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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara worried thinking what to do. Dadi comes to her and finds her upset. She says a person has two options, either to see the shadow and get scared, or see the sunlight. Akshara asks what is she saying. Dadi says either forget the sorrows, or think of better hope. She says this time it can be Naksh’s sister or brother. Akshara asks how does she know. Dadi says I also have experience and says congrats. Akshara hugs her and cries. She says I m very scared. Dadi says she won’t tell anyone till she tells them. Akshara says she needs time. Dadi says take as much time you want, but stay happy, if you stay upset, you will hurt yourself and others too. She says where there is darkness, there is ligh too, we have to think what we choose.

Anshu comes

and asks what are they talking. Dadi smiles. Akshara gets Naksh’s call. Everyone see Naitik smiling and asks what happened to him. Bhabhimaa asks Bua ji about Naitik. Bau ji says you call and ask Akshara. Bhabhimaa says she did not tell me, I will ask Naitik. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik why did he not tell about Akshara and why is he smiling. Naitik says nothing. He hugs her and says I love you. He leaves. Akshara sings lullaby for Naksh and he sleeps. Naitik takes the call and says he slept. He asks her to sleep now and ends the call. They dream of the baby and smile. Kuch to tumsa hoga……………….. phulon ke jaisa muskaayega……………. Jadoo sa chal jaayega………………….plays………………….

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Its morning, Akshara wakes up and feels unwell. Rajshri comes to her and talks to her. Akshara gets vomiting sensation and controls it. She hugs Rajshri. She asks what happened, are you fine. Akshara says yes, I m fine, why are you asking, can’t I hug you. Rajshri says you can, mum can’t keep child away if she wills. Naitik wakes up late and says I have to make everything ready, where did Naksh go. He says I kept uniform here, where did it go. He calls out Naksh. Naksh comes being ready. Naitik asks how did he get ready himself. Naksh says you were sleeping and you were tired, I was here and you did not see me.

Naitik says then why do you trouble mum. Naksh says its fun, she hugs and kisses me, and tells stories, drop me school now. He reminds the parents teachers meeting and hugs him. Naitik thanks him. Naksh says thank mum, she taught me this. Akshara talks to Varsha about college friends. Dadi gives her Imli and she hides it. Chanda comes late and greets them. Akshara explains the work and asks her to do her work nicely. Everyone look on, Naitik rushes for PTM. Varsha sees Ananya’s dress torn and sits to use the machine. Jasmeet comes and asks what she wants. Varsha says I m stitching and the machine stopped.

Master ji comes and says it got damaged. Varsha says sorry. Jasmeet says you should have told me, my work also got bad. Varsha says maybe it was bad, and you are blaming me. They argue and get annoyed. Naitik meets Naksh and says he came late as he had meeting. Naksh says teacher won’t meet you now. Naitik says I m sorry, I will meet tomorrow. Naksh says mum met teacher, she came on time, she never misses it. Naitik looks at Akshara. She thanks him for helping Naksh in project and studies. He says he had urgent work and could not come, he remembered the PTM. She says I know, you might have been busy.

She says you don’t need to give explanations. She says Naksh is your son too, so I can’t ask you, it does not mean you are not good father. He says everyone has way to express love and no one has right to judge others. Naitik realizes his mistake. She gives Naksh’s report card and asks him to keep it in file. He says you do it, I m very sorry, please come home. Naksh slips and they both hold her. Naksh says we will go on picnic now. Naitik says its tough to manage Naksh. She says that’s why you said I m not good mum. He says sorry, that was my mistake, only you can manage him, if its this with one child, what will happen by second, will we able to manage. She gets upset. Naitik holds her hand and apologizes to her. She asks the reason for his worry.

Naitik tells about his fear of losing Naksh, when Maa died, he was afraid to lose any loved one, but he fought with the fear, and then this Naksh’s incident happened and he is not able to fight this time. He says I don’t want to lose anyone again. Everyone worry as Akshara did not come home till now. Dadi asks them not to worry. Kaki says yes, we should not over think. Akshara says why did you not tell me about this, your heart burden would have lessened. He says by putting it on you, no, you would have worried then. She says sometimes fear gets on us or makes us learn fighting, everyone has fear in them, and everytime we fought. Naitik says this fear is not going.

She says as you are making it overcome you. He says yes so I told you that, I could not do any work, you are not bad mum, I m bad. She says you don’t have right to say this. He says don’t stop me I realize my mistake. She says we won’t decide this, our child can decide this, I m sure Naksh does not have any problem. She says my dad did not give me time, Shaurya and I spent time with mum, so did dad did not love us? If Bau ji and Dadda ji did not come in your PTM, are they wrong, no. You love Naksh a lot and this fear s sign of that love.

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