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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi asking shall they wait for someone. Akshara says no, my sister in law was coming, but now she got busy. They go to start the rituals. Jasmeet’s relatives bring beer and keep it hidden in the panipuri bowl. Dhanlaxmi sees panipuri and says why did you not give us. Pammi says no, you take first. Pammi gives the wine panipuri to Dhanlaxmi. Anshu comes in time and stops her, asking her to have another one, this has cold water and her throat will become back. The guys thank Anshu for saving them. Anshu says we are family. Naman says there is no girl cousin of Jasmeet. Anshu says yes, there was only one and I m marrying her. They joke.

Rukmani says its late and no one called me. She says I will not go without any call, maybe they are coming to take me,

afterall its their mistake. Everyone greet each other and praise Jasmeet’s family. Everyone ask Jasmeet to take rest as there are many rituals tomorrow. Mohit, Nandini and Yash come home and make Rukman regret for not coming in the function. Rukmani gets angry. Mohit says you missed a lot, everyone got gifts. Shaurya teases Anshu and says its just thebeginning. Rajshri asks Akshara to call Bhabhimaa and everyone for all rituals tomorrow. Kaki says Rashmi and Nandini too.

Jasmeet is very happy and thanks her parents. Pammi cries and says she will be alone, as their daughter will be leaving. Akshara blames herself for hurting Rashmi and Rukmani. Naitik asks her not to blame herself. Akshara says I m feeling bad as Rashmi did not come, I could not keep her happy. Naitik says your mum went to her with card, she should have come, but she did not. They talk in Punjabi and laughs.

Devyaani and Muskaan come to meet Rashmi. They meet Rama and talk about Anshu’s engagement. Rama says she was not well and could not come. Devyaani gives her home remedies and asks about Rashmi. Rama says she went out. Devyaani says everyone missed you. Rama says Rashmi went fr important work. Devyaani says fine, tell her we came, we have work at home will you come tomorrow, please come, everyone will be happy. They leave.

Muskaan tells Devyaani that Rama was lying. Rama says sorry for lying. Devyaani hears Gayu baby crying and feel bad that they are lying. Muskaan says Rashmi is overreacting, if Naitik accepted us, then why does she have any problem. Devyaani says lets leave. Rama tells Raashmi that she is feeling nad. Rashmi says no one is understanding me. Rama says ego breaks relations, you and Nikhil were getting divorced but Akshara saved your marriage and she helps in delivery too, she loves you a lot, so respect her, what you are doing is wrong.

Its morning. Jasmeet’s parents come to Anshu’s house and like the family. Everyone smile and re happy. They ask for Jasmeet’s Mama. Her dad says he will take some time to come. Akshara lies about Rashmi. Muskaan says Rashmi does not care about us. Devyaanis ays no one should know we went to Rashmi’s house. Naitik asks Akshara to leave on time, as he wants to see her. He says hurry up, I m waiting. She smiles.

Everyone say Jasmeet is lucky as she got a good house and good family. Rukmani calls Nandini and asks when is she coming home. Nandini says everyone came, we are feeling good. Rukmani says fine, enjoy. Nandini says she should have come, if Mohit did not stop me, I would have brought her. Everyone wait for Jasmeet’s Mama. Rajshri says we will leave for other rituals first till then he will come. Jasmeet’s Mama comes and apologizes for being late. Pammi says lets first do the rituals. Rajshri says we will go and do the rituals, till then you all be here. The men says we will also come, Pammi says its only for ladies. Everyone insists. Dadi says fine, we all will go. Akshara smiles.

Akshara asks Muskaan did she meet Rashmi. Muskaan says mum and me went to meet her but she did not meet us being at home. We went to apologize to her and ask her to come in Anshu’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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