Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Akshara expresses gy3 she is afraid, Naitik says I won’t help Akshara.He tells dj gave those papers to akshara so she should handle,akshara says atleast you could help in right & wrongs! Gy3 also supports akshara,naitik says I want to help you but I can’t as its your responsibility. Naitik consoles akshara everything will be fine, at Maheshwari’s Varsha-Kaki solves the matter among themselves.

Akshara enters Dj’s room with papers, Dj says he praised Akshara a lot infront of Vishambhar. He says he trusts Akshara very much she will able to handle the responsibility . Akshara cries out she can’t do this she asks why does he trusts her so much?Akshara says whatever punnishment he wants to give her he can give but not this she can’t do it. Dj is in shock,

akshara asks him is he angry? dj says no. Akshara gives him medicine dj refuses! Dj asks her how shall he trust her as she only said just now she is not trust worthable. Dj says and about this its about live which is more important than property! he says her not to worry about his health.

Akshara starts leaving from there suddenly she stops & comes near Dj & says she needs that file . Dj gets happy seeing this, he also asks her to give medicine. AT M’s varsha-kaki help each other in works. Akshara brokes the news she is ready to take the responsibility to naitik, he is happy. He says I’m with you always. Naitik gives akshara a envelop saying its his share & asks her to read it. Akshara opens its naitik gives akshara a card with hearts in akshara’s heart naitik name is written & in naitik’s one akshara name written.

Akshara smiles naitik watches this & smiles. She tells she has to read everything carefully. she sits to read the papers the kids enters and argue with skates. Akshara remembers the scene when Rashmi tied Rakhi in naitik’s hand saying Nandini never forgot to leave naitik’s hand w/o tying rakhi every Raksha bandhan.Akshara tells to herself everyone loves so much each other that jealously will not arrive between them.

Vishambhar thinking whether to tell RJ about Akshara’s home matters or not. Vishambhar calls RJ, he says to bring something for him. RJ tensed what to take for Vish. Three kids are playing, Yash says its not easy to make house. Bm says yash said true, yash does a mistake bm says and a single can change things, Rashmi enters she drops toffee on yash hands again she does that kids amazed from where toffee’s are coming. Yash thanks Rashmi, Rashmi greets bm,gy3.

Gy3 asks how come you are here w/o any call? Rashmi says its my house so do I need to from anyone. Varsha says from now onwards kaki & me are friends,they hug each other. at SS Gy3 is telling Rashmi about DJ’s decision that Akshara will get power of atorney. Rashmi -Gy3 talk about their childhood memories.Gy3 says Akshara will also not discriminate between them as they didn’y did. akshara hears this. Rashmi at last says I told that I don’t want anything whatever it is give to Naitik & Nandini and now I’m married so.. Akshara hears this episode ends.

precap: Akshara tells its important that no one gets hurt from my decisions.

Update Credit to: -Rasmi24-

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