Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik talking to Varsha. Akshara talks to Shaurya. Varsha and Shaurya promise that they will take care of Kuhu. Naitik and Akshara tell Shaurya and Varsha about the tensed matter. Naitik says Shaurya realized mistake, I m not taking his side. Akshara tells Shaurya that this can’t go on forever, you have to take decision. Naitik says Varsha you can forgive Shaurya or take a decision, else… Akshara asks Shaurya to get separated from Varsha. Naitik says entire family will support your decision. Varsha and Shaurya cry. They leave and are on the way in the car. Shaurya asks driver to stop car. He asks her to go away, and apologizes for hurting her. He says this is last time, I promise I will not hurt you more, please Varsha go home and apologize to everyone on my

behalf. She asks and Kuhu. He says I did not ask Ananya’s place for her, but can you accept her for humanity.

Vishwamber asks Dadi what did she talk to Akshara and Naitik. Dadi is sad. Vishwamber calls Akshara. Akshara is worried and waits for call. She gets Vishwamber’s call and hopes for good news. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. He asks what did Dadi say. She says you will know in sometime. Rajshri asks her to say. Akshara says we tried to end what was going on, as Dadi said that. Vishwamber asks what did Dadi say. She says Shaurya and Varsha left from here, if they come together, think our try succeeded, else… Naitik says else we will not explain them again. Rajshri sees Varsha coming alone and cries. She says Varsha has come, alone. Akshara and Naitik get shocked. Rajshri says it means they have taken decision, your try went waste.

Rajshri asks Varsha to come, Akshara told us. Vishwamber says we accept your decision. Rajshri says don’t think we have complain with you. Shaurya asks with me? Akshara and Naitik hear Shaurya and get glad. Varsha smiles and nods. Rajshri and everyone get happy. Rajshri hugs Varsha. Shaurya asks can you all forgive me for the last time. Rajshri hugs Shaurya and Varsha. Everyone smile. Shaurya promises he will not trouble everyone. Varsha says we decided to make a new start and want your blessings. Vishwamber asks just blessing, not support. Shaurya says both and takes blessings from Vishwamber and Dadi. Rajshri says I wish Akshara was here. Akshara says I m there with you all. Rajshri says thank Naitik from our side, our family is linked with love again. Naitik says this happened because of Dadi. They all clap. Akshara hugs Naitik and thanks him, saying Kuhu got her family too.

Later, Akshara meets Varsha and thanks her. Varsha hugs her and says I should thank you. Akshara says its great you took this decision, it needs much courage, you will always keep this decision and not regret, do you think you did right or wrong. Varsha says I just did what my heart said. Shaurya hugs Naitik and says Varsha gave me new life by forgiving me, I would have died if I got away from my family. Naitik says Varsha always loved you. Shaurya says I also loved her, but my mistake made my love less. Naitik says but your love won.

Akshara asks what happened on the way. Varsha says I felt I m upsetting Shaurya and family, I was afraid to get away from Shaurya. Akshara says yes. Varsha says I was confused, but then we parted ways on the way. FB shows Varsha leaving in the car. Shaurya takes auto and follows her. Varsha cries and reaches home. Shaurya has seen she reached home safe and goes. Varsha sees this and says he left me and did not leave me, he promised me before marriage that I m her responsibility, and I promised him that I will always support him. Akshara says you are very good. Varsha says my fate is good to get such good family. Akshara says I wish you always stay happy, like you accepted Shaurya, you have to accept another relation.

Bau ji is busy with work. Mishti insists and asks him to take him to park. Naksh asks her to wait. Bau ji asks Akshara to manage Mishti. Devyaani reminds that Akshara went to her Maayka with Kuhu. Karishma asks Mishti not to trouble Bau ji. Devyaani says Karishma, leave it, you can’t explain her and takes Mishti. Naksh tells Bau ji that he has to go Krishna. Bau ji says this is urgent work. Naman offers help. Naksh says that’s a good idea. Bau ji says no, I will see if any other arrangements. Naman asks Bau ji to give him a chance. Bau ji gives Naman a cheque and says taking five lakhs cash won’t be good. Naman gets sad.

Naitik and Akshara get Kuhu to Maheshwari house. Varsha accepts her. Shaurya thanks Varsha for this big favor. Varsha says you always wanted we have another daughter like Ananya, so Lord gave us Kuhu. She hugs Kuhu. Akshara says we will leave now. Rajshri says no, have sweets, I will make snacks for Naitik. Naitik says not today, Rashmi is leaving. Naitik and Akshara leave.

Akshara reads Naksh’s message for Tara and cries. Naksh comes there. She tells Naksh when he made excuses to skip school, I used to know truth and agree, I always know truth, you did not tell me. He hugs her and they cry. He says I was trying to forget everything, but I could not, I can’t forget till I meet her and talk once, its unclear, matter is incomplete, I will ask why did she do this, how can she do this. She stops him and says don’t do this. He says please let me go. She says no, I know you are hurt, Tara would be in pain too, I would suggest its good if you both don’t meet now, try to understand why did this happen and what you both want, don’t take decision in hurry, your relation is very weak, wait for right time and opportunity, everything will be fine.

Karishma argues with Akshara over Mishti and asks if your daughter gets away from you, you will realize how much it hurts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really don’t understand this concept…..varsha forgiving shaurya is just disgusting…..its giving a wrong message….if any husband has extra marital affair and wife forgiving him…it’s just not done

    1. They can still salvage the story if they show that there are many trust issues going forward in their relationship (its only natural that she will doubt him) which would make it impossible for their marriage to work. I think that would be realistic. Sometimes women do take their cheating husband back but, I agree, they should’ve kicked him out of the house and just kept the child ( or found her a good home ) as she is an innocent

  2. naitik is very supportive husband .

  3. Its a wrong decision taken by varsha.,..if she did this having an plc of shaurya..will she get sympathy or forgiveness.. Why dere is difference?

  4. Varsha forgives shaurya and accepts te child.. how sweet ..and wst if it was te other way round.. will these people accept her..

  5. Again Karishma is stating all the fight .they should not have been allowed to come back . What a waste of time and effort . What the hell is the director doing with this drama .

  6. When you love someone, it is not difficult to forgive and move on. Varsha still loves Shaurya. If Varsha was in Shaurya’s place? I think Akshara and the damily would have forgiven Varsha more readily than they did for Shaurya. And even Shaurya would have forgiven. For the sake of ananya, for the sake of long term relationship.
    Once bitten twice shy. Shaurya will nevr commit another mistake.
    And we still dont know the whole story. How it had happend?

  7. I think varsha ne sahi kiya,kuki shurya se galti hui h bt but kam log hote hai Jo apni galti ko accept bhi krte hai waise bhi shirts varsha ko pyar krta h sneha ko nhi kuki varsha uski zindagi hai or sneha ek life k week point thi .

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