Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira calling Kartik and saying sorry. He asks are you sad or worried. She says no. He asks are you Naira, how are you so calm, why did you not call. She argues over golgappas. He says sorry I will always have chilli golgappas, is it fine now. She says yes. He asks can’t you say I love you to me, when we go to new house after marriage, I will show love around, I remember what you said seeing that house. She says get ready soon, everyone left from here, don’t forget to send pic. He says fine and gives her a kiss. She smiles.

Manish asks Lav and Kush about Kartik. They say he is in room. Manish says call them, don’t say I said. They say we won’t say, he will get angry. Suwarna asks shall I call him. He says he should be here. She asks him to go and

call him. He says he can get annoyed. She says then ignore it. He says I can’t. She asks him to have courage or patience, its big day for him, you can try. He asks will you come. She says he will have problem with it. He says what will it matter, he finds both of us wrong. She asks him to go. He goes.

Varsha tells Naira that she has to finish some work and then leave. Wind blows. Naira says what shall I do of storm within me, I m scared. She sees the list of Goenka family members. She says I promised Suwarna, but how will I explain Kartik. She recalls Kartik and Suwarna’s words and says whom shall I support, Kartik or his family, and how to explain the one I don’t support. She prays.

Singhanis and Maheshwaris come to Goenka house. Naitik hugs Manish. Dadi asks where is your son, he has to be here. Naitik says he is in other car. Naksh comes with ladies. Dadi gets shocked. She says sorry, but you can’t come inside the house, women have nothing to do in tilak, its not good. Rajshri says we did not know this, you do things as you want, we will go back. Manish says no need, its misunderstanding, but we can’t do mistake to send guests back, you all come, we will decide it by talks next time. They all get glad. Suwarna welcomes them. Dadi says you did not do wrong, but you know I do things by rules. Manish says leave it, you look for some solution later. Suwarna calls Manish good.

Goenkas welcome them well. Dadi says there is some time for puja to begin, you all have something. They all have juice. Dadi says its health drink. Bhabhimaa asks which fruit, its tasty. Dadi says organic mixed fruits. Mishti asks for Kartik. Suwarna says he is coming. Mishti says Naira is lucky to get handsome guy. Varsha asks Naira to apply lep, you will look beautiful. Naira does not like it. Varsha asks her to glow skin. She applies lep to Naira’s face. She misses Akshara and cries. Naira says I also miss mumma and hugs her. Naira asks her to go. Varsha teases her and asks did anyone not send you Kartik’s pic.

Kartik gets ready and comes. Dadi wards off bad sight. He hugs Naitik. Suwarna says Kartik is looking handsome, he went on you. Kartik hugs Mishti. Lav says he did not hug us like this. Kartik hugs Gayu. Gayu jokes Naira has come. He worries. She says I was joking. He greets everyone. He hugs Naksh. Naksh says I m glad, you are perfect for Naira. Kartik assures that he will not let any problem come on Naira. Dadi says we will start puja now, Mansi take kids. She signs Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks them to keep mobiles away so that it does not disturb in puja. They all keep mobiles. Kids talk to Mansi. Mishti says your family is modern and did not invite Naira. Mansi says we can show rasam to Naira by hiding. They make a plan. Varsha gets ready and asks Naira to remove lep after 10mins. She goes. Naira gets videocall and sees Kartik’s tilak rasam. She laughs and says I can say anything, you have to be quiet.

Naira asks him to say he will have chilli golgappas. Mishti says we are playing cupid. Naira shouts I love you too, I m alone here. Kartik asks shall I come. Gayu signs him to see everyone. Naira says come, its challenge. He says fine. She says leave it, be there. They give flying kisses to each other. He jumps. Akhilesh asks what happened. Kartik says something has hurt me. He gives phone to Gayu and says Naira will get me beaten up. Misti takes phone and keeps away. Pandit starts rasam. Dadi gets angry seeing servant and scolds him for wearing black clothes. Servant says sorry and goes. Bau ji and Naitik worry that they got black suit. Naksh asks him not to worry. Rajshri asks Naksh to do something. Bau ji asks him to go to nearby mall. Naksh goes. Dadi sees him and stops. She asks him to start tilak rasam. They worry.

Dadi says girl’s father has to wash groom’s feet. Kartik says no need. Manish asks Kartik not to argue. Naitik says I don’t have problem. Kartik says this won’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Kaira phone convo and facetime was just so good and cute. Love how they support each other and do all the kuchi kuchi things. The tashan walla romance is way better than the cheesy romance.
    These goenkas are so superstitious and also weren’t they supposed to inform the singhanias about the rituals. Communucation gap !!
    Hate this dadi. She is way too much obssesed with Karthik. She has other grand children as well, so partial. Also I saw a segment where in she asks Naira to change her name after marraige.
    Also Karthik supports dadi’s decission leaving Naira shocked. No way yarr its the combination of akshara and naitik , don’t want her to change her name. Hope there is some good reason behind Karthik supporting dadi !!
    Can’t wait for the next episodes.

  2. Hi Everyone!!!!
    Aniket,Aliya,Rahul bhai,Sophie di, Sachu di, Pat di,Soumya,Trishi,Pawan,Chanya,Vrushy,Adi,
    Riya,Shesha,TVfan1,Pari,Trusna,Isu,Ishika,Sruthi,Shilpa,Claire,Ponkuri,Veera,Honey,Kayal,RV,Khushu,Myra n everyone in this site!!
    Aniket I’m sorry again I didn’t meant to hurt u..
    Sachu dii where r u? We need ur advice!
    Pawan plz don’t leave the grp…Leaving won’t solve problems na?
    Today’s ep was good
    I felt that I’m like Naira….Both parties are correct! Don’t understand…Rahul bhai n Sachu di,Sophie di,Pat di I need ur advice!
    Karthik made me laugh by the was he reacted to Naira’s call
    Episode was awesome waiting for the shaadi..
    Those who r ill plz get well soon!
    All the best Rahul bhai n Aliya for ur exam
    From today onwards I won’t be frequent as I hv to study for my exam! Sorry if I made a mistake n hurt anyone!!!!
    I didn’t intend to leave your side…..If u felt like that,then I’m really sorry……..According to pawan,if I left u then it was not my intention…I was just trying to make all the ppl understand create peace over here!!
    Anyhow All r welcome!!! Come join us n comment
    Hey Rahul bhai….Now I got it….I’m gonna Kidnap Luv Kush….I’m ready to share them only after ur exam!! LOL..:)
    Good Night Everyone

  3. Hii everyone episode was very nice
    And how are you all

    1. Twana

      I’m fine Sruthi….By the way good to know that u r fine after the surgery…Get well soon
      Here’s my punch!!

  4. Hello everyone, No Twana, I can understand u, pls dont be sorry! V r BFF! Pawan is younger than us, and we share a great bond. We also have each others contact no. and are good in touch! Thats the reason he might have said it. Pls dont mind his words. And although u wont be frequent but pls I want atleast 2times comments from u everyday. I apologise to all whom I have hurted unknowingly, But my intentions were never to hurt any1n. Pls Vrushy and Pawan dont stop commenting on this site and dont leave our gr

    1. Aniket plz don’t apologize infactI shld apologize… And I’ll try my best to comment as much as I can if my mommy doesn’t arrest my 4n ?
      TYSM Aniket again

  5. Hi Pat di, I just read ur last comment on the page of previous updates. I would request u all to go through it once. TYSM Pat di. Love u sister. Twana, pls dont be sorry yar u r my BFF and will always be.! Also Pawan, pls dont b angry with Twana or Vrushy. V r family yaar. Pls stop fighting! Hi Vrushy, I never restricted anyone from commenting on this site. Pls dont get me wrong.

  6. Hi Pat di, In love with ur every point that u posted on updates of 2nd jan. But the point that I loved the most was- we dont allow a random guy to enter our family for security reasons. I would request u all to go through her comments. Once again TYSM MY BFF TWANA, MY YOUNGER BRO PAWAN AND MY ELDER SIS PATDI, for understanding me.!!

  7. Hi guys. I cant believe this. What s happening here. Iam really busy nowadays. Just peeped in to read update n ur cute comments. I could not read in detail. But dears I dont find Aniket wrong. In your classrooms all u guys ll have some besties bt that doesnt mean u dont speak to others or other students stop attending school. Similarily just because Aniket formed a family here others r nt banned from this site and I dont think any one ll stop commenting here or Yrkkh’s trp ll drop down. True fans of Yrkkh will always remain glued to the show. Thing is that everyone is right regarding their POV. But the way u analyse ur own POV is going wrong. Aniket put forward the idea of the spcl family. So he has right to take decisions and it is upto other members to do as they like. Just look at him he always agrees to others even if he resists in the beginning. N Pawan what u did is wrong. We all know that some people r out here who wants to break our bond. In a way u all r making their dream n efforts come true. Saw someone mentioning about the security problems. We live in a world of online relations where there are fake as well as true relations. I believe all out here r capable of taking care of themselves and telling ur name or DOB doesnt cause any threat. Instead sharing pain n happiness whether it be big or small out here makes a huge difference. I myself have experienced that positive vibe here. We r together here because of Yrkkh. Anyone can comment here as per their POV, share pain n joy. All r welcome. No one has right to blame anyone for anyone entering or leaving from here. Like Pat I also wont apologise. But I have a humble request. I ended last year thanking God for gifting u all. Please dont fight n spoil the start of this year. Stay united. Keep watching Yrkkh n have healthy arguements. But at the end of the day hug each other n say ` ALL IS WELL’. Dont fight because it hurts a lot. Lots of love from ur sis.

    1. Thankz a lot Sachu dii… I was expecting ur advice since yesterday n thank u for giving ur time to advice us amidst ur busy life!!
      Stay happy n healthy both u n ur baby

  8. A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Sachu di , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana
    , Heshani , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu and all other YRKKH fans and
    silent comment readers.

    I also didn’t like the fight between the family members Vrushy , Pawan , Aniket .
    Just because you guys have different ideologies that doesn’t mean that you will leave the group . Pawan please don’t leave the group.
    And I am also taking kayal’s pov . I have seen her comment for the first time but her comment has strong point . I have not meet any of the family members in real life so how can I be judged on the basis of comments only . I can be anyone in real life , I can be a fraud , I can be thief , I can be anyone in real life. This is an online open forum. And since we have not meet anyone in real life how can we talk about safety in an open forum.

    I agree with pat diii that Aniket has never been rude it’s just that he is protective .

    And I agree with Twana it is not our own private website . Anyone would feel hurted if they are told that you are not part of this family.
    And guys Aniket never stopped anyone from commenting . For example :-
    Claire said that she wants to join . Aniket straight forward told no but we can be friends . He didn’t tell Claire that no you comment here .

    Guys no one is rude here it’s just that different people have different ideologies . And vrushy , Pawan please never ever talk about leaving the group . This is much more hurting.
    Tomorrow is my exam so I decided not to comment here today but seeing so much mess , it forced me to comment here.

    And thank you so much pat diii and twana for your comments , to establish peace . It was really helpful . You two Pat dii and twana made my day today. Even I also want peace but I too agree with vrushy door should be open to all but I will never leave this family and if I am having any problem I will try to sort it out with conversation and not by leaving.
    Aliya all the best for your exam.

    1. A correction here :-
      Aniket straight forward told no but we can be friends . He didn’t tell Claire that no you …… Can’t….. comment here
      The word can’t was missing in my comment.

  9. Thnx Sachu di, for understanding me! Hi all, I never stopped any1n from commenting here. I always welcomed their comments. I hope u ppl would have understood me. Anyways I will b connected with u guys on gmail account! I am sorry coz- my decision (that was approved by almost all of the members) created a huge mess here. Loads of love to all. Take care.

  10. Hi pat dii and Sachu diiii
    Your comments were awesome and golden it has really changed my pov to much extent .
    And guys I have myself told in earlier comment that Aniket has never stopped anyone from commenting .
    But I and vrushy is just telling to not to restrict our family members only to 23 just because of few bad mouthers . I and vrushy just want that door should be open to all. And those who will bad mouth my family will be blocked.
    But I will never ever leave this family.

    1. Vrushy

      Thankx for understanding and supporting my POV.

  11. Today’s episode iz awsome

  12. Hi everyone…… how are you guys??????
    Today’s episode was good….. liked kartik and Naira’s scenes.
    On weekdays i’m not able to post earlier due to the school times and work….. however on weekends I can post earlier……. also guys please keep the happiness in this family …….. please don’t have misunderstandings against each other…. no one is restricting anyone from commenting….. aniket bhai was never rude about anything…… he never stopped anyone from commenting …….. no one should leave the family due to misunderstandings

    I was gone yesterday and read comments to find conflicts and anger and arguments, something I never expected in our family, in which the strength is togetherness. I am incredibly disappointed in the minor argument that took place because the yrkkh family is different because we are supposed to be strong and united. How are we two members down in less than a month??

    Guys, please get along, we are the strength of eachother, we arent about the argumentative side of life, we just wanna enjoy brief conversations with penpals from all over the world.

    Aniket, don’t leave, you are the akshara of this family!

    to the episode, I really enjoyed it and liked the way that they have shown nayi soch, keep it up production team but please do not drag, no more separations!

    LOL our friendship is like the relationship of kaira, we have nok joks but we should end up together!!!

    Also, please dont change nairas name to sumedha!!!

  14. Hey everyone…
    Today’s episode was a bomb…..Naira seriously fighting about golgappas….that is really funny….but what can expect from you…poor Karthik he will have to the spice golgappas from now on….
    Luv and Kush are a treat to watch always….
    They both like Mishti….awwww….bhayia ki BFF…aahahahh
    I actually don’t mind Manish…I just really hate that sadi….like so much discipline
    KARTHIK LOOKED SO HANDSOME….he looked amazing….and so did Naksh….
    I love the new Naksh….he is really fun….
    The best part of this episode was the video call….Naira she is so silly….what was she doing…..the way Karthik jumped was halraious…nice excuse….kuch tha….
    Felt so sorry for Karthik…Naira is such a child….but I love her the way she is….
    The precap….you have got to be kidding me dadi….

    Anyway how are you all..
    Miss everyone…
    BTW Aniket I am with you always bro….
    And no one leaves…NO ONE
    We can sort this out…

    Sruthi take care….

    Sachu di….you said everythimg I wanted to say…..brain connection……❤

    Get well soon to the people who are sick
    Best of luck to people who have exams…
    Love you all even more

  15. Vrushy

    I just want to clear that I never intended to leave you all. When I said that I don’t want to be a part of this family I meant that don’t include me in this 23 members. Since others were told that you can’t be a part of family but you can be friends. All I meant to say was I also won’t be a part of the famiy instead I would like to be the friend.
    I can never leave as I love yrkkh to the core and also I write a ff over her which has been loved and supported by most of you. When there is love and support how is one supposed to leave !!
    Also I never said that aniket was rude to me. He never was !! The people who were new and wanted to be a part of this family were told that they can be friends and not a part of the family. According to me I found that statement rude and that’s what I have written. I never wrote that aniket was rude to ME !!

  16. Hiii pat Di thank u for being with me…..
    Sorry twana Di and sachu Di if I am wrong but actually I was so hurt yesterday so I said that way…… Sorry twana Di I don’t want to hurt u….. Plz forgive…..
    But plz understand my POV……
    Family is the place when world gets against, family stands along…….
    Plzzz I request Vrushy Di to understand….. Because the bond and relation that breaks in a moment may take years to mend…..
    We have to become each others strength and complete our incomplete relations…….
    And yes I won’t leave this family so easily and won’t end my travel with u people because even the thought to put this to end is hurtful…..
    I don’t know what is for Vrushy Di but for me this is not the end……
    Love twana Di pat Di sachu Di Rahul bhai and obviously love u

    1. No need to be sorry Pawan…… U were right but I actually never ever thought to leave Aniket because he z the best BFF I’ve ever met! ONE IN A MILLION AND VERY RARE TO FIND… Thank u so much Aniket!!
      What I really wanted was to create peace over here bcoz fights r incresing day by day over silly matters!!!
      And I didn’t want YRKKH to lose itz fans bcoz of me…. thatz all I wanted… just to create peace among both parties!
      It means a lot… I was really hoping for ur advices as u ppl r elder than us n more experienced!
      No need to be sorry again Pawan bro… Love u too…. I can understand ur point..
      And Aniket thank you sooooooo much…
      Love u so much… U r the best BFF I’ve ever met although I’ve never seen u! TYSM… ❤
      I was never ever going to interfere in this matter… I dunno what compelled me to post yesterday.. .. may be Love for YRKKH….. I’m really sorry guys!!
      Love u all…..Really u ppl r the best ppl I’ve met and I was very happy that I met u guys!
      But I’m sorry If I did any mistake n if my way of creating peace z wrong….
      Thank u Sachu dii Pat dii Rahul bhai n Sophie dii for guiding us!
      Pawan again don’t be sorry rather I’m sorry…. and whatever it z don’t leave the grp plz… Love u lil brother… ❤
      Aniket thank u so much BFF… I’ll try my best to stay connected with u guys amidst my studies!
      Aliya n Rahul bhai Good Luck for the exam!!

  17. *and obviously love u aniket bhai and aliya Di…..!!!.!!

  18. Hey I posted a very lengthy post for Pawan!!
    Where’s it?
    And for Aniket too..Where’s it?
    If it doesn’t get posted…
    Then I’m telling again Don’t be sorry Pawan actually I’m the one who shld be sorry!
    But I never intended to hurt Aniket….I just wanted to create peace over here coz conflicts r increasing day by day…..
    Please don’t be sorry Pawan..Love u too lil brother n don’t leave the grp at any cost!
    Aniket u r one in a million n very rare to find!!!
    I’m very very happy to hv a BFF like u n u r the best BFF I’ve ever met
    THANK u Sachu di Pat di ,Sophie di n Rahul bhai for ur advices!
    I was hoping them as u r elder than us n more experienced than us!
    Again Aniket TYSM..

  19. Hi everyone I commented yesterday but it doesn’t posted..aniket bhaiya ur pov was totally right as u thought for girls in this family.I m very happy that u care us.

  20. Ty for being with me always Sophie Di, thats what make u my sister from other mister.! TYSM Di.! Ty Adi bro, yes I wont leave, I will remain a part of this family till end.! TYSM Pat di for understanding me.! TYSM Sachu di for ur guidance.! And yes Twana, my BFF, if aunty arrests ur 4n, dont wory just call me, will come as cop, will free ur 4n and then u can comment.! Hehe, LOL.!

  21. Good morning my lovelies – my wonderful, beautiful & blessed family
    I pray your day is going well
    Love the episode – family coming together is lovely.
    And all of you are right Dadi Goenka is too much – so much stiffness
    All these rules is too much
    Oh my sweet twins Luv, Kush – so adorable
    Cute Cute Cute – and yes I am still planning to steal them, don’t worry all I intend to share.
    I am warming up to Manish but I think he needs to be firm with Kartik and make him listen to him. He keeps avoiding – not good.
    Suwarna is gorgeous and I think she is a sensible woman but Dadi G is not giving her scope to be herself. There is strong bond between her & Manish.
    I hope everything get sorted out soon.
    I am still suspicious of Akhilesh & Surekha.
    I can’t wait for today’s episode
    Naitik to wash Kartik’s foot – quite interesting.

  22. Hey all
    Now about yesterday. Can we all just forgive & forget and move on. Please no more apologies and let us go back to the way we were. Being free to comment & have discussions with out feeling anxious.
    Just one thing though – there is very good bonding on this page and I will hate to see it gets spoilt.
    Just be careful when others that are new post negative comments that are very personal, that we think twice before responding to it.
    Have a wonderful day all
    I have to go – still on holidays but I have a friend (like a mother to me) coming over for lunch and I am cooking.
    Chat to you all soon
    Peace & Love I leave with you.
    And my motto for 2017
    SPREAD the LOVE and STOP the HATE

    1. Enjoy the lunch with ur friend dii…..
      Thank u for ur motto advice n thank u for everything!!! ? Love u dii…. And dii remember I’ll help u to steal the cuties!!

    2. Enjoy ur lunch di

  23. Hi my BFF, now plz wil u stop saying sorry or I have to stick ur mouth with fevistick.! I wasnt hurt yesterday by any of ur comment but now u r hurting me by saying sorry again n again.! And u know what, if someone hurts me then I stop talking with that person.! So now dont say sorry, orelse I will not talk with u.! Hehe.! Thanks for ur compliment- All that u included in ur comment (1 in million, Best BFF etc.) I assure u my BFF that v will b BFF till the last moment of our life coz u r the best BFF.!

    1. Thankz BFF okay I’ll try not to say sorry ?? I’ll try my best or else I will have end up having a sticky mouth ??? Coz my BFF z gonna stick my mouth with a Fevistick! ??????hehe….
      There’s no problem in saying thank u na??
      Coz I’M GONNA SAY THAT ALL THE TIME ???? And Aniket u r just one call away n I’ll call if my mommy arrest my 4n ???
      Salute our cop Aniket! ??LOL.??
      TYSM again ?
      Guys if u hv the same problem like me, don’t worry just call our Aniket… he z on call all the time ??

  24. When I say good morning it is because it is around 10am in London

    1. Good Morning pat di ?

  25. TYSM Soumya, Thanks a lot that u understood.! Hi Pawan, My Bhai, its good that u changed ur decision to leave the group.! All ur points of todays comments are right.! Glad to know u care so much for bonds and relations.! And finally, Love u too bhai.! Pls be calm, and take decisions with cool, mind. Coz decisions taken angrily can break many relations, and as u said, Relations that break in a moment may take years to mend.!

  26. Sethidisha002

    I hate kartik dadi

    1. Me too ? high five!

    2. Everyone does….

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