Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara seeing Naira and Gayu. Pandit asks her to call everyone for puja. Everyone sit in puja. Later, Akshara goes out. Naira and Gayu come to talk to her. Akshara says I will ask something, answer it straight. She asks what is going on about Kartik, tell me truth. Naira is about to say. Gayu runs and hugs Akshara, saying I love Kartik. Akshara gets shocked. Gayu says I really love him a lot. Naira moves back. Akshara looks at Naira. Naira cries. Gayu says I thought a lot to tell you, and was waiting for right time when Naitik came back, Naira got to know and now you also know it, are you annoyed with me that I love Kartik. Akshara says no, love is not a crime, I m happy that my daughter chose a nice person, but did you talk to Kartik, does he feel the same

for you.

Gayu says don’t know, I did not talk to him, but I think he likes me, he cares for me, but what will I do if he does not like me. Naira looks on. Baisa calls Akshara. Akshara asks Naira to come. Naira cries thinking of Kartik and Gayu’s words. Kirti gets scared seeing frog and shows Kartik. He laughs and says its frog. She asks whats so funny. He says someone nicknamed me frog, but now I hate this word. She asks him to share things, if you did not get away, even I did not get away, can’t I understand you Bhai, I m your sister, tell me what is the problem. He says you know whatever I loved was snatched from me.

She says no, I think you got much depressed, you always reacted strongly. I think you should go home back, Papa is missing you a lot. He says if he cared for me, it would be great. She says I know Papa loves you, fine Papa did not try to join relations, even you did not try, you broke relations, not Papa, just try once, maybe something will change, till when will you run away. He says I m not. She asks are you saying this to me or yourself. He goes.

Mishti tells about Kartik. Gayu and Naira get sad. Naira keeps sweets. Baisa asks why did you keep these sweets for prasad, ask your mum. Karishma says come, we will cut Rashmi’s birthday cake. Gayu thanks Karishma and everyone, you all did a lot for me, Rashmi knew just you all will love me as my parents, if I get chance, I will do anything for this family. Naitik hugs her. Baisa says Gayu made me happy by her words and praises Gayu as a blessing for them. Naira looks on.

Akshara tells Naitik. Naitik asks Kartik? Akshara says yes, Gayu loves Kartik and kept fast for him. He says no, maybe Kartik made all this fed in Gayu’s mind, we know Gayu. She asks do you think Gayu did wrong. He says this maybe infatuation. She says no, its true love, I told you our daughters have grown up. He says I m not prepared as you were not prepared at Naksh’s time. She says we have to find out, if Kartik loves Gayu or not, I told you what Gayu feels. He says if Kartik loves someone else…. She says no. Naira comes. He asks does Naira know. She says yes. He says we will ask her. He asks Naira about Kartik’s girlfriend, does he love some girl, Gayu loves him, we don’t want Gayu’s heart to break, Gayu takes care of everyone. Naira promises Gayu’s heart won’t break, when Kartik comes, ask him, I m sure it will be good, Gayu is nice and bad can’t happen with her, we are with her, don’t worry. She goes and cries.

Akshara stops her and asks what are you hiding. Naira says nothing, I m not shy lie Gayu, I m Naira, I don’t keep anything in heart. Akshara says I m sure there is something, tell me. Naira says no, trust me. Akshara asks about candles which Karishma gave her. Naira says yes, I have lighted that for Gayu and Kartik. Akshara asks the frogs which she made. Naira says I kept that to irritate Kartik, shall I go now. Akshara says I got this and shows heart crystal. She says give this to Gayu, maybe she made this for Kartik, it will break if it falls, hold it well, Gayu’s heart will break. Naira says no, I will take care. She thinks I made this heart, but now I have no right on this.

Naitik says Kartik is not answering, do you have his other number. He sees Bhabhimaa hearing him. They all talk about Kartik. Naitik says he is nice guy, whats the problem. Akshara says Gayu did not do any mistake. Bau ji says we did not know anything. Bhabhimaa asks why did Akshara not tell us, we agreed for love marriage before. Akshara says we got to know just now, Gayu wanted to tell us, but she was hesitant to say. Devyaani asks do you think Kartik likes Gayu. Akshara says don’t know. Baisa says we don’t know Kartik’s family background, we have to give girl by knowing well, its about her life. Rama worries and asks Akshara what did she feel after talking to Gayu, if Kartik loves someone else, will she manage. Akshara says don’t know, Naitik and I want to talk to Kartik first, we can’t force anyone to love, to say yes or no. They all see Mishti hearing them.

Mishti says Naitik got a courier, what are you talking, do you want to send me to hostel. Akshara says no, we were talking about office. Bhabhimaa says don’t tell Mishti, she will tell the world, she is Kartik’s friend. She says its time to keep promise to Rashmi, Gayu should not get tears in eyes, decide such that Gayu gets happiness. Akshara says yes, I will also try to do this, its promise to myself. Rama worries. Naira buries the souvenir box. She keeps a flower pot above it. She turns and sees someone.

Naira dances to get her anger out. Kartik is seen jogging. Gayu asks if Kartik gets away from me then……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gayu don’t even deserve kartik…… Unnecessarily cries and gains sympathy….. If Naitik loves naira she gets jealous if kartik cares for naira she gets jealous… Inspite of knowing that everything is naira’s right…. Naira is actually doing a favour on Gayu by sharing her parents love, her brother’s love and kartik with her…… I so wish god should not give such cousins to anybody….

    1. So true Nikita gayu doesn’t deserve anyone’s love cause at first I liked her but now crying for karthik and saying she will die if he doesn’t accept her just put pressure on natik akshara

    2. I totally agree with u nikita

  2. what the hell is this,…cant they show anything properly….wht are these dadi’s want….such a crap… just to make her granddaughter happy they will make other person kill their feelings love..and if they protest the are not maintaining relations well….its really weird……now the CVS is dragging too much of the love triangle..its better to stop this dragging of chewing gum and show some real sense else as a logic…chewing gum becomes bitter after sometime and it will be spitted out likewise the same creatives better to stop this love triangle and focus on the leads…

  3. It is very good to read about a entry of love triangle twist in YRKKH.Its a great feeling to read the udate bcz of studies i don’t get time to watch the show

  4. Uff!!! Now Gayu saga. Oh for God’s sake stop it . Okay , cool . I feel they are going to drag this love triangle for long . Naira is very much ready to sacrifice her love for sister when she clearly knows Karthik doesn’t love Gayu. Nd I’m not gonna give lecture on love & all because everything is in creative team’s hand . Anybody here who’s been watching Yeh Rishta for long ? please tell me do they drag tracks for long like Ekta Kapoor shows ? I mean , her shows are like one track for one year . I hope Yeh Rishta makers are not like that !

    1. No Jas Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is completely different from ekta kapoor’s show. Usually #YRKKH don’t drag a track much but this Kaira separation track could be a much more longer. Finally the CVS of this serial will make Kaira union. Happily ever after…. YRKKH is a unique serial in Indian Television Industry. So don’t worry just chill at the end we the fans/viewers will see Kaira together. That time the director will also show a solution for gayu’s madness. Gayu will realize and will definitely understand that Kartik is not made for her. He is for Naira..

  5. #RIPSINGHANIA family
    Is this a family??rhey allowed their own daughter to be taunted day n night just to make bus dadi happy n maintain respect .seriosuly such a father never seen who is more worried about his promise to his sister than his own daughter being taunted .naira was better off as an orphan seriously .bhagwan na Karen kisiko aisa family miley.

    1. If Naitik’s role was continue play by Karan Mehra then the script could have been different… We all know when Karan Mehra was playing Naitik’s role that time he really treated Naira as her princess. For Naira(when she was missing), Old Naitik fought with Akshara. Atleast he had a voice. But now it is completely different. New Naitik(Vishal Singh) is a spineless person. All-time he call Akshara Akshara. New Naitik can’t take a stand for Naira who was his princess… He is such a defensive type of character now… ?

  6. Nikita u r correct i like ur comment

  7. please for heavens sake stop this nonsence and make naira karthik married. they are made for each other. for gayu vivaan is perfect. please change the story line. everyone here wants this. dont make the programe depressing by making naira n karthik apart

  8. I’ll wait for that day when Singhania Parivar gets to know that Kaira love each other and Naira was just following so called idiotic values . Every heroines are just the same !! Mahan . Poor Karthik now will be emotionally blackmailed by Naira to accept her sister . Mishti & Kirti are the only hopes now . Akshara & Naitik will be busy in fulfilling promise given to Rashmi . Grrr height of irritation

    1. i m sorry but naira is not being a mahan lead.she has been such a unique character n ll remain so.whatever she has done is also relatable.this is what happens when ur family keeps on putting u down infront of others n compare with starts giving u inferiority complex n u start to hide ur feelings,ur own identity.if they had shown one person aware of her feelings n giving her a shoulder she wouldnt hv given up.see even today she was so sure that she ll tell ak abt kaira.she tried till the last but a girl who has always been questioned for not handling relationships properly what to expect from her when her family keeps on pushing u to the corner even if shes the strongest girl.nobody was beside her.not a single person.

  9. This is shit getting real. What the hell is gonna happen when Karthik enters the scene. Gayu was better before. Pls this over dramatic cry baby Gayu is just getting on our nerves. Naira also seems to have forgotten Karthik loves her will not accept Gayu’s proposal. Waiting for that Diwali episode .

  10. Seriously gayu… naira calls u deedi which means u r elder to her but sorry to say, nairas way experienced and tortured than u.. she led her lyf as an orphan for a long tym and crossed all hurdles without a family.. she has seen it both way.. the gud and bad.. again no family supoport, just a few strangers called friends who stood together at all tyms… and wat does she gt?? All taunts, not lyk akshara, no family values rubbish!!!.. any gal wud want to b lyk naira.. totally unique!! Love u shivangi..u r awesum! Go gal!! Gayu s lyk a gaaay(cow)..very cowardly… i knw u ve lost ur parents yet u have had NAIRAS parents, bro, family with u yet so much of drama – i dnt kbw wat i ll do without karthik… bull****!!!!

  11. Mohsin… u r our desi tom cruise man… ?

  12. i would love to b a curse like naira than a blessing like gayu.what the hell r they showing??whole family seems to hv forgt that gayu k alava bhi duniya me bohot kuch chal ri hai.what type of family is n night one backdated old day keeps on taunting ur child by always putting her down infront of others,always questioning her unbringing in ashram n whole family keep!!!!i cant really blame naira to decide to forget kartik n much mental torture this girl ll bear?everything is her rights yet she happily shares it with her cousin.i hv nvr seen naira making faces when family praise gayu or tell how she has managed to fullfill the place of naira when she want here.naira is such a ure soul.i would love to hv a sis like her.n here miss goddess(acc to singhania family) couldnt even tolerate it when ak naira patched up after so many years.she couldnt tolerate naksh love for naira or family praising naira.even in karwachauth when varsha said this gown looked good in naira gayu made sum weird faces n this bua dadi says naira to b llike woman gayu needs thousand birth to b as pure as naira.n her constant cry baby faces n mai kya karungi yaar cant kartik has his own opinion?not the whole world is thr to feed u happiness miss gayu in a feeding bottle.shes such a dumb character n this family is encouraging her to b more dumb by putting her in sum non-relatable pos.

  13. Such an irritating episode. I hate this dumb/jealous/cry girl “Gayu”…. She simply a barrier to our ” Kaira” union. ???

  14. The story was its getting too long.When naira and kartik loves each other so…why this nautanki?Bt in this situation naira must tell akshara about her love for karthik.Otherwise the story will get much long and also boring.Amd Gayu should also know that karthik and naira loves each other

  15. proud on naira but angry on akshara natik or kartik how they r so stupid not understand naira feeling

  16. Sethidisha002

    yes akshara natik gayu and kartik is stupid but peer darga episode will make them unite and gayu will never get kartik in life ever bcoz he only love naira

  17. What nonsense is going on. I just Gayu’s character. She’s thinking one sided. Oh naira always suffers in this house. She should better go back to rishikesh. I’m just cursing gayu.

  18. Gayu’s thin lips annoy the f^%&^ out of me

  19. Luvrags

    Oh god I just hate this gayu.what has happened to this family..only gayu gayu gayu..gayu is jealous of every thing of naira.naira didnt get jealous when akshara shared her love to gayu.then why is gayu jealous.just a cry baby.I hate her to the core.naira was better in hrishikesh only.atleast she had her frnds who supported her all the time whether she is right or no one understands her not even her papa.her papa is busy only in romance nd in fulfilling his promise to her sister.what about ur own daughter???dont care…just proud of naira..

  20. Gayu is so.. Stupid and i just want to kill her.she does not deserves kartik. And nira why are you sacrefising your love .if you loves kartik you have to take stand for your love .the episode was so sad ……waiting for kira i hope kartik’s sister will make kartik and nira together or Rama will make them together………..

  21. jo cheej asani se mile wo chij pane ka maja nai ate so chilled guys kaira will be unite soon

  22. Kaira lover ❤❤

    I seriously don’t understand yeh family naira ki hai ya gayu ki. I mean how can the family cannot see pain in naira’s eyes. And only thing they chant is gayu gayu uff her tantrums I just hate her. And dis bua dadi is also pathetic . I am proud of naira she always supported gayu but in return what she got blo*dy sacrifice! At the end the only thing matters is kaira I really wish kisiko aisi family na mile N I would be happy if I get a sister lyk naira she’s d best ❤

  23. I just hate this witch gayu.Why she is troubling karia.

  24. realy she is troubling kaira

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