Fenil

      hii finally u came yaar.
      yaa hope KaIra unite soon.

  6. And that of 2nd November**

  7. Hai to alll..
    okay guys no long comments busy this day but i saw a # i couldn’t stop my self.from sharing it with u all #KairaMilan5 ????? past year and more 5 separation?? and they called coupel?? check hat # on twitter u will also ?? i really can’t stop.mynself from laughing.. will talk about the episode later..I loved today’s keesh scene ?

  8. Kaina1

    guys its friday so i think we have two days why not play yrkkh quiz
    so here you go
    1)match the column with the person and there favourite flavor
    (hint:- naksh is simple one evry1 who watch yrkkh since last 8 yrs knows it even with akshara with naitik and naira well you know it if you watch capetown episode )
    2) give two pet name that naksh gave naira ?? ( remember two)
    3) date of birth of naksh ?? (he has a specific one)
    4) who is nandini and mohit first born child ? (read the question again)
    5) gaytri and akshara fav two bollywood superstar?? (its simple for akshara with gaytri they have shown it many times when gaytri was there )
    6) give all the pet names that naksh has an who gave them (all are ladies becoz naksh is always #ladiesfavourite )
    7) which subject akshara taught in capetown
    8) naira learnt which dance form
    9) who gave nakshara childeren their name
    10) akshara diary was called by which name ??
    11) shinghaniya have ______ buisness , maheswari have _________ buisness , goenkas (pata nahii saare be-rojgar lagte hai mer ko if anybody have idea plz do tell)
    12) why did akshara went to maheswari niwas after her marriage (sepration type) who brought her back
    13) dadaji suffered from which desiases _____
    14) favourite sport of naksh ( common this is easiest one dont call urself yrkkh if you dont know this whole 1 season has been dedicated to naksh and his sports)
    15) akshra use to play which music instrument??
    16) yash is __________ child of nandini and mohit (dont say elder or first)
    17) how did akshara know abt shaurya and varsh love story
    18) how many couple had love marriage on yrkkh (count frm beginning)
    19) naira hated akshara why and how did she ended in rishikesh where did she live and what she do for living (common recent viewer
    20) do you know any interecting fact abt yrkkh (which u think no one else knows)
    IF YES THEN WHAT (i want it so desparatly though i know cvs wont do that)

    1. Fenil

      2. One is 007 second don’t know may be Papa ki chamchi or Jasoos.
      16.Adopted Son
      11.Singhanias- Diamonds business, Maheshwaris- Hotel business…Goenka-No specific clerification in show.
      9.Naksh given by Gayatri Dadi (NaKsh also thought same name in person)…Naira given by Devyaani Dadi.
      10.Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain(Hope so)
      6.Duggu-Akshara,lalla-Gayatri and Bhabhimaa,Nik-Sanju(Missing their bond),Chiku-Rajshree or should I say all Maheshwaris call him by Chiku.,Champ-Mohit fufaji(Yaad Aaya yeh) is Hrithik Roshan second don’t know now jabaaan pe Nahi aa Raha.

      Jaise Jaise Yaad aayenge baatunga…

    2. Fenil

      18. Ladies first
      A. Varsha and Shaurya.
      B. Nandini and Mohit.
      C.Jasmit and Anshumaan
      D.Karishma and Naman
      E.Mushkaan and Alok
      F.Rashmi and Sameer
      G. Rose and Yash.
      H.Naira and Karthik

    3. Fenil

      12.Nandini and Mohit’s love- naitik came to know about Nandini didi and Mohit’s relationship . Naitik revealed the truth infront of all and everyone in the family blamed Akshara for keeping nandini’s love as a secret. Akshara tried to explain naitik about the situation but he didn’t care to listen to her words. In his anger, he told akshara to leave the house.A Heartbroken Akshara leaves the house dishearteningly.She came to Maheshwari’s but didn’t spoke a word about what happened. Then Dadaaji noticed in Shivratri pooja and plans to bring Akshara back with family….hope i m right.

    4. Fenil

      Revised Answer 9.Naksh given by Akshara after taking permission from families and Gayatri Dadi also has same name Pendent.

      1. Fenil

        3.30.12 I think

      2. Fenil

    5. Kaina1

      oh fenil bro you got almost right
      so let me lay down the answer
      1) naksh-chocolate (evrything chocolate i still remember gaytri dadi giving him chocolate shake and chocolate modak by akshar)
      akshara -strawberry
      2)first is 007 second is itti (small) on her namakaran ceremony
      3) naksh bday 12 0ct 2012 on his first bday nandini wrote a poem in which it is mention
      4) anmol
      5) akshara was hrithik and gaytri was jeetendra she use to always tell rajshekhar that he is looking like jeetrendra
      6)duggu by akshara
      lalla by bhabhimaa and gaytri
      chiku by rajshri (though she has forgotton abt chiku)
      nik by sanju ( i miss this bond)
      champ by mohit ( i miss this character)
      8)kathak (now jumpinh jackal)
      9) naksh by gaytri n akshara (it was suggested by viewer of yrkkh he has pendeant of that name) and naira by devyani
      10) yrkkh
      11) shinghaniya -diamond buisness maheswari – hotel buisness
      12) becoa nandini and mohit relationship came in front of naitik and natik ask akshara abt it in fort of family but she kept on lying that she went to beauty parlour where naitik saw her in park helping nandini and mohit to meet and naitik was furious o her lying and then she apologised but noboy heard and she went to maheswari house an didnt let any one know anything and bhabhimaa ad gaytri called her for shivratri puja
      13) alzemir (dont know whether the spelling is right )
      14) football
      15) sitar
      16) adopted

      1. Fenil

        Thank you so much attending this quiz.
        Jitne answers diye utne almost correct hain…

        post other answers after 16th.

      2. Kaina1

        17) varsha use to come to maheswari house for studying with akshara and then varsha and shourya grew closer and then one day akshara caught them romancing (pure bliss are these episode)
        18)A. Varsha and Shaurya.
        B. Nandini and Mohit.
        C.Jasmit and Anshumaan
        D.Karishma and Naman
        E.Mushkaan and Alok
        F.Rashmi and Sameer
        G. Rose and Yash.
        H.Naira and Karthik
        I. Ananya and ranveer ( i guess becoz ranveer propose her b4 marriage)
        19) i think everyone know naira thought akshara will sent her to jail and bla blah

      3. Fenil

        Yaa perfect…those Varsha Shaurya wala and Naira’s reason wala answer bada that so Likha Nahi Mene .

  9. yah thanks fenu hope so….

  10. Guys kaira fans ko mirchi lagihai. There is one kaira discussion thread on India forums where kaira fans specially shivangi fans discuss and talk bad about keesh fans and keesh calling them fake etc. That threqd is supposed to be for praising kaira but all they do is discuss about keesh and keesh fans. Lagta hai we keesh fans are on correct path.

    I loved bed scene of keesh yesterday wished it lasted longer

    1. Kaina1

      exactly kaira fans are so insecure they arent praising their idol instead they are bringing others down

  11. Naira’s dance was funny she looked like puppet show wali with her technically wrong moves of kathak. It did not look one bit like classical dance. Sorry but shivangi.joshi can’t dance and she fakes that she is trained classical dance. Shaking hands like a patient isn’t classical dance hope they don’t show naira dancing anymore

    1. Kaina1

      more then a classical dance it look like a jumping jackcal shivangi joshi is trained dncer may be she isnt practising a lot that why she lost her touch becoz in yesterday episode she wasnt definatly not dancing it was insted looking like some mess and she jumpnig instead of dancing

      1. Shivangi claims to be a trained dancer. I am a trained dancer too who left practising dance like 10 yrs ago still i don’t dance as bad as shivangi does and can very well make out her mistakes in hand movements. If u are really trained u wont forget the technical aspects of dance no matter how many years u did not practise.
        So shivangi is clearly faking that she learnt classical dance.

      2. Kaina1

        i know prerna the fact that i didnt say she is faking becoz i dont know classical dance at all i only know bollywood style but my teacher when she used to teach us dance then sometime she use to borrow step from kathak so she use to always say that your hand should be in tight position so that the mudra u are taking show clarity and you eye expression shoul be spot on but when un yesterday episode naira dance i didnt got anything i thought maybe it is something other thats why i said may be she lost touch but know even you are saying the same so i think maybe i was correct this isnt trained at all like me she is faking it as you said waise bhi she is faking so many things be it her relationship with mohsin or he voice or the fact that she claims to me a trained dancer she is faking everything

  12. keesh scenes were awesome , love you keerti and naksh.
    cvs give importance to keesh instead of kaira

    1. Fenil

      Dear Neha…if not more but euqal importance we want right?

      1. Kaina1

        exactly not more but equal and with bg common naksh always had his own bg

  13. Shrilatha

    After some break I am commenting .firstly I am.proud of naira.she invented a new classical dance naam usise pucho.because this dance belongs to animal kingdom and hum humans r not familiar with it may be Naira knows it because it her kingdom dance…

    And secondly kaina I have a problem with u .seriously I am not happy with ur comments not fair yaar I love naksh and u say u want him to be ur husband .not fair .I am younger to u so please sacrifice na .please ???and I am not going to watch yrkkh anymore as I don’t want to watch those kiddos. I mean karthik is in a psycho I mean he says naksh is bad but supports naksh says he will never see Naira ka face but in just3 days running like dog behind her.I mean itna besharam kaun hota hai.aur to keesh r newly married .their marriage is not yet stable..we should get more scenes of them.not these stupid fights of arrogant kiddos.

    1. Fenil

      Hello shrii…lo kar lo baat agar aap dono ko Naksh chahiye toh Humari Keertiji ka kya? not fair….agar Kaina ne scarifies kar diya aapke liye toh bhi Humari Keertiji nahi karengi…yeh baat gaanth baandhlo…hain na bahut samjhdaar ho na aap dono.

      1. Kaina1

        samajh gaye bhai naksh will be there with with kirti and i will have duggu and shri will chiku and any1 else can have lalla

      2. Shrilatha

        Socha hi tha ki aap hi pehle reply karenge mujhe.well u know me maximum kuch dino ka pyaar hota hai humara kabhi Prabhas,kabhi varun kapoor,kabhi namish kabhi naksh…air kuch dino mein mera naya pyaar aaraha hai…mere ratan sa

        Aur waise kaina ji air mujhe dono ki Kirti pasand hai so him adjust karlenge???

    2. Kaina1

      not a problem shri i will keep duggu you keep chiku and yes some take lalla and let keerti take naksh i am fine my teacher taught me sharing is caring

      1. Sharing is caring. ????. Your future husband is so lucky!!! ????. Means you will have no problem with sharing your husband!! ???

      2. Kaina1

        arrrre bhai kya aap bhi na i dont have problem in sharing naksh magar mujhe koi naksh jaisa mile tab na and bhai i am ready to share my husband with my mil or sil as he will be their brther and son b4 my hubby but if some else then better shoot urself because i wil shoot u either

  14. Zak001

    what can i say about the episode.. that was so awesoem ? from the way Keerri stoped Naksh from explaining how he appologise to Keerti to next day morning they cancle thr movie plan just for Bado daai so beautiful.. so glad makers disn’t stop keesh story just like that..
    OMG bechara naksh bed se girgaya.. keerti has take over the bed.. best part he was laughting at the situation and the way he gently tacked her hair that was toooo adorable ?? so much lovley scene of Keesh hope they cotinue the same

  15. ahahaha don’t worry I will take Lalla bechara naksh bat gaya hai….
    well said kaina keerti’s wardrobe amazing….she was looking so pretty in saree with light make up and silky hair and awesome look she looks natural…
    only mohena is made for keerti’s character….

    1. Are you serious ?????. In my house even my nickname is also Lalla ????. I have not yet completed my studies. ????. Mujhe chordo. ????. Jab job lag jayega tab agar kisi ko pakrna ho to pakr lena??????

      1. Shrilatha

        Aap ke hopes bohot upar hai????

      2. Fenil

        Hahahahahha Rahul Bhai …..kya sixer mara Bhai….aap bhi Kamal ke ho.

    2. Kaina1

      wah rahul bhai sabash kya six mara hai full to apni shadi ki baat kar rahe ho koi baat nahi bhai me shri aur ayesha milke aapke liye acchi se ladki dundege bas aap qualities batado konsi chahiye bake hum dekh lenge

  16. oh my god sahi teer se galat nishana maar liya mene Rahul hahaha…wese men sorry nhi bolongi cuz I didn’t knew OK….wese pakre Bina men kisi cheez ko nhi chorti Lolzz..

  17. Am never serious on TU ok…
    its enough in house…

  18. Pop kardia unknowingly….

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